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FEG Astronaut Rescue Escape Walkthrough

FEG Astronaut Rescue Escape

FirstEscapeGames - FEG Escape Game: Astronaut Rescue is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Game. In this escape game, assume that you are an astronaut and you are on a space mission along with another astronaut. Unfortunately, when your fellow astronaut went outside the spaceship to check on the damages caused to it, he lost control and got carried away in the space. He is now floating in the space and not able to get back to the spaceship. You are inside the spaceship now and you must do something to rescue your companion or else he will never make it to the spaceship and you won’t be able complete your mission. Help your companion escape from his misery and get back to the spaceship. Solve puzzles and relate objects cleverly to rescue your companion from the space. Good luck and have fun!

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flashing lights is the hint for the door on the left

three cogs go in forward scene (missing 1)
flashing lights for circle colour puzzle

need to a place for the black cable

ah, top right in starting scene

gives last cog

combine colors with numbers for the three numbers
RBG (680) gives a black wire

after green snake - put microchip into main computer

move purple ball into the centre

turn the dial to see the numbers

arrow bUtton spoiler below


Hi robert, joining you now.

Well I can't do anything here. put colours in round panel and it asks for password. that is all I can do.

@Jenny - There´s a clue in far left scene, on right big panel for 3 digits.

After solving the 4 puzzles in main computer I got orange symbols, but don´t know what they relate to!

The symbols are Umbrella, Diamond, Leaf,....

ok! I got it, but the clue should have a starting point. Thanks.

I don't see how the orange symbols relate to the arrow puzzle...

(way later) well as nobody answered, I used the spoiler above to get out, but I prefer to know how a hint is working re the corresponding puzzle...

thx guys for the hints above ☺
& FEG for yet another magnifier friendly game ;-P

ΑΩ,the initial of each pictogram is a direction (eg U=up for Umbrella)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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