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June 27, 2016

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Avm Tweety Bird Escape Walkthrough

Avm Tweety Bird Escape

AvmGames - Avm Tweety Bird Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. There are tweety birds that live in the forest. They lived peacefully there and sometimes people go there to give the tweety bird foods. Then one day you go to the forest to see the tweety bird and you saw a mother so angry because her son was captured by a hunter. You are so concern on the angry mother tweety bird and find the captured tweety bird. You found the captured tweety bird and she is locked in a cage. Can you unlock the cage and help the tweety bird escape? Good luck and have fun!

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I'm not ready.

I don't know if it was supposed to happen but in scene 7 the cabinet with the four arrows on it, all I did was click on it and it opened.

oh, AVM (recalling the last one...)
let's see...

thankfully a bigger game screen (again)

chess knight goes on door in scene 7, but it doesn't open, after using step order to light up all squares...
is there a clue?

LOL was already baffled in s1 till I found stick & used it

left side at trunk (upper hole)

AO, me too LOL

Hotz, make all squares green between your moves and the knight will move to the last square.

Hi ho! heading in....

same here Bear...

If you keep repeating the process the knight will eventually have landed on all of the squares.

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how to obtain chess knight?

bear, you're too funny...gird your loins.

let's hope for a fruitful and progressive effort.

thanks Bear!!

found a pear button behind green flower

Just going in!

brain blackout here atm...
how to move on?
have eye, candle, 2 skulls, gem in inv, still no chess knight, placed pear button

i''m super stuck have a candle two red faces and a purple gem and eye. Did find the pear, but where did you get the Knight?

me too ΑΩ need a left/right clue too

LOL Sharon welcome to the party ;-)

Got the knight from opening right door in scene one. Did you do the left right puzzle yet? The clue is nailed to the tree in scene six.

sharon, did you solve the moon/star disk to the right of scene with planter left/right clue? and, did you solve the left/right clue?

LOL thanks!

oh geez!! thank you Bear!

ah that's a l/r hint, that paper LOL - thx, moving on

Scene three puzzle looks like runic alphabet but I haven't cracked it yet.

now I have the knight!! thank you again Bear!!

No problem. :)

That's where I am Bear

i simply don´t know what to do with the knight, tried all positions and nada

knights move in an L shape, just keep moving it that way and the door eventually opens IVO.

Ivo, you have to move the knight like you would on a chess board. Make all buttons green from the knight to the place he will land, and he will move to the last square. Rinse and repeat.

ivo, place the knight and then click three green squares of the movement of knight and then it will move to the third spot. wash. rinse. repeat. until all of the squares have been turned green.

wow. that was weird.

I have #'s from everywhere but no idea where any of them go. lol

Right side rock under Tweety has a black ball for right side tree in start scene. drop it in the top.

good find, jenny.

tks guys, i was doing right but in the wrong way

good find, thanks jenny!!

Thank you, Jenny!

no black ball for me... :-/

I am stuck. have 2 sets of 4 numbers and need a 3# and coloured#. in scene 8 I have no idea for #triangle or what coloured circle hint is for. but there is a place for the 2 skulls.

Alpha the black "ball" is in a hidden panel in a rock under tweet's cage on the right side.

for colored numbers in S5: count strokes in 3x3 grid in S8

thx Jenny, finally found the right pixel

Hotz. the colours on the grid don't match the colours in scene 5. Can you spoil it please?

the nuclear symbol and candle give clue for 3 digit code in tree, which in turn gives the clue for the rune puzzle. yay.

sorry jenny, I can't remember all colors, but the first was bottom left in grid (3 strokes)...

Did anyone find a use for the candle? It's the only thing left in my inventory.

thanks Jenny! that took me a long time to find that spot!

the written single digit clue you get is the clue for triangle number puzzle.

jenny, you'll use the candle when you dig up the nuclear goes on little doghouse thing...look at comment 12:08.

Where did you get that cate?
I can't figure out the colours grid to the coloured #'s. Can anyone help?

I am at a standstill til someone helps me, just going in circles now.

i'm just now on the color grid...

combine 4#clue in S8 with clue paper from word in S5 for colors in s2

thx Hotz for the coloured numbers hint

jenny, i may have to replay it but i think it was...teal/grey3 y4 p and b 5 and the mint green was 2...try that and if it doesn't work, take one digit at a time and run it through 1-9

last red skull: put owl eyes in middle position...

The colored code is botched. Mine opened at 31525...... that makes no sense at all.

do I have to combine X grid hint from candle in s6
with the baby pic numbers in s5 for 3 digit code in s6?

Finally got the coloured #'s open.
Now Hotz. I don't understand. the paper has 5 colours and what do the #'s have to do with it?
This is for the coloured birds right?
I am confused.

ΑΩ, yes :)

jenny, for top bird use 5. color....

I think I know the word (tweety) but it wont take it without finding the clue, any help?

@jenny, you need to combine the 5 color code with the 4 numbers on tree.

ah, X from left to right

anyone have any thoughts about which color where on the color ball puzzle of tweety cage?

and, when did we use the 4 digits above in opening scene?

Thanks Hotz. got it.
I forgot to look where the colours where on Tweety's cage can anyone remember?


first column, then row number

nine paper for number triangle

blue green

I had to restart :(

sad for you, hotz, but thank you!

Thanks Hotzenplotz!

Mine was from top, clockwise, red green yellow cyan.

no, I had to start a new game in another window to see the color clue on cage...

and finally out!

I know everyone is busy finishing, when someone has time, I'm stuck on the chess piece, I can't get the chess piece on every square.

This comment has been removed by the author.

game has glitches, first the arrows in s7 that opened at 1 click, now obtained star/moon/sun hint paper, but that puzzle I already solved...

yvonne, go clockwise 3 steps and don't click on green squares...

nothing left in inv & missing last skull - what did I miss?

Hotz, thank you for taking the time, :)

We got the moon, sun, star, paper clue way late in the game, but we all opened that right away.....

yvonne, you need to make the path of spaces of a knight move, green. click it and it will move to that spot...then, click three more appropriate spaces green, and so on. there is an explanation up above from both bear and me and they are weirdly sinchronistic. @11:54

ΑΩ, my comment @12:19 PM

Did you move the owl eyes, Alpha?

Make them all look directly at you.


thank you, jenny for the rock madness, and hotz, i don't know how you figured the eyes, but thank you for that and the colors at end.

thx Hotz for owl eyes hint
(just asking myself, how did you figure THAT out...)

& thx Bear, too

now working at Tweetie's colour cross

cate thank you :) don't play chess, don't know rinse and repeat LOL I've done it, now moving on

cate, ΑΩ, I have seen the hotspots on owl eyes and tried some combinations...

have you ever used the number clue in first scene (3567)???

well, hotz, carry that magic with you to the next game!

Thank you everyone for all of the clues.

yay, yvonne.

Hi Welcome Everyone :)

wow nice game

the cross is glitchy, too :-/

suddenly I can't exchange the dots & have to restart...

thx (again) guys for your hints & AVM for a pretty tricky game ☺

yvonne? are you out?

cate, thanks for looking out for me, I am :)

I have done the chess piece moves over and over again and solved it first try but it is glitched and does not move!

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