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Escape From Divine Lorraine Hotel Walkthrough

Escape From Divine Lorraine Hotel

Escape007Games - Escape From Divine Lorraine Hotel is another point and click new escape game developed by Escape 007 Games. Assume that you are trapped inside a divine lorraine hotel. No one is there to help you. You want to escape from the there. There are some objects, clues and puzzles left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and find the key to escape from hotel. Good luck and have fun!

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bugged. safe does not open after putting handle.

Oooh... a live one. Hi, folks. (:

Was so close to end, but I encountered the same issue as glisounik. Placing the handle on the safe seems to have locked the game from further input. Even using TAB and space/enter seems to activate controls but nothing happens.

game is buggy freezes at safe..

Bummer, guess I won't even go in. Maybe it will be fixed by tomorrow!

Where is the clue for the puzzle on the wall in the start scene? Maybe I'm just too tired but I can't seem to see a pattern to work out.

I had no problems whatsoever playing the game. The safe opened when I put the handle on it. I was stcuk for a moment with the word until I realised that you had to use both the liquid and the brush on the paper before the word clue would work. It lost one point from me however, for the end puzzle. The clues were very abstract so except for the fuel section, it was hard trying to figure out which tile went where. Good game though.

I suppose the Flash gods are looking kindly upon you, Sam. I have tried several times now and am unable to progress beyond the safe. Hopefully the designer can track down the underlying issue and update the game.

i'm thinking that perhaps the flash gods actually may have fixed the bug, as i just played and had no problem. :)

well, I'll trust the flash gods & play...

good luck, alpha...may the flash gods be with you. good night. :)

dice puzzle

# & colours in hint are from left to right in puzzle, if it doesn't open, change the black again

thx & nite cate ☺

don't miss star thingy about bottom left in scene graffity on green wall (where bell puzzle is)

hammer is used from taken box from bottom left in 1st scene upstairs with blackboard

black clock in same room

batteries put in give number hint for under button puzzle

star thingy is actually that infamous safe handle...

alas the flash gods decided to let me run into the same bug mentionned above :-(

ok, cleaning cache & cookies & trying again...

nope - 2nd time I went directly collecting handle & putting it on safe, but still the same issue... bummer! :-(

lol the flash gods got me way earlier in game..

ha! third time lucky - safe is open :-D

in letter puzzle scene white gem on floor is a folded paper for bells

at dice puzzle first colour is actually dark brown

now let's work on the symbol puzzle...

hm. what does the «shield» & the protecting hands represent...?

awful game

(The Flash gods saw fit to allow me to open the safe, so I can claim to have escaped officially.)

ΑΩ, the left section are icons related to fires and fire fighting (i.e. flame, shield, axe, extinguisher), while the top section are icons relating to packing and shipping of items (i.e. "Handle with care", "This side up", "Fragile", "Keep dry")

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thx Seraku
that helped me to get out

besides the bug a pretty nice game - thx 007 ☺

btw there's another bad programming with the paper & brush & white bottle with liquid Sam mentionned above
first use liquid on paper, then brush
if you do it vice-versa, the letter hint appeared after using brush will disappear again
anyway, puzzle will only work after using both items

symbol puzzle


Thanks ΑΩ, for symbol puzzle image!

The symbols were VERY vague and
difficult to relate their meanings.

pleasure Kev ☺ - agreed

I was able to get out. The last puzzle still... puzzles me. I got the fire related ones and the gas/petrol related ones, but I would not have gotten the shipping relationship without the help of Seraku (thanks!). And I'm not sure what a clock, suitcase, and padlock have to do with a house...

Where did you find the paper?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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