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Commercial Building Escape Walkthrough

Commercial Building Escape

Games2Jolly - Commercial Building Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly. You fell asleep and in your dream you see yourself locked up in a commercial building in which you were staying. You need to escape from there ASAP before something happen to you in your sleep. Figure out a way to escape from there. Look out for the clues and use them accordingly to find a escape route. Good luck and have fun!

Play Commercial Building Escape

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The four shapes with the dots in them are the clue for the 4 digit safe in the Stock Exchange room. The number of sides of the shapes gives the number order.

Select knife to find symbol clue.

paper with colored numbers for 4 roman numbers code...

You need a word for the first room. The third room tells you what it is not.

The board, line with the word tiger, gives order of the numbers you need to press to fill green line

Note the board in the second room that features letters and numbers. There's a word there - note the long number after it. Use it in the third room.

Snap Yvonne!

The staggered numbers puzzle is nasty. I'm stuck there. Paint brush from sliders (I brute forced it) lets you remove paint for the word in the art room.

'Bulbs' hang on gauges.

Excuse me....The puzzle in the second room...the blue bars.

Room 2, slider 1320 (hint blue graph)

Clodagh LOL :)

LOL I guess the blue bar garph isn't what I thought. I figured it was for the letters that need numbers in last room

The clue for the sliders is in the same room - look for the four up arrows and ignore the down ones.

Missing one bulb. The "g" bulb

Need a coin and 1 letter, any help appreciated

Out now. Thanks for the roman numerals hint hotenplotz!

bulbs give clue for letters in far rght room, that gives last coin.
do you have another unsolved code?

The letters that need numbers in the last room, are there position in the alphabet. IE a=1, b=2, c=3. That got me the roman numeral clue which got me the G bulb, for my last coin

Hotz thank you :)

Leed thank you :)

I can't see how the coloured numbers paper is the hint for the roman numeral puzzle?

for levels in room 2: DUDUUD (hint colored bulbs)

Thanks for that hint carolarchik - I hadn't realised that the colours were irrelevant!

Can anyone tell me how the coloured numbers paper relates to the roman numerals?

Clodagh, count the lines for no's you need

Ah, thanks Yvonne. That clue was bonkers!

Clodagh, glad you made it out :)

The game was quite pleasant except for that roman numerals clue. That didn't make any sense at all. And then it was just reversing the 3 and the 4. Hmmmph.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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