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Mirchi Escape Murder House Walkthrough

Mirchi Escape Murder House

MirchiGames - Mirchi Escape Murder House is another point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. In this game you have to find misplaced fuses and open the electronic exit to escape from murder house. Click on the objects to interact and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Lots of things to collect ...

6 buttons in right room are trial and error. They open door to bedroom

Check all over bed

Teddy bear room: flowers are hint for butterflies.

TV numbers for dials

Buttons by door in TV room are also trial and error

Directions from right vase in room where stars placed

Dials give another fuse

Another fuse from the 2 x 4 panels in teddy bear room

Fuse from hammer on mirror

Knife on right teddy for key, left gives a lever

SD from directions

Shapes (in butterfly room) for another fuse

...and another from placing stars

Key for TV cupboard. Gives battery and light bulb

Levels/Sliders on cupboard give another battery

Levers go on power boxes. Place batteries and get colour pattern on grid. Count coloured squares for 4-digit puzzle

...which gives another fuse!

hi Zuleika - home alone? ;-)

just starting...

Place light bulb in lamp by bed for other number hint

Great game!
Thanks Mirchi!

Loved it :) Nice game !

...gives final fuse. Place all 8 and escape. Wow - that was a quick little game

Hi Alpha :) I think I have left almost a walkthrough of clues, lol. Not that you need them . Have fun!

that what this site is for :-)

you have to zoom in on hints to make puzzles work

bed has 3 items in total

my last star was behind lamp in scene with white bar hint

thx Mirchi! :-)
very nice game & I'm glad that no gross stuff inside
(thaught that first 'cause of start screen...)

Hidden square and star in panels on the bed. Only pixel hunts, I think. Be sure to zoom into TV before trying the clue.

Good game as ever!

"6 buttons in right room are trial and error". How?????????? No one stays on... :((((

OK, I got it! Thanks!

I played all the way to the end, but then the 4969 code did not work for me on the drawer. I tried it many times, and then looked at the WT, and I did it all correctly, but the darned door will not open for me. Frustrating.

Sheesh....you have to zoom in on the number before it works - how could I NOT remember that for a Mirchi game! I'm the fool, not the game, I should have known better!! Thanks Mirchi!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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