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Itagora 8.1 Escape Walkthrough

Itagora 8.1 Escape

Lutaru - Itagora 8.1 Escape is another Japanese point and click type escape the room game developed by Lu-Taru. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the room. Language barrier may be a problem. Good luck and have fun!

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some rooms you'll need to go back to. just click on the numbers in the above left.

Door 2, no need to open the safe apparently - if someone opens it pls say how

hello, just1...you'll find that you have to go back and forth, as the clues come, i think...opened the second safe, but not the eyeball one yet.

Hi cate! I just spent way too much time on Door 5, didn't think to empty my bucket

Out! use lantern to see clue for eyes - sprayer has a bottle attached though you can't see it in your inventory, fill, then use on brown liquid

That was a little trickier than before, but still too short!

How to open the door in 5?

Nafanja, stand on empty bucket to reach key

good for you, just1...sorry, i got sidetracked with a bit of mayhem on this end...right behind you.

Then take bucket with you for the next door!

She understood)

But thanks anyway)

Интересная игра)

if anybody comes back - stuck in 3 with bucket & fire (I'm sure it will be obvious once I know LOL)

Room 3, go back to room 2 (click on 2, top left on the black bar) and fill the bucket with water.

thx ST - didn't notice you can go back :-/

(didn't read the comments...)

only 7 levels & pretty tricky
thx Lu & ppl for the hints above ☺

thanks for game and for help

cute game! Thanks Cate for your hint

What does the paper in the safe say? Can't open the door in room 4. Emptied bucket after seeing the arrow clue...now what? Can't read the paper.

Ok...figured it out. In the upper left corner, find the symbol that matches the paper and click it.


short but fun game. Thank you!

how to exit room 7? I think the texts say:
I want to eat baked mushrooms,
Mushroom bed,
The only thing I have in inventory is a lit lantern. Haven't opened safe with eyes yet.

clue for eye safe has appeared in room 5

eye safe has water bottle for mushroom bed.

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