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Dark House Escape 2 Walkthrough

Dark House Escape 2

Games4King - G4K Dark House Escape 2 is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you have been trapped inside a dark house. As the house is abandoned, so the amount light will be very less in this house. So try to escape as quickly as possible from this house. So use your skills to collect the necessary items and solve few puzzles to escape from the dark house. Good luck and have fun!

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Brain dead - but going in anyway...

Got skull, placed lever, and now......

Skulll on lever to open door

I'm a little ahead of you... but stuck with a candle, a purple ball, a shield. Need number clues and 2 words that I cannot find clues for.

Check pictures for key

Number code from picture used in hallway

Oh I think you're quite a bit ahead of me Kim - haven't got any of those things. Stuck in room with 5-number puzzle, star shape and 4 buttons.

Star in hallway cupboard. Placing it gives hammer and shell.

Hammer on mirror for shell 2

put candle in frame above fireplace

combine 5#s from candle with words in same scene for 5 letters

I think the 4 circle on wall in gramophone room are hint for sliders, but not got it right yet

Zuleika, I think, it was something like: 4245 but not sure...

hey you two!

Sliders only move 4 spaces - but ty Hotz : )

Hey cate - needing your expert touch her I think. Stuck on sliders...

That is the right one for sliders... but it starts at the "3rd" slot and moves along the line (3124)

ok, steps: 3134 or positions 4254 or something like that ;)

I stuck with a bulb...

My game has crashed - so reloading. And ty Kim : )

hehe POP: use bulb above bed in dark bedroom

My game crashed too.. will try to reload and catch back up

zuleika, the sliders are the 4 dots connected by line in other room...start at far left (3)


I'm in place you were at ages ago Kim - with purple ball and shield.

any idea for names list?
I tried it for letter code in some variations, for 5#code and for 5 colors code.... but no

the shield and ball go in room past the dot/slider clue...it's so dark it's hard to see, but the shield, upper left above painting; the dot in blue dot puzzle, right.

names list? do you mean the big/little 5 number code? if so, it translates from what's on the floor and goes in the red letter puzzle.

no, cate 2 steps ahead. :)
for names list: note the positions of colored letters... (for 5 letter code)

haven't gotten there yet, hotz, but thanks for the heads up!

and the same for 5#s and 5 colors...

cate, have you found bulb in room, where you put shields? bottom left

nope, kind of wandering right now...will take a peek.

after placing 4 shields, note white parts for 4#s in bedroom

thank you, hotz...a good nudge.

it's so bloody dark i can't see where to put or pick up things...roaming with a book.

cate, books go in scene, where you put candle...
you need 4 books

Hi guys , what about red book?

hey nikolai, the red book goes in left room with "games4king" on floor...desk.

all the books, actually...i just have the one so far. :P

hotz, so i figured the shields were for fractions, but i'm a shield short...have you done the 4 colored dots? or 4 number code? or, 5 number code?

for 5#s and colors use names list

thanks Cate, need last sheild , glue for 4 numbers in bedroom and 5 numbers on the wall

for 4 numbers in bedroom, note white parts of shields...

okay, so i figured the 5 number code, got the last shield and so on...out and a very enjoyable game. hotz, thank you so for the nudges. zuleika, where are you?

nikolai, it sounds like you were where i was...look at the name/color paper...note the "points" on each shape and plug them in according to the colored letter...first letter is red so....

anytime cate :)

above clue for 5 number code, sorry.

Thank you Hotzenplotz , Im done , good game , but i didnt finish by my self

This is stupid dark!
Where on earth do these shields go???

Jenny, shields go in scene with 4 colored balls on wall (behind 5 letter door)

I sweared not to play again G$K games but now I'm sick of them. I don't understand why do you have to be a genius or a brilliant yiewer to pass even the first scene... GOOD bye G$K, exactly like with the Cool8 or Firdt... Let's stick with other not so Napoleonistic developers!

In first scene: The lever is on the drawer.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Well I'm totally stuck - with a purple ball and one shield - I've been following Hotz & co but they've left me far behind now - No idea what the candle clue has to do with the words GAMES 4 KING means - No idea with any of the words puzzles -or coloured balls in gramophone room - Giving up

where is dazz ley when you need her ha! ha!

I'm right here

First scene: skull for lever

Second scene: key in picture

Clue from jigsaw for the 3 buttons

You need to zoom on the clue first
Star gives hammer and shell
Hammer for mirror

Sliders: 3124

New room : sheild behind right picture in doll's scene

Purple ball middle photo

Doll goes in first scene, this is where you getcandle

Dozicowgurl if you return, candle with games4king for letter code in roomof gramophone, the big numbers from games, the small ones from king:


Bulb in new room left of fireplace

Bulb goes above bed

Woah! Thanks g4k

Lust of names for color code: thanks hotz!


Game froze, brb

Thanks hotz!
Letter code: ahnzy

Will have to continue later, ggo now nut hopefully hotz and cate had left enough for the rest.

@ canderella: you hold that horrid tongue of yours about fellow players here you insolent creature! If there's anything i never torelate it's laughing and mocking players who have trouble playing instead of helping them wven with one comment, go laugh at something else!!

Nut= but

what a surprise to be named (again) in your game G4K - thx, also for the game :-)

candarella: "where is dazz ley when you need her ha! ha!"

dazz ley: "@ canderella: you hold that horrid tongue of yours about fellow players here you insolent creature! If there's anything i never torelate it's laughing and mocking players who have trouble playing instead of helping them wven with one comment, go laugh at something else!!"

@dazz ley I don't understand why you think canderella was laughing at others. In Spanish we use that expression used when you need an expert sometimes or sometimes when the people responsible for something is not present.

I'm back!

for the 4#: count the stars of each color: 64385

you need 4 books for color code:


nice game G4K, thanks

Magda, I have a reason to believe so, never you mind

HI Dazzy
Miss you

Nice game
Thanx G4K

Thank you G4K great game!! Nice surprise...Always a challenge! But fun! ThxACxo

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