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Ichima Room Escape 15: White Room Escape Walkthrough

Ichima Room Escape 15: White Room Escape

IchimaCaffee - Ichima Room Escape 15: White Room Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Ichima Caffee. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) all :-)

LOL nice detail - you can play tennis while waiting till game is loaded

great 1st room actions ;-)

Here u are again ΑΩ. :)

wow, all you have to do to get a key is steal a chair and a "box"?

knocked down block tower so far

counting sticks, seem missing some more...

Trying purple green red for shape puzzle, but not working . . .

I have the mug, but don't know what to do with it. I've zoomed on it and just don't get the clue.

Use the colors of the rug that the shapes are on.

sticks spoiler


Ooo, thanks Maggie

you can write with the stick I missed

Where's the stick?

put box left of door in wall device

The mug is the clue for "RAIN".
Use the # position for each letter.

Oh, never mind. I get what you were saying now. When you get to the mug help me out, cause I'm totally stuck. lol


nice elevator music btw ;-P

Oh, thanks, Peggy. I completely forgot about the rain picture.

was I really in the small room on table...?! :-o

Yes, we're all smurfs. Didn't you guys get the memo?

Trying to figure the note. Maybe goes with letters in closet, so far i haven't cracked it. Anyone have a clue?

inside cabinet push switch for lamp hint

Where's the note? This game is making me feel really stupid. lol

But where using the lamp hint ?

Thanks for the cabinet hint. I must be really tired, to not have seen that switch.

Eric, the lamp numbers are used on the 3 buttons above the blue teapot.

Eric on the drawer in the closet with the round buttons.

I'm still looking for the note.

I didn't see the switch either. Used on 3 buttons in cabinit. First button pushed is bottom one, then middle, etc.
I think i got the note from the book puzzle, up down clue on books in closet.

books for up/down buttons, get note

Just figured out the note.
Use the first letter of each word on the note.
Press the buttons next to the door according to the shape of the cb each letter is in.

Tnx Peggy and Maggie but still dont get it...

Okay, this is my problem. I can't find the Up Down puzzle. Where is it?

Did someone say there was a writing utensil? or did i misinterpret?

Maggie, look for the book picture on the wall.

Have you found the key to open the closet door, Eric?

Maggie, the puzzle is the one inside the books painting on wall.

nice find Peggy

Tiny Apple Slices, I tried that puzzle. Maybe I just did it wrong.

The left lamp has #s 2&5, it's hanging at the middle level.
The center lamp has #s 4&6, it's hanging at the top level.
The right lamp has #s 1&3, it's hanging at the bottom level.
Press the bottom button 1st, middle button 2nd, bottom button 3rd....

The up down puzzle just won't work for me. I have u,d,u,u,d,u,d,u. No middle button is used, right?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Maggie, don't forget to press the bottom button (or finished button) after entering the solution.

Thanks Peggy, must be tired, I finally got it at last !

Oh wow, this was unexpected.
You know that little table you picked up in the first room? It's a button that goes in the little spot w/ four dots next to the door.
Note clue for the puzzle it opens.

Maggie, the up and "middle" buttons are actually up & down buttons ! The so-called bottom button is actually the "ENTER" button.

Oh, Maggie,
You enter the solution using the top two buttons.

Never mind. I kept thinking the bottom button was a button. It's to push AFTER I've used the top two buttons. I should've waited till tomorrow to do this. I just can't think straight tonight.

at the end screen, click cyan button
great game!
thx Ichima :-)
(wish it was longer, it was very nice to play)

& thx for the nice teamwork here

Thanks AO.
I was lost until you mentioned where to place the "box". That's the ONE place I never tried placing it.

these games a brilliant love them thanks for all the hints guys x

How about the stuck square drawer left of the blue teapot? Is it a red herring or a second ending? When I click on de books beneath it, it seem there is a grey wire to the right of this drawer. Has anyone opened it yet?

you're right Rob, almost forgot about that - let's see...
(good to have a load option button)

Thanks for giving it a shot ΑΩ! I still can't open it. Even tried to get hidden stuff out of the boots with the umbrella. Nothing there... :)

I think the grey wire is a hinge of the CB, so nothing to do there (at least I didn't find anything...)

although it's more a drawer without hinges than a CB...
I also tried e.g. to pry it open with umbrella LOL

I'd like to speak Japanese so I could translate what does it say when moving the drawer
(for sure it's stucked or similar ;-) )

Yes, too bad the subtitles can't be copied. Have to go do stuff around the house, will check back later!

