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Meena Locked House Escape Walkthrough

Meena Locked House Escape

MeenaGames - Meena Locked House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Meena Games. Assume that you were locked at the house. Find the necessary objects to solve the puzzles, get the keys, and escape from the locked house. Good luck and have fun!

Play Meena Locked House Escape

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new developer?

LOL is it a kid playing piano? (muting quickly)

colours from book for puzzle in computer scene

at big puzzle set in computer scene, just pull lever & let slide tile

use bottle on scarf & use it on teddies

colour paper hint for right scene

TV colour hint for table in same scene

number paper from pipe for puzzle below babushkas

paper on floor in middle scene

counted towels, satchel, triangles & babushkas but d/w...

huh, SEVEN towels...?!

looked everywhere for more stuff, then played a bit with the numbers & got lucky

use magnifier on paper from floor for number puzzle in middle scene

key from shapes for bottom drawer in right scene

nothing to do with triangle above computer

look under plant pot in left scene - count

key from colour numbers for left CB drawer in right scene (like that you don't need to try it at each keyhole ;-P )

count flowers in right scene for wall puzzle above (there are 2 different purple)

levers go in holes on wall

nice game - thx Meena ☺

Alpha - even tough you are long gone, I just had to come here and "keep you company" you seem so lonesome ;-)

Fun puzzles!

as I usually check later the games that I've played for evtl. questions, I saw your comment - thx for your company, even way too late (I'm way too late, too ☻)

Music is annoying, thank goodness for the mute button. The game was cute, and the puzzles were good, although the pictogram clue, for the folded clothes or towels or whatever it was, was wrong. Overall, nice game.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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