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June 21, 2016

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Avm Pansy House Escape Walkthrough

Avm Pansy House Escape

AvmGames - Avm Pansy House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. The concept of the game is to escape from the pansy house. In this story, there is a house. The house looks very beautiful. Assume that, one day you have been trapped in the house by unknown people. Your mind says ,that you want to escape from the house immediately. But you didn't have any source to open the door. So use your intelligence to find the hidden objects and solve the puzzle to find the source and escape from the house. Good luck and have fun!

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fuses go in scene 5, but I am missing 2...

3#code in scene6: clue is in scene7 (an additional clue when you click on 3#code)

I stuck with a paintbrush and a 3 number clue.
anyone else is playing?

Stuck with paintbrush. I do not understand clues in 7 for 3 numbers or colourboard in 6.

jim, count positions....

you can hold flashing numbers in scene 2, but I don't know why or how...

Welcome everyone :)

jim, have you solved 3#?

I am stuck too, where is scene 3?

3#clue in scene6 is for 3 symbols in scene1

ok, clue paper from 3x3 grid in scene 6 is for flashing numbers in S2 to get to scene 3...

hello all. :)

No, I solved the symbols in 1, watered the flowers in 2. I have red ball and brush.

jim, for 3#code in S6, you have to count positions of a letter in every row on the right in scene7 (note additional clue when you click on 3#code)

red balls go in S5 too...

How do the blinking numbers work?

The one on the big door in scene 2.

When you click the green 3# puzzle, above it in black letters reads "Right to Left". Very hard to see on dark background.

7458 doesn't work.

bear, have you colored number paper? start with blue number....

blinking numbers , need a clue

On the right in scene 7 there are small black letters on the right dark gray wall. Another eye strainer.

I accidentally closed the window. Never mind, I'm not restarting.

I stuck after finding scenes 3 and 4...

finally, paintbrush is used in scene4...

In scene 6, when you click on the green 3# there is also a black Y hidden on the dark background. In scene 7 letters, count from the right where the first Y in each row is.


Another pixel hunt. In scene 6 in the very middle of the screen, right below those 2 stones on the plain wall wall. Very faint.

pitcher is used in scene2 for puzzle in scene 6.

Bug - bunch of fuses just appeared on the screen in scene 1. One moves into inventory.

Not a bug. need to place it in scene 5

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changed all black text and hints to white color

Yes, now I'm stuck after finding 3 and 4 too.

I am missing 1 red ball for S5 and have no idea for colored numbers in S3 or 4 colors in S4...
I am missing a key, and what to do with 5 numbers in S3?

after you get forth red ball alone, you can solve 4 colors in s4

Ah, but where is the fourth red ball?

yes where is the 4th red ball...exactly where I'm stuck!

you may saw the number 365 in scene 6.
It should use in scene 1

Yes, used 365 in scene 1 on 3 symbols. Still missing 1 red ball.

What to do with the colored *+x puzzle in scene 6?

@ca3na, see my post at 12:04.

open the door in scene 2?

I got
- 1 red ball from 3 symbols in S1
- 2 red balls from 3#code in S6

never mind; got it

Yes, those are my red balls too. Door in scene 2 opened.

4th red ball is in scene 3

you must need to open the door in scene 2 to enter scene 3

Use pitcher between the feet of birds in Scene 2. Just gotta find the correct spot.

still have the fire in Scene 6 on the stairs...Scene 3 see the numbers 71593 and the color number puzzle and still need a key in that scene....Scene 4 have 3 out of 6 of the circles on the door...which I'm sure is out. But still need the color clue for the 4 colors. What is the correlation of the numbers in Scene 3? anyone?

so, I need a key or a clue for colored numbers in S3 to find fourth red ball??

Ok scene 3. I have solved 5 number. but I do not have key nor do I understand number/colour puzzle.

for solving 5 numbers in scene3, you need to find a coin hint

Really liked the + X * clue.

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have you solved + X * clue?

Did that AVM Games, but still have 4 color numbers to solve in scene 3 and wath about the 5 # left of the door in scene 3?

