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Hooda Escape: Arkansas Walkthrough

Hooda Escape: Arkansas

HoodaMath - Hooda Escape: Arkansas is another point and click type room escape game created by Selfdefiant for Hooda Math. You were visiting Arkansas and got lost. Now you must figure out how to escape and make your way back home! Good luck and have fun!

Play Hooda Escape: Arkansas

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hit (again) all

triangle hint on signpost

586 does not work for 3 digits on tent ?

It's dfferent kind of maths, Bandy. It's how many hourse open.

cute boars :-)

yep bandy & this is Hooda Math LOL
(or are we wrong?)

Oh I see now thanks ST

Nor do any of the 586 combinations, ie 685, 856, etc


thx ST :-)

we are already conditionned for one method LOL

crap robot thingy!!!

That was tricky!!!

Rope to climb down cliff.
Nice and quick! Thank you!

Alpha, you need to clear everything, but yes, its not permanent, sorry about that

My last animal was behind bush beside the sign

boars are omnivores, but meat?

cute boars btw :-)

thx, I know, but I can't clear every 5 minutes cache & co. - robot appears very often here... :-(

I know the pain AO I cuss chrome out so many times it aint funny. Call them and chew them out it will help.

Proving your not a robot appears with a high frequency of comments.
Maybe it's an idea to save up some comments and then post them all in one comment. In that way the frequency goes down and you still post the same things.

LOL did I already say cute boars?! ;-P

ah, ok, thx ST, will try that...

I just wish we won't have to click stupid images at least.
I clear after each game,both on my pc and on phone, and sign in before a new game is posted, I clear mypc before i start, but it keeps coming, ugh!

3# for math haters likeme:


Saving comments will hurt revenue LOL

Aye that was my second boar!

Last one was beside arkansas after getting down

well, that's also a point bandy...
(I can't shut my mouth anyway ;-P )

Lol Bandy, very true, but since it's all about the frequency of posts from the same IP, not the amount, you could still do a lot of comments but just not a lot in a few minutes.
And besides, this is not something the EG24 owener does. It's Blogger thing.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I thought the red star was 8


You are right ST google likes embed blog. not pop out blog so ??

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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