I made a print screen of the subtitles when clicking on the drawer and send it to a Japanese friend. Hope to hear something soon.

       Anonymous  6/13/16, 3:37 AM  

There is nothing here.

(In fact you can see on the page: 1エンドです。 One ending)

Hahaha, oh my! Thank you Tapio!

thx Tapio :-)

nice game; 4 stars

Excellent, excellent game! Beautiful!

I wish I could make up for Lau Mastrigt's 4 stars and give you six. I would even give 10 stars if I could, but alas, I can only give five...

Nice game! I got through this one by myself, but I didn't feel like it was too easy or insanely hard. I liked having puzzles that were actually puzzles instead of hotspots or hidden objects. A bit of nice misdirection on some of the puzzles too.

How do you reload after saving?

Tiny Apple Slices, thanks hanks for number of sticks SPOILER, I finally understant AO hint: add the number of pencils, LOL :-)

Great game, and I was having a great time playing until my internet connection unexpectedly failed :{
It was miraculously back this morning and I was finally able to finish the game

Excellent game!!!

I know everybody has played - and there's already a youtube walkthrough- but I really enjoyed this game and could finish it thanks to some hints above.
Here's a WALKTHROUGH anyway:
1. Move around in first room, pick up chair and red "box", switches get green, click button below and you'll get key for flat.
2. Here the nice music goes! Have a look around and count number of sticks - don't forget those you use to write...Input number in green box on sofa under cushion. Pick up 1st drop for brown case on table.
3. Go next to door and stick the red box in the slot. Observe the round cabinet and the brown pushable shapes
4. Move to the carpet in front of couch, push the tower of blocks, notice shapes. There's a pink box beside window with those shapes. Change colours to match the carpet squares where they have fallen. You'll get a cup with a funny word. (I thought it was the Japanese name for umbrella...)
5. Well, there's a picture above the couch, RAIN it says. Compare rain with the word on cup, input the number of each letter in the word on cup. (the last one is 8)
6. A key for a new door. Pick up the rain boots.The bookshelves have the same shapes as the round cabinet beside door. But what's the pushing order?
7. Focus on the 8 books on the bottom shelf, 3 of them are upside down. Go to the picture of books, push the sequence of up-and-down books. You'll get a note (not in Japanese, luckily)
8. Go back to the library and note the position of letters on the shelves.
9. Go to the door, open round cabinet, look at brown pushable shapes again. Study the note on paper. Push in order the shapes of the first letter of each word. Pick up 2nd drop for brown case on table.
10. Back to library, there's a switch on right wall. Push and run to the 3 hanging lamps. Notice their position (up, middle, down) and copy the numbers on each.
11. Back to library again, push the 3 button on the shelf according to lamps (the first is the lower button) Last drop.
12.Place the drops in box on table. there's NOT the key out, but for last closed cabinet in library. The umbrella. NOW you are ready to face the rain, open the door and go!

EGDAWT, esp. Ichima games
thx Giuse - good job :-)

The best game we've had in a long time.

@Guise - Thanks for taking the time to make your WT - great!

Excellent game.
Thank you Guise for writing a walkthrough. As we've all seen, people can come back years later to play a game and your walkthrough will be here to help them if they need it.

oh, a game from ichima, going to enjoy this!

Thank you so much for your WT, Giuse A.
I clicked aaaaallllll letters shelf/note, not only the first ones ... duh ....

Great game, Ichima, thank you.

arrie NL, I followed the note the same way as you!

That one cabinet door didn't open. Is there a second ending that anyone found?

Trig (way too late...)
there's no other ending
(see comment Tapio 6/13/16, 3:37 AM)

as there aren't any new games atm, will play the other Ichima game yay

*gameS of course

the earlier ones I mean (well, still half asleep here it seems...)

That was fabulous. Beautiful graphics, logical puzzles that really make you think, and music that wasn't an assault to the senses while you're concentrating. This is how escape games should be done. Just wish I could read Japanese to know what the text said. :)

nice game as always.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Out without any help. Great game

5 stars.

       No Spam!  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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