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Real World Escape 161 - Present Walkthrough

Real World Escape 161 - Present

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 161: Present is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. You are locked in some room with a little boy that is too tired to help you out. Your target is to find 12 sniffmouse icons and the door will unlock automatically. Solve different puzzles and try to find some hints that could be anywhere. Good luck and have fun!

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Remember that glorious time a sniff was hidden under the doorhandle? Which makes me try it every time first thing first? That time?

woohoo I am excited! Thanks Sniffmouse! Going in

Don't know what to do with the app?

ha me too Nomivor von Bucher Verschlingen!! I do it as well!! Thank you Guntars!!

Awesome game Guntars thank you.

Got it. Lipstick on TV.

Use the lipstick on it. You find it using the "small room" hint.

Nomnivor von bücher verschlingen the app becomes your mirror.
Use the lippy there.

fastest escape game ever!! hehe key for door...but go clean the dirty spot!

clue on window sill about sink in kitchen

15:00 to 18:00

Yippee sniffee!

Great game! Thank you. The grass was tricky for me.

and out...thank you Guntars!! Loved it! Fun fun fun!! ThxACxo!

Once i figured out you can take one of the rags off wall in kitchen it sped up quite nicely!

boo-hoo, missed a live sniff... :-/
anyway, going in...

I had to leave in the middle of playing and then come back so technically I am still here Alpha lol

Hey Alph : ) Have you found lipstick yet?

I havent I cant figure out the word. I thought it was Bike but no B and then I thought love but no go on that too.

not yet Zu...

I tried VELO and LOVE but neither work. Puzzles done: colours, numbers, cooker dials, sliders, gift to boy on sofa (get app). Place 2 bike icons. Can zoom in on fruit. Opened first door. Used wet rag. Oh I could go on ... But where is lipstick? How to use small room hint?

POP! lippy right of exit door like the ? in book

Thank you thank you thank you Alpha! Got it!

Ah - I clicked all over the door edge etc - nice find Alpha : )

you have to see hint first Zu, then your first word will work

pleasure ☺

nice turn - this time we find black key as last & not as first

Yep got that already Alph ; )

Working on directions now (kitchen)

I can never do these - even with all your help....I'm off

After lipstick it all goes really quickly. Out. See u later guys : )

thx Guntars for another fun game ☺

once again CU Zu ☺

need some help to guide you thru game?

Monica is that a clue to make the games easier?
Btw thank you all for a great comments!

Year 1986 - 13

This comment has been removed by the author.

not getting grass clue

the paper with arrows show you which ones to take

left arrow column is for top or bottom pots
right arrow column for left or right pots

e.g. up arrow at left side means top pots, -> arrow means to click the right one at top

Excellent game! Took me a while to find the lipstick! Thank you Guntars :)

This one was HARD for me! Haven't been playing in a while! Thanks for the hints!

Fabulous game. Thanks Guntars!

Your best yet
Thanx Guntars
Spent ages looking for the stupid mirror

That was all kinds of fun! Challenging too!

Brilliant game Guntars. So good in fact, it inspired me to donate. :)

Last (as usual) but not least ( :)) to THANK for the entertaining, fun, brilliant game!
Challenging but not too hard - did it on my own.
PS I like flat style- copied it

Great game again!
Thanks Guntars!
Love the sound effects! Ring Ring ...

It was pleasure to play. Thank you, author.

I can't get anywhere even with all the hints above. I found and placed 2 bike icons and that is it.

@Jenny video walkthrough on YouTube. I needed help too.

IIRR, start with the number, look on bike model & under table

I did get that # but it doesn't work

Finally got the # figured out. Now I am stuck again. I put the battery in but no idea what the result is a hint for.

hang on - let me replay...

red line hint is for sliders

where to start at window frame above sink

Ok, thanks Alpha,

a sniffie is always worth to replay ☺

This was really fun! Thanks Guntars! Please don't make them easier! Your games are clever and funny. There's a learning curve sometimes. I remember when we all played Sniffmouse and Angelika's for the first time and we were really stuck for a while. Give these awesome developers a chance.

Thank you for the game Guntars, and thank you everyone here for your hints. I needed them in this game. I'm out, but I still don't know what the lipstick clue was for. Must have missed something!

lippy hint showed order of L O V E letters

One of you clearly stole my hotspot beside the door. It's gone. I'll to our father's day/birthday party and hope one of you return it with instructions as to where you left it by the time I get back. Thanks in advance.

Nomnivor, I also check the doorhandle...

Sorry trig, that was me!

Great game… as always. Please do not make them easier; plenty of easy games to find. Clever and challenging…not so much.

Trig - there's a book on the coffee table next to the boy that you need to look at or else the hotspot won't show up.

does the game ever load :(

I watched the video walkthrough.I used that silver key everywhere but on the door. After that I found the secret spot with the lipstick... I am so embarrased.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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