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Puzzle Rooms Escape

Games4King - G4K Puzzle Rooms Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Someone has been trapped in the puzzle room. So you will need to collect the necessary objects to make him escape from the puzzle room. If you have the right attitude then you will get him out. Good luck and have fun!

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After you put in the LR code in the left room, go out and come back, or else it does not open.

great - this time no probs for me to come further

Hi Nomnivor. Mine seemed to open right away. Bulbs go in left scene

Place wheels/gears in right scene to open door

IIRC G4K also used to number the scenes...

LOL I tried to click the blinking dots in order with no progress

In new area, baby birds go in right scene

Hey Alpha : )

Gems go in middle scene - with clocks

brown hearts for sliders in pic puzzle scene

Key opens cupboard in scene with A=1

I have all 4 hearts but they won't go on wall puzzle.

Ahhh - ty Alpha - just saw yr comment

I have 4 hearts, but they don't fit in the heart-shaped holes that look like hearts. Hmph.

I stuck with 4x4 letter paper with king. (used once)

Not the right letters 4 digit code. The average word on a piece of paper word.

Ah. That makes... no sense, i guess. But thanks, Alpha.

Drop the flower pot.

I tried to use blinking dot in 3x3 grid on 3 dots in A=1 scene, but no.

thx Nafanja - proceeding

Flower pot goes on shelf with others.

Can't get number code from 4 x 4 word grid on paper. Used already for word clue.

For 9 flashing buttons to press three buttons.(side)

Numeric code for the wrong letters ECS.A=1

"For 9 flashing buttons to press three buttons.(side)"
I tried that, but no luck. so what is the trick???

but nope, also tried number of strokes haha

@ Hotz - only use the row in which number is placed. E.g. 1 is bottom button and 9 is middle.

nice find Nafanja :-)

have to press button sequence correctly twice till it worked...

finally, after some tries!! thank you

Aha - u meant the other flower pot Nafanja, lol.

Not understanding the comments about the 9 flashing buttons and how to use that with the 3 buttons. Could someone please explain clearly for me?

water plants in room with blinking grid

use only the rows, e.g. 1 in bottom row, so bottom button, 2 in middle row, so middle button

Jenny, see the 9 grid as 3. Up, middle, and down. Poition like left, middle, and right doesn't matter.

Ok, thanks Alpha, I will try again.

Twisted statues. There are 4 stone. Selection. Tips do not understand.A piece of paper with letters missing. On the same leaf twist the statue,as the word KING .

need turning hint for angels...

Got the three buttons, no where are all the hints? for the 6 flower pots, the sliders etc. and what do I do with the blue jug?

Can someone explain how to get 4-number code from paper hint (4 words). 'Fair' translates to 6-1-9-18, if A = 1

Insert the bulb and rotate it around underneath the dials to the point as you see the light.

And where does jug come from...?

Zuleika, mirrored letters give 4#code.
Nafanja 6/11/16, 12:55 PM

This will be the code for the colored arrows.

4# comes from the wall where the escapers is written use the 3 letters that are backwards.

Jug came from 3 buttons after using the 9 flashing buttons on them.

This comment has been removed by the author.

The chickens look closely, not only on wings but also on the eyes.

Messed around the 6 flower pots and got 2# discs for door. where chicks are.

I am missing one chick.

AH, jug waters the hanging plants for four flowers

@ jenny - hmmm, I did that puzzle and got a flower vase and paper clue (I think). Haven't seen a jug.

And ty Alpha : )

Diamonds on light bulbs to put the right to the left to take color. And then 1 more color to put on the rhomboids

sorry, I can't remember where jug came from then, I knocked a pot off a high shelf and got a key maybe from that?

Still not getting number clue - can only see 3 turned numbers

I am stuck again, missing one chick and 2 light bulbs and no hints for sliders, or dials or directions for coloured arrows etc.
I still have the words paper in inventory. Is there a second use for it?

That is all you need. the S is a double digit # Zuleika.

I am missing 2 diamonds too.

I'm pretty much where you are Jenny - also needing to work out number clue

Levers heart somehow worked 1302

I Bf'd the angel directions and paper disappeared. I guess the hint was in that somewhere. Gives 4 hearts.

And I'm assuming the C is a zero...?

spoiler for 4#'s


6 flower pots move. Top left, middle of the sides,the bottom right turned out.In the back room on the floor three holes ,thought to have. But there is the opposite direction.

I still need to see hint for the sliders. Got the light bulbs, and dials and diamonds.

To the puzzle on the door you only need 7 balls. I twist-twirl,I want to get)))))

Oh got it, colors after you change diamonds places are used for glowing spots above cabinet following the Arrow and gives paper for sliders.

Jenny , I wrote. Crystals swaps on light bulbs?Then another lined up correctly the crystals to open another 1 color code.

Ty Jenny - it was 5310 for me - still don't see where they got the '1' from, lol.

Blue jug comes from 6 flowerpots.

Now have the 7# circles but can't make it work.

Zuleika, there is a clue that A=1 somewhere. so C is 3, E is 5 etc.

Well, I give up, there should be a skip button for that #circle puzzle.

I still move 7 balls.There probably should be in order from 1 to 7 to put. Still does not work. I do not like this puzzle.

very slow internet here, so I'm far behind - still on angels, where's hint for them?

Oh god yeah - ty Jenny. Strange about the zero though...

Hint for the angels is on the letter clue paper. Use the letters in the first column

Do not understand how is it the last puzzle,but the door opened.) Strange but I seem to end did not. Or order another.. I do not understand,but out)

Also, hint for the 6 flower pots is the 3 holes on the floor in same room as angels. Spot on floor shows where the blank space is, so for first shelf on top, blank space is left etc.

thx Puffin, didn't think of that - going on now

Oops, I mean first top shelf blank space is right. One day I will be able to tell my left from my right.

Last puzzle 1-7 in numerical order starting with 1 in the upper left hole and working counter clockwise.

Still needing 5 numbers for grid and 1 gem.

Can't get birds right - using their wings directions for clock hands.

Zuleika, look at birds eyes: small eye for small clock hand, big eye for big clock hand...

For the birds/clocks the big eye represents the big hand and the wings represent the direction of the hand. So big eye on the right along with right wing down means big hand at 6. Little eye on the left and left wing pointing left means small hand at 9.

Ahh - you are all on fire tonight and I feel like a damp squib.

Ty so much Hotz and Puffin : )

no, gave up for a football break :)
many thanks at Puffin for angles directions!!!!

Finally out. And forgot to switch off lights. Ty to all for help xx

still on number puzzle - what a toughie...

anyway thx guys for the fine teamwork & G4K for another challenging game :-)

huh, suddenly out, but my 6 & 7 were not in the correct place...?

I would have given it four stars if not for the terrible, overdone, boring slider puzzle at the end. Now it gets two stars. Come on developers, nobody likes sliders, it's commented on again and again.Use your imagination and come up with something fresh.

The last puzzle was supposed to be a clue!!!! I built by accident and not realized what was to be the order of the numbers. Today, I look for fun video walkthrough,so there is a completely different order,not the one I was trying to expose.

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