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Jessica's School Walkthrough

Jessica's School

JD-Brony - Jessica's School Escape is another point and click adventure escape game developed by JD Brony. Jessica's so bored. She's getting sick of school. And she wants out as soon as possible. Why don't you help her escape? Good luck and have fun!

Play Jessica's School Escape

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hi Fas ☺
I saw you're new at posting - welcome to the party then ☻
there's a bunch of nice ppl here

The bait used in the pool,she still is in the inventory. Got a key, probably from the headmaster. What do they open? So much text I can't translate it)))

Howled through the left door)

Jessica is just a chatterbox LOL, no need to translate everything

what to do with ring from pool?

alpha,give ring to headmaster

he gives you key and you're out

if it's Mr. Buzzoff in the office, I tried to give himt the ring, but he doesn't want it...

I just LOVE POP - now it worked - magic! :-D

repeating my post from the other Jessica game:
«well, not a bad game, pretty funny here & there, if you have the patience to read all that what Jessica has to say - thx JD ☺»

& thx anyway kevaus ☺

if you wanna read even more ;-P
don't miss the special features in main menu at the end

I can't combine the magnet and string to get what's in the pool.

ΑΩ I tried to give the ring but no POP for me. Wish you had said what you did differently for him to take the ring. I have been through all chat combinations it seems. Sigh.

OK in case anyone is coming into this game later than me, and has the same problem with ring... you cannot wash it :) When you got to speak to principal, do not choose any answers but just keep clicking on the ring. Annoying, I know. But at least I am now out.

I liked this game a lot! Jessica is funny! (I only had to click on the Head Master once for him to take the ring - no problems at all.)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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