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Modern Spa House Escape Walkthrough

Modern Spa House Escape

FirstEscapeGames - Modern Spa House Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that you were having a sap massage at this spa house and you fell asleep after the spa massage. When you wake up, you find that the spa house is closed leaving you inside the house. You must now escape from the spa house with your puzzle solving and problem management skills. Relate different objects and solve puzzles to escape the spa house. Good luck and have fun!

Play Modern Spa House Escape

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cleaning solution und er table in left scene

4 directions clue for frame of yellow picture

hammer head should be a chisel and is used on picture next to toilet

I had to brute force some combinations of 3 rotating circles

spoiler ahead
outer to inner circle

shower, sponge, bottle
towel, ? cottonpad
key, keyhole, handle
comb, scissor , 'hairband' (I don't know the correct name)

gold key is for small table in left room.

The clue on the scroll is for the yellow flower picture in left room

bug spray is used on flowers in bowl...

hammer for red vase right of bathtub

What is the squeegee for?
and what are the ladybugs for?

count the ladybugs on each color for the 2 number

squeegee is used on mirror, but you have to find a steaming machine first..

Thanks FirstEscape Games for the nice game. Very decent game with no nonsense, but still challenging. Much appreciated.

The number clue at the end made zero sense to me at all. If you took the numbers from the arrows on the clue, I just can not see how that final number was obtained. I checked the video walkthrough, and it still made no sense at all.

my words, too Merridy ☺

Why do they have such small screens? I like to relax when I play games, not lose my sight! LOL Not playing until they let the games be resized.

numbers at the end


hint is paper with abcd & arrows on it such as panels l/r of door

5 4 8 6 7 3

goal is to use each letter only once
re alphabetical order, start with A (5)
arrow points to C i.e. that has to be the 2nd number (8)
then continue with alphabetical order - after A comes B (4)
arrow points to E i.e. that has to be the 4th number (7)
continue with alphabetical order - after B comes C, but that one we used already, hence comes D (6)
arrow points to F as last number & last letter to use (3)


5 8 4 7 6 3

squeegee stuck to my mouse. I can't continue.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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