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German Saw Game Walkthrough

German Saw Game

InkaGames - German Saw Game is another point and click type adventure game developed by Inka Games. In this game, you try to help German save his little doggy Mimi from Pigsaw! Can you able to do this? Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Roberto]

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Apparently i'm getting too old for Saw Games, because i don't know any vitctim of Pigsaw at all.

help! happy couples?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Is this live? It's live! :D

Okay anyway I've finished this game before it got posted here so anyone who'd like some help, I'll stay here to help as much as possible.

Daniel, drill a hole in the wood block, add the bar and put it on top of the cabinet.

am i the only one playing? thanks nom! I'm much farther now but still got a lot of missing pieces.
spider or dr. house and goat are baffling me. Plus i'm still looking to cushion the spikes

never mind. finding it all

Hi, tennis ball throwing machine is used in elevator scene...
I found it by placing random items on this x.

Cushion the spikes? Daniel Did you mean at Happy Wheels? You dont really do that, but rather you need to go over it.

but i still land hard

Spoiler alert, Daniel.

Happy Wheels scene is actually one of the last few to be cleared before clearing the game because you need the grenade from Chuck and the full apache kit of which the axe is with Chris Walker.

still can't capture zombies and goat net and spider

My card from airport-guy vanished. So, i guess the game is over for me.

did you get your suitcase?

Zombies and Goat are relatively simpler to solve than the spider. For zombies, you would need to help dr house fufill his dream first and also clear the big chicken scene where a big net lies.

For Goat, just follow the illustration on the wall. The poles lie at the mutant dog room, while iirc the net is in a safe room.

The spider is a little complex and why? Because all you need to pull this off is a stool, the guy you met at the top of the elevator, a trampoline, a bucket of glue, an umbrella, a whistle and a bowlimg ball. Also you first need to unlock the door by keying in the code on the keypad.

got spider yeah

Got it back, i needed to throw the kamikaze sneeker at his head.

Yes nom, and whatever happens just remember the girl in the background isnt just an ornament.

second part of mutant dog is tough. i can blow it away but i missing something to draw the dog to me

That would require a lasso, Daniel, but sorry I couldn't remember where you are to get it from.

duh. I've been lassoing the zombies (which wasn't working.) thanks!

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 10:21 AM  

hi (again) all :-)
(or is everybody already out? ;-P)

wow, this is a huge map...

this chicken is driving me crazy

missing one part to it.

oh and i forgot about the fox. missing the second part of that too. Why am i struggling today?

Daniel, all you need are the can of worms, the stick of glue and the helper.

And for foxy, you need hook and line, the cement mixer, bucket of water and of course cement.

thanks charles. i just couldnt throw that worm. All good now

down to the last 4 Hunter, chuck, robot bunny and Chralie.

What do I need for the chicken and the spider?

see above, Jennn. Charles explains it well

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 10:58 AM  

attention - no autosave or save option!

if chuck is to kill the hunter, how do i lure them together into the cage.

Don't see a hint for the chicken. :(

glue friend and worms

Ah... I don't have those yet...

Daniel, its the other way round. Chuck hides (conveniently) under the beD for a reason, and you should arm yourself with a cage and a padlock.

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 11:07 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

Finally defeated chucky!

nevermind got it

I'm super at the beginning I guess. What crossbow? I need to know the first easy thing to do lol.

plunger and rope for crossbow in the beginning but you need to reuse it later.

Stuck after helping House. ;x

thanks Charles! I'm out and mimi is safe.

Noooooo...! I refreshed the wrong page....!!!! D:

Most welcome you are :)

And seeing how some here have finished the game i shall hand over the responsibility and turn in at my place. Peace out!

I have the magnet on the wall and can't do another thing. I'm stuck.

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 11:26 AM  

go to elevator, place ball throwing machine, load it & open door - you have to use remote at the right moment

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 11:28 AM  

in room right of nurse, place CB with wooden cube with bar on it

I have placed cb but can't get wooden cube and don't have a bar

@Alpha: Thanks, did that already, but got claustrophobic - need paint from spider room?

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 11:39 AM  

you only need palette & brush, but plz don't ask me where I found it - this game is huge!

