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Mirchi Escape Wine Cellar Walkthrough

Mirchi Escape Wine Cellar

MirchiGames - Mirchi Escape Wine Cellar is another point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. In this game you have to escape from the wine cellar by finding some hidden door buttons. Click on the objects to interact and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Mirchi! Excellent!

Hi! Don't have much time, hope it's not a long one.

Oh, a slider puzzle...

Give the lady from the jigsaw some tweezers! ;-)

what to do with the cloth?

Hi there - joining you : )

darn slider LOL

hi (again) all ☺

Dang! I miss one of those tiles! :-(

And I admit I cheated and watched the slider in the walkthrough. I wouldn't solve it on my own in a million years.

Hi folks! Lau, in first scene on the table there's a hotspot. Wipe it with the cloth for the slider hint.

oh, thx meritneith - that's why slider didn't work doh

not that I got it already ;-P

Doh! I went around a lot of times and the last tap and last tile were in a new room (that with the symbols lock).

Alpha, I refuse to solve that kind of sliders. Just frustrating for me. Either I cheat or close. ;-)

ah, rungs for ladder in cog slot scene

I recommend starting the tile puzzle from the food and not from the parrot. But now I'm stuck with one missing button.

Got it, POP!

bottles upstairs as order for 8 square grid

And out. Sorry, I have to leave, surely you'll get out (if you ever get past that slider).

Well, recently there have been some Mirchi games which remind me of EightGames. I prefer the other style. Nonetheless, thanks Mirchi.

one tile left of 8 square grid, still missing one...
also missing one tap...

Missing one piece for pipe puzzle

POP - found it almost immediately..

Need one more wine glass

And got it right away - as ususal , lol

wine glasses (for 5 level slider) looks like 2-1-4-3-5, but not working for me

Ah - just hadn't zoomed in...

where Zuleika?
maybe it's the one I'm missing...
(POP alone doesn't help me...)

Another quick ending - out. Nice game - ty Mirchi : )

Hey Alpha - I just assumed ev1 else was ahead of me. I got my last piece of pipe puzzle in room you access by circle of symbols. Hint for that is at very top of ladder. Hope that helps : )

thx Zuleika, will have a look... ☺

Sliders take all the steam out of a game. Just mind numbing clicking. If developers insist on doing this, incorporate a skip button because we just use the red X button as the skip on these garbage puzzles.

symbols open new room with my last tile, too & my last tap

pipe puzzle


dots in attic for 4# code

don't miss green/blue button in new room after solving symbol puzzle


are at pos.0 (zero), most right is on top

beside the slider a pretty enjoyable game - thx Mirchi ☺

I don't mind sliders, but only the easier ones ;-P

I quit at the 1-7 slider puzzle, too.

don't like the new mirchi games!!


Please stop describing opinions as 'facts'. The latest one 'Attitude is more important than reality.' is just a pile of poop.

Good game up until the 1-7 slider puzzle. Just cannot be doing with these, so big red x for me and closed down the game. Please Mirchi, put in a skip button on this type of slider!?!?

slider puzzle out by big red X

Confused about why, exactly, I would want to escape a wine cellar... ;)

I am terrible at slider puzzles, but this one was rather easy to solve. Thanks, Mirchi!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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