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Fiery House Escape 2 Walkthrough

Fiery House Escape 2

FirstEscapeGames - Fiery House Escape 2 is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that you are trapped in a house which has caught fire. The fire is gradually spreading in the house and you must find a way to escape from there. Search the house and collect things and relate them to solve puzzles and escape from the house. Good luck and have fun!

Play Fiery House Escape 2

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clue to get into 3rd room is on back wall, 1st room - use 'U' shape

(sorry bandy, forgot to count clicks - I'll start again, have that for ya in a minute)


5-3-2-4-1 clicks for colors

Wow, I'm lucky this isn't a real fire. Taking forever. Had to do the grid code 3 times before it worked. Looking for somewhere to use the 2016. Button goes on the ceiling lamp in kitchen. You need 3.

well I got 4-corners box open (click on brick wall in far right room) but I'm pretty stuck now. I enter calendar pattern on TV but nothing happens.

I didn't think of that. I just clicked on all the squares until numbers appeared. There aren't any sliders, so I figured it was just left to right. But there is only one 4-digit box and it doesn't work on that.

POP, well how about that! Click ALL the buttons on the TV, you find numbers. Opens the '3714' drawer.

Ok, I woke up way too early. It is the TV code. Column 3, 7, etc...

another coor code SPOILER coming:

5-3-6-4-1 clicks

Hi Lurker! I thought I was alone here, your posts only appeared just now.

I was trying to solve on my own. The game flew after the TV thing was solved. Once you see the book, you can place the wood objects and skull on the 5 times.

Off to catch up on all the games I missed earlier today.

SPOILER again....

4,6,2 clicks for the nearly-transparent colors in the bathroom

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I just want to thank First Escape Games for listening to our complaints about the inventory! So glad these games are actually playable again. :)

Missing a button for the ceiling, the key to whatever box is in the far right room, and the center shape of that wooden cabinet thing. Grrr.

Can't find anything else to click on other than those three things. Crying.

Ah, found the last wooden piece in last right room in the fire on the left.

can't find circle shape or last ceiling light

circle shape was in standing lamp in first room.

can't find the hexagon shape

looks like the box in far right room has a screw in not keyhole giving up can't find stuff & proper hints would be appreciated

got the last room key from the word in scene 1

hexagon shape was in the corner puzzle with clue on wall

numbers from TV a bit complicated read down numbers from above 4 numbers after that easy

can't help yourself can you spoiling it for other people

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