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 11:40 AM  

unfortunately don't remember in which room(s) cube & bar are... tell me & maybe I can help you...

Wood and bar are in the yandere room, have the girl you picked up help you.

In the room with Yandere. She keeps killing me because I won't ask her out.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Alpha, thanks, I thought I needed paint with the palette and brush. XD

Jenn I have tried everything I have on her. She is in front of the closed door but nothing works on her.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Moon You can't make the girl fight empty handed. ;)

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 11:46 AM  

ah - MoonGlow
put girl in front of closed door at other side of Yandere room & give her big stick/club

As soon as I posted that, she finally took the mallet. First time I got a POP like that. TY for your help.

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 11:49 AM  

pleasure MoonGlow - POP's always the best! :-)

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 12:00 PM  

a nudge plz how to overcome the metamorphosis dog?

Inka games, please, please, please add a save button to your games. I am pretty far in and now I have such lag that I have to leave.

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 12:04 PM  

in one of the previous games recently, they had an autosave as far as I remember - I thought then, that they will add it regularly, but nope...

@Alpha You need a big fan + battery and a lasso + good timing.

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 12:08 PM  

thx Jennn
sadly, I have nothing of this stuff...
(starting to search)

Yay! Finished thanks to everyone here! I'll stick around for a bit if anybody needs any help. ^_^

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 12:32 PM  

Rats! refreshed the wrong tab - restarting... :-/

Omg, I did that earlier. ;x Got back on track quite quickly though!

thanks Charles! I'm out and mimi is safe.

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 2:24 PM  

someone still here?
how to defeat Chucky? have cage placed & padlock, but can only catch the fat man...

@Alpha - jump on the bed, when the fat man also jumps, they quickly go to the left in the cage - when fat men is in the cage, you go left out and close the cage

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 7:01 PM  

thx Leo
forgot about that hotspot...

Finally InkaGames!

How do you get rid of the wrecking ball to get over the spiked wall? The magnet seems like it might be used, but it says it's "too high."

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 8:21 PM  

you can fly with the balloon you got from biker

Yes, AlphOmega, but I run into the giant ball when I do.

I'm also having trouble defeating the giant blue robot.

Oh, you mean fly with the magnet? I'll try....

Ah--got it. Use the magnet after the balloon but before riding back. Thank you!!

Bike, not back.

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 8:34 PM  

YW Colin :-)
plz a nudge, how to defeat Charlie & the blue dog?

You mean the blue robot dog/rabbit? I'm stuck on him, too--sorry! I've thrown the lit dynamite at him, but he throws it back. I haven't tried Charlie since I got the giant pencil...will go there now.

Okay, I got the giant purple robot/dog. Attach metal clip to crossbow and shoot him with that first. I think the thankful dad gave the clip.

Then you get something to defeat Charlie with....

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 10:43 PM  

thx again Colin
so I have to save the kid first...

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 11:25 PM  

ah, rain dance to fill granate hole

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 11:29 PM  

dynamite for blue robot rabbit dog flies faster with slingshot

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 11:41 PM  

ah, a ouija board

after placing pencil & dying

erase & write from both sides & ask again

       Anonymous  6/7/16, 11:56 PM  

great game - thx Inka :-)

In Inka games, I always have difficulties to find out, what comes next & which item to use where - often tried pretty, um, unusual combos also LOL

I couldn't complete some of the tasks without the video walkthrough, but it's just SO much fun I didn't care at all. Hilarious!!

I love Inka games. Too bad you can't save your progress. I've asked them a couple of times. Can't complete it now, but will come back to play. Thx all, for leaving hints and tips.

holy cow. this took me a long time. really great game

To defeat foxy, you need to go to the room next door with the big X, put the cement mixer on the floor, fill it with cement and water. Then turn it on manually (not with the remote). Then you can attach the rope and hook to it. Then you walk around to the other side and walk into the room with foxy. When foxy gets snapped back by the rope, push the mixer remote to cover foxy in cement.

To get Hunter to chase you, you just have to click on him. Took me ages to work that out :(

I cant manage the spider. Have friend in next room with ball, have gum on floor (from bucket), have trampoline, but he is still pinning me down

Someone pl pl post a walkthrough !!

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