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Mirchi Escape The Mortuary Walkthrough

Mirchi Escape The Mortuary

MirchiGames - Mirchi Escape The Mortuary is another point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. In this game you have to find misplaced key to unlock the exit door and escape from the mortuary. Click on the objects to interact and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) ev1 :-)

what a special game topic :-o
let's see...

Escape, dead or alive.

Rushing in. Hi guys!

Let me guess: It will take hours to note down the hints behind the Roman numbers in first scene just to see I won't need them. I'll do it anyway.

Nice game.

And again a slider puzzle! :-o

what a breach of style: smilies in a morgue ;-)

'GO' is a hint to set clock - get key

Oh, got it by chance. :-)

"Bring out yer dead!"

And out. Not really hard, and I needed in fact only one of those hints from first scene.

Thanks Mirchi!

"I'm not dead yit!"

hint on pic are not colours

meritneith... If you were talking about the slider puzzle, I certainly was over-complicating it. For some odd reason, I assumed the left-right positioning was the clue, despite requiring an ambiguous rotation to be useful for vertical sliders.

just1... "You're not fooling anyone; you'll be stone dead in a moment."

hope not to really dissect that body...

Seraku..."I fart in your general direction!"

Seraku, oh, I thought that too. But I meant that round organ puzzle. I always end up in those puzzles with only two items to be changed. But this was doable with two free spots.

ΑΩ... I'm sure that's just ketchup in the sink there. Nothing to fear.

got radio sliders by chance - don't understand, why yellow is higher than purple...

thankfully didn't have to make a mess ;-P

ΑΩ... purple was in the bottom row, so it would need to be the lowest.

I don't understand the sliders either - I think it was purple, yellow, blue, red

AlphaOmega, Seraku explained that. You just need two of the eight coloured hints from both radios. Purple is on the downmost line, yellow on the second.

And now to something completely different.

ah, ok, thx Seraku
so nothing to do with r/l positions on radio then

thx Mirchi (having said that...) ;-)

Because yellow is higher than purple in the hints.

Poor bugger died from eating a key! Clavorosis?

oops & thx merithneith

what's clavorosis?
(google found nothing...)

Maybe a disease from a Monty Python film? I just have seen them in German. But clavis means key in Latin.

"kleidiosis" would probably be the correct term. "kleidi" meaning "a key (as used with a lock)" and "-osis" meaning "a pathological state".

I should point out that I am using Greek since "-osis" is of Greek origin.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Latin? Bah! What have the Romans ever done for us?


Seraku (holding by ear), What's the Latin for Roman? Come on, come on. !

Go on, I just bought a bag of popcorn.

I've seen that film a hundred times but the Pilate and Biggus Dickus scenes always leave me in fits of laughter.

How to apply GO from picture on clock?

if you get lucky, you only have to open 1 fridge to see GO & time

@Urban, 'GO' is the initials of cadaver #1 - look in his window, you'll see a clock time (time of death, I presume)

lol Alpha, maybe it's only a flesh wound

POP for clock, you have to open the right freezer... (red one)

Thanks guys

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       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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