4 color number, clue is in scene 7

Count the colours on the wall in S7.

whoa...great find Austen! nets you the colors for Scene 4!

how is Y related to pink number???

omg too funny! Also gives you the hammer to use on the fire!

Not sure Hotz.
I just counted R, G & B then guessed the other one!

Thanks AVM, that wasn't to obvious; pink instead of yellow.

I think I'm stuck with others. Need 4 colors for scene 4, 4 colored numbers in scene 3, key for scene 3, one red ball (got all fuses), and three of those bluish molecule disks for scene 4. Only clue I have unused is 71593 (odd numbers, hmmm), and the yellow 12345. Looks like door in scene 3 opened, but I can't go through it.

can someone just spoil the +x* clue for me, I know its all the letters in scene 7 but I can read them and for sure cant tell the difference between R and B. Please oh please with sugar on top! lol

Ok on the last leg...keep hitting the green back arrow trying to put the numbers in 1-5 order. LOL Oh and I hate these kinds of puzzles!!

no K Stevens if I remember correctly the +X was the colors and shapes of the flowers

OH well that makes more sense! lol Thanks Sharon!

Try to solve the 12345 puzzle. Definitely you have a fun with that

did you use your vase on the flowers? click the + 4 times then all the rest of the symbols 3 times.

Thank you AVM for changing the clue colors to white, now I can read all those letters! Bravo!

Tiquer, the clue for the 4# is in scene 7. Count each color ( but: yellow is the pink number)

Yes, I got fuse and round things with 3 smaller cicles and colors on it

after 2 hours on this game I am going to give up on these 1-5 green tiles. there are only 2 possible moves!!!

thanks AVM games for creating new games. I usually enjoy your challenging games, but this is too much for me.

i do have to say it is really irritating to try to work the numbers and the "green back arrow" is in the way. I've reset the numbers tons of times!

Thanks everyone.
We are not sure you guys enjoyed challenge games or fun or simple point and click games.

Hi Sharon, you can move only two symbols. But if you planned perfectly from starting, you can solve it with 12 moves.

would someone spoil the colour count in S7. I've tried everything

OMG finally out!! and that was not easy I couldn't have done it alone!!

Man that number swap at the end was NOT easy!
Thanks for the game AVM.


LOL AVM thank you!! And thank you to everyone up above for all the great hints and comments!

longfella, i think it was blue 9, red 8 green 5 and purple/yellow 6

Longfella I think it was 8B, 5G, 9R & 5V.

One of us might be right Cate! :)

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I really do like this game: it's a tuff and tough one :) Thanks for all your effort AVM

Out, loved the green puzzle at the end. Never used yellow 12345 clue, or the 71593. Really liked this game, especially since the dark colors were eliminated. Only odd thing is using the hammer on the fire. My score was 86 (counting 1 hour power outage delay due to storm).

Cheers Cate & Austen. I was counting, lights, dolls etc

Medal of achievement goes to Austin for finding the solution to the 4 colored numbers puzzle.

Thank you Tiquer but it really was a desperate guess after banging my head on the wall in frustration for half an hour!

cannot get through the door in scene 2, the number did once turn to red, but then i guess i put in a wrong number and it went back to blue.

ever since no matter how long i hold any of the numbers it just continues in blue.. never managed to get it to turn to red again.. giving up on it, cant be bothered to refresh and see if that helps or not

If it turns red, the blue one is done. so it wont come again.

The shortest solution for last puzzle (1 - the top permutation, 2 - lower permutation):

how could you solve the diagram with the colors and marks

Can't find S6. I can only hold the blinking number 8 on S2. Hints are the Y on right wall of S7, right?

You need to find the clue paper for blinking numbers

Out, with 119 pts. After the Scene 2 door, it's much easier. Thanks AVM for the game!

now that was a toughie - thx AVM for such a challenging game ☺

was stuck several times & finally got out thanks to some of your hints above guys, hence many thanks
esp. Рустем for pointing out the shortest number puzzle solution (altough I didn't need it fortunately)

youtube has video but it is not very clear and play done all of it.

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