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The Happy Escape 11 Walkthrough

The Happy Escape 11

Tesshie - The Happy Escape 11 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game created by Tesshi-e for MildEscape. In this game, you are in trapped in a room and you need to escape the room by finding and using items with solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Oh boy what a treat!!

what a lovely way to start the weekend!

Looking for handle for S/D ?

Sd part on musical device

Coin on book holder

Coin 2 and paper on plant

Need S/D to get to trumpet for it's code?

I guess we are all stuck LOL

yay a live tesshi-e!!!:-D

You can switch files on book holder but code isnt working

was lost in the game...so, if you take the sheet music and the sheer paper(placing it first,then book) you will get a 4 number code to use on cabinet that will nudge you along.

Oh Wow! A Teshi-e!!!

Use both books on holder.

Put them both on holder:


Guitar pin behind guitar

All I can do is turn the music book, paper won't go on it ?

       Anonymous  6/3/16, 11:02 AM  

Opened cabinet in wall, got code to open painting. Placed one guitar pick and capotasto. Now stuck with half screwdriver piece.

Combine the shapes withthe booksfor paiting

What holder?

Bandy, put the file first, then place your bookonit, then turn around for number

The one beside horn, the thing with holes

I don't find but one thing that is a holder and book won't go there?

Oh well I am holding you guys up I will find something to make it LOL

bandy, read my comment @10:59. take the music book and the sheet with shapes on it and go over to the music stand where the trombone is by the door. put paper first, then book. look at it from back side of stand and you will have a 4 number code for cabinet. :)

I think the music symbols is for the 5 buttons

That's my point it will not go there my book or paper?

when you do the "hippo" puzzle, make sure to do it twice.

Bandy, use the white arrow to turn to it, place file first, then the book


5 buttons:

okay bandy, have you opened the paper and looked at it? it's sheer with odd shapes on it...highlight it and then click on the face of the stand( see the arrow that takes you to its front? click on it so you are facing out to the room.) then, look at the back of the book and see a string of numbers. highlight the music book, and click on the face of the stand. back out and look at the back of the stand. in theory, you should see 4 numbers peeking out from the dots.

Won't work. Like I said I am holding you guys up I will figure it out

Cutter from hippos for key under the symbols

on which musical device is SD part?

Bandy did you zoom on thebook first to see the numbers?

Alpha, trumpet or something beside the holder

when opening guitar case look in both boxes

bandy, have you "opened" each object to actually look at them? look at the back of the book so that you can see a long string of numbers...then try it. sheet first, book second.

alpha, the metal part of screwdriver is on trombone mouthpiece and the handle is in the guitar case, hidden away.

Key for case, get torch, guitarpin, coin

and bandy, are you sure you're trying it with the music stand beside the blue door?

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Blistering barnicles!! The torch turned out to be the sd part

Hippos are for the trumpet buttons:


That gives you the third pin

tuning fork from instrument puzzle

there are not only numbers on instruments

Two instruments donot have numbers, and the trumpet has +

After 2 restarts the dang paper went on it Thanks for the help.

look also on lid of metronome

opened door for 8th coin & mr. birdy frame

put frame in CB


Didnt see that the fourth part has a minus sign, look at the instruments and follow their marks:


Out, lovely game!

that was a shorter one, but still a premium quality game - thx Tesshi-e :-)

nice teamwork here guys

The only bit I had trouble with was the "+" sign and the metronome "-" sign. I thought the "+" was a screw and the "-" a piece of paper to be taken out. Great game otherwise! Thank you.

Its great to see you daisy!

yay, bandy...three's a charm!

LOL Cate thank you I guess it was glitch ?

i guess, bandy...that's unusual for tesshie, but i'm happy that you stuck with it and the worm turned.


numbers & maths signs on instruments


grand piano 502
trumpet +
guitar 454
metronome lid -
trombone 215

I saw how it was to work but just would not go there LOL

I am missing a pick?

3 picks

guitar, model of cello, trumpet puzzle

AHHHH Model of cello Thanks AO

10th coin on exit door :)

Ok First in last out just my luck :( LOL

@ bandy, but you crossed the finish line. that's what counts! ;)

LOL Cate

Man - I've been sitting on my terrace solving some sudokus not knowing that there would be a new Tesshie! :-o

And mind you, I only needed help once, didn't see the second box for the sd handle.

Great game as always!

Tesshi-e is the best!

Great game.

Thank you everyone for all the help here - I really needed it and enjoyed the game!

Yay - the 1st Tesshi-e I did without peeking - lol, of course, it was probably an easy one

And it's suddenly a good weekend.

Great game as usual thanks :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Cate for the push on using the 4# in the wall safe. I tried all sorts of combos, but not that simple one.

This comment has been removed by the author.

hmmm, I think this is not the best wt ever .. will re-write it tomorrow. Tired now.

I don't know the mr birdy code...
does anybody spoiler it please?

forget it,
I found a video walkthrough

thx for the WT arrie, I needed it for one thing that had not been mentioned in the other postings

great games as always Tesshi-e thx :)

people don't need a walkthrough they just need a hint sometimes

Now this is what a good escape game is all about, instead of the constant drivel from all the mass produced crappy games. Great game as always.

Thank you Tesshie! Already feel much happier. Coin is working....

Great game as usual. Thank you Tesshi-e

This comment has been removed by the author.

I won't put the wt on again .. :)

plz don't arrie!
(hope you're only joking)
your WTs are great & EGDAWT, esp. Tesshi-e

       Anonymous  6/4/16, 1:31 AM  

Good as always and not too difficult.
Probably the only catch is playing the hippo "dance" two times, but I think everybody would do that more than once.

I would NEVER do that if I were you, arrie, this canderella just wants to waste time, you got sensitive just by one silly comment of hers? look at me!

Thank you Dazz, AO :).
Perhaps I bowed down to quickly, but also the wt wasn't good at all, but .... re-writing.

This comment has been removed by the author.


Collecting round

Piano wall
zoom in on piano, read number above the keys.
take piano book, click to turn it, see the numbers, heart, clover.
click metronomebox, it needs a screwdriver.
zoom out, the wall-safe right of piano needs a number.

Wall with painting
zoom in on musicnotes, write down the notes on their line.
the key is attached to a string, zoom out.
in the middle of the wall, from left to right :
mr. birdy needs 3#, trumpet needs sd, 2 hippos need… a third one.
painting needs order for clicking its corners.

a 3# has to be calculated, based on instruments.
guitar pick behind violin.
happy coin at the foot of the plant, paper behind plant with marks for diamond, spade.

stand, click arrow, take hc.
place paper on the stand, place book on it,zoom out, click on the back of the stand.
read the 4#, see the shapes in their corners.
trombone : take sd-part in mouthpiece, see the number.

Combining round

Wall-safe: use 4# to open it, take hc