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Escape From Marble Cathedral Walkthrough

Escape From Marble Cathedral

EightGames - Escape From Marble Cathedral is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his island trip, a tourist trapped inside the marble cathedral. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all ☺

great scenery & nice tune

but not so easy to describe where you found sth LOL (like the knife e.g.)

at least tab is working

fuel scale in scene with button & bar oval

at intersection with 4 arrows & little green, go up (NE) to get knife & to use stick

got my last arrow

new Mirchi out - will come back later to this...

back (was a quickie LOL)

button from arrow puzzle goes in faint slot in scene right of button/bar oval for ladder

Hi AO :) something different finding hidden objects

use knife on ladder

rungs go in scene 2x right of ladder for petrol tank

measure petrol for button/bar puzzle

nice jigsaw

indeed yvonne

couldn't find fish, time's over, now what?

AO, I don't know, I got everything in the time limit

do you remember where fish was?

AO don't laugh, it was in the water LOL it looked like a flat fish

can't be bothered to restart...

(supressing laugh) that's what I thought, but where exactly?

well, as there are no new games, restarted anyway...

I quite like a different format from time to time!

All found and sailed. But it seemed to me that the objects did not appear all at once. Run in circles until they collected all the items)

AO, like you playing again, now can't find yellow ball, sorry I couldn't remember which scene fish was in, I wanted to help you finish :)

me too, Fudge, but too stressed by a timed one

attention, if you pause game with button, time is still running!

don't laugh either ;-P but IIRC it was somewhere in the water...

phew, all stuff found!
adrenaline level is still hight LOL

paddled away with only one oar...

thx yvonne for your willingness to help me out & Eight for, um, a different kind of game this time ☺

AO, LOL, glad you played again and finished :) you would do the same for me

naturally yvonne ☺

This comment has been removed by the author.

Well that was something completely different. Nice to have things shaken up every now and then. Thanks Eight Games.

Hi, is some one still there? how do you use tab to find hotspots?

just hit tab key on your keyboard till yellow square is showing up on the game screen to indicate hotspots (dunno if it works with Mac)

btw doesn't work for the hidden stuff...!
(I think - didn't use it, was too stressed 'cause of timed game LOL)

Thanks you. That's what I did with no luck

Not bothering to finish this one. Can't stand find the object or timed games.
No stars.

I hate timed games too, but in this game it doesn't matter if it runs out when you're looking for an object, you will then get more time to look for the next object and keep going till you find them all, so no stress.

nice different game found everything had 2 chances at half of them lol

Solid, if unspectacular Game. Turning from an Escape Game to a timed Hidden Object game was a little interesting. And it wasn't very clear as to what was going on; I found the bottom of an oar and a red message pops up saying "Eight Games gives another part of fin. But you can find the hidden objects in the hint paper within the time duration." Just so everyone knows, you get 60 seconds for each of the 10 objects, plus it doesn't matter if you can't find them.

And the background pics were awesome. I want to find this place and visit IRL!

And I kinda lol'd at the end when my rowboat started rowing away without me... Hey! Wait for Me!!!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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