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Spaceship Enterprise Escape Walkthrough

Spaceship Enterprise Escape

CoolGames8 - Spaceship Enterprise Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8.This is the third month you're in outer space, in the enterprise spacship station. Everything seems going well, until one day you are visited by a group of alien beings, they leave strange objects collected since time immemorial, apparently it is a warning that you should get out of the spaceship, before it is too late. Good luck and have fun!

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Rooks go on the couches in Scene 1

Gravestones go in Scene 4. One on either side.

Bricks go in Scene 2, bottom of screen a little to the left

Sun Disks go in Scene 5; just to the right and left of the exit arrows.

Columns go in Scene 3; bottom of the screen in the center and left.

And that leaves the Discus Thrower Statues for Scene 6; right side and left side of screen.

Thanks Forgotten One! Just missing one wood carving. Can't find it anywhere.

Last Wood carving is hidden behind the inventory in Scene 3, somewhere around the 7th column from the left. I hate when they do that...

Found it and now have everything placed but can't get out. Do I have to place the cup of water, cherry, etc?

I don't think you have to place the Cherry, Cup of Water, Bald Face, Hammer, Scissors, Knife, Caligraphy Pen, or Crystal Ball, but I can't get out either.

Oh well, I guess I'll consider myself out.

And I did not find wood carving((( Water,hammer,scissors, etc.) should probably apply to inserted objects.

These games typically have 45 objects that you need to place and I went and counted that there are 45 slots to fill (not including the 6 pairs of main objects), so it's not a missing slot or object.

Of course, the games from this publisher are almost always bugged, so it wouldn't surprise me if its just another programming error....

Tried the hammer on the nuts to use? You can more precisely tell about the last wood carving?

The last Wood Carving is in Scene 3 behind where the inventory slots are at the top of the screen. You can click in the area between the squares. Between the 5th and 6th column from the left, right in the middle between the rows, if you click in the right spot you will get the last Wood Carving.

It doesn't matter because the game is apparently bugged and doesn't have an exit that I can see...

Can't find last wood carving in third scene!

Thanks, Forgotten One!

in scene 6 just below inventory there is an ink pot

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I see no one has been able to escape yet. I have tried the hammer, water, cherry, ink pot, knife, scissors, crystal ball, and face in everything but no joy. We must be missing something essential... And there is no other walkthrough anywhere, yet. :(

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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