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Butterfly Escape 65 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 65

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 65 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse.After a long working day you decided that you want to spend some time at home, but suddenly you realized that there are 10 butterflies trapped in your house. You will need to solve some puzzles to realease them to freedom. Good luck and have fun!

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How lovely to end the day with a Sniffmouse - ty Guntars : )

indeed Zuleika & a live one!

Hey Alpha : ) So many puzzles "not working right now" ...

aaw, cute hamster :-)

as usual in the beginning LOL
"This puzzle is not working right now!"

LOL snap :-D

Oooooooo, I likie the music :D

don't have any tune - do you Zuleika?

I have a hint from the 5 x 4 letter grid and the book on shelf but haven't found place to use it.

Yay! Thanks, Angelika!

whoohooo yay Thank you Angelika!

POP - found it : )

finally my first butterfly under couch cushion

triangle, circle, square give order to click photo frames....

looking for place for square tri circle code. Lots of stuff not working or needing parts . . .not sure where to start...hmmm

Ooohhh ty Hotzenplotz! didn't evven catch the 1-6 numbers.

my 2nd butterfly from pic puzzle on desk

Shape under blue throw, on plant,

and behind other plant on shelf. :)

where to use scissors?

pop, in a book...

totally stuck at the arrows...nothing else works! Book and Letters and notice on the pillows the letters, mean anything?

Well my game crashed so I'm restarting - what a bore. It had been really slow for a while ...

Ahh, "Donkey" used for arrow code behind 3rd of triple painting above couch. It's combined w/ the letters behind painting in start scene.

ok progress...besides one pillow on the couch the 2nd pillow has the key!

Thank you Tiny!!

color code is backwards (as it's in a mirror)

LOL had mute on my laptop, doh

my 3rd BF from couch table drawer, key behind pillow

Anyone else worried the gerbil is hacking up a hairball w/ the sound it made?

@Sharon. Use clue in book with letters on back of painting - it's a hint for compass directions.

my 4th BF from arrows

Combine numbers in order of shapes on back of 3 small photos

my 5th BF from colour drawer

Ooo, it lights up over a 16-box grid behind middle painting above couch where u enter the 4 color numbers (code from lamp after fixing it w/ handle from book which u got w/ scissors)
Wonder if it is the code for that drawer i saw somewhere . . .

had probs to find right spot on night table lamp...

my sixth BF from coloured numbers

Spell donkey in letters behind painting, follow directions for arrows. :)

R T A S w/ pics is also an anagram . . .

Pull lamp cord several times.

my 7th BF & cD from grid drawer

HAHAHA fix the Apple computer w/ an apple . . .

LOL the horse sound

my 8th BF from l/r puzzle

Note snail shells are turned a different direction from the painting.

All these complex puzzles and I get stuck not finding the key behind the cushion! Great game, Angelika.

Color code appears in mirror...mirrored.

beautiful TV eyes btw

Rats! not rats LOL

Can't get grid on left side Buddha picture. Supposed to match pattern from L/R horse puzzle - yes?

POP - got it, lol

my forelast BF & glasses from symbol drawer

my last butterfly from locked desk CB

Mmm - hamster enjoyed that apple

Lol! @Lurker Smurf. Me too.
Pattern between horses is clue for L side of Buddha puzzles. Think levels b/m/t

I seem to have solved all puzzles but still need to find 2 butterflies. Did I use 31524 from the numbers-in-shapes?

exit behind snail grid on wall

great game as usual, this time a bit easier than the previous one(s)

Спасибо за замечательную игру Ангелика :-)

Just needing one butterfly now

Shapes used in small pics L of MAC.

all except one BF came from puzzles (see above)

Lovely as usual, Angelika! Thank you for making this beautiful game.

Hi Alpha. Got the one from behind the cushion. I don't seem to have any more puzzles to complete. Can you remember where you used the numbers from the shapes?

@Zuleika use them in small pictures to the Left of the computer. :)

look at backside of the 3 pics on desk

Click on them and you will see shapes.

Yes - I clicked on those pictures earlier - but then what?

You should see shapes when you click on them. The numbers you found in shapes in the room will tell you the order to click them.

Beautiful game with great puzzles as always Angelika.
Thank you.


Square is 3, Circle is 2 and 4, Triangle is 5.

@ FireFly - ohhhh as simple as that? I try to make things too complicated, I really do. Thanks :)

Sorry, Triangle is 1 and 5. So....

Last one out (probably), haha. Ty so much Angelika, it was a lovely game xx

No problem! I'm delighted to help for once! I always overthink the puzzles too. :)


Zuleika and Tiny thank you for the hint...man was that was a big palm to the face for me. Geesh! Angelikaxo by far one of the best games ever!! So clever and yes the hamster had real issues!! haha But brilliant! ThxACxo!

Lurker Smurf, AlphaOmega, Zuleika Smith,FireFly, Austen, Sharon Many thanks, I am very grateful to you for your fine comments! хо

What a wonderful game. Definitely worth waiting for. Thank you!

Janet thank you very much!

Aww Thank you Angelika - you bring us so much joy.

Thank you Angelika - very nice as always!

Woohoo! Tough start, but worth it! THank you!

Loved it
Thanx Angelika
Beautiful; as ever

Wow! Really had to think on some of these. 5 stars

Janet,Zoe, Mindolluin,Joe M thank you very much!

Faye thank you very much!

I bf the donkey clue with the letters, still don't see how are the arrows related to the letters:


This comment has been removed by the author.

Picture clues:
Square behind small plant beside books
Circle on large plant
Triangle under cloth


Key will appear after pictures puzzle behind cushion

Mirror colors are mirrored: ygpc

Keep pulling the lamp for 4#

Grid: 1,3,5,8,11,14,16

Horses: lrllr

Sliders: 213123

It's star not rats

Thanks tiny for hinting that, snails shells are turned sideways on the window, so they're arranged sideways on the pc


Thanks angelika, that was a tough game:)

donkey directions


combo letters backside of pic with book hint (same compass sign at the hints)

see word donkey in the letters


start bottom right (D), next letter of word (O) is UP, then N is LEFT of O, K is LEFT of N, next letter of word (E) is UP from K, then Y is RIGHT of E

gives directions

Thanks alpha, that got me confused

Excellent game! Thank you, Angelika!! <3

Dazz Ley,LORdesigns thank you very much!

Wow! That was awesome!
Thank you Anglika!

Rüdiger Lupp thank you very much!

Great game, solved it on my own, it was just enough challenging :)

Well worth the wait! This one was a good level of difficulty. Quite enjoyed it! Thanks you very much Angelika!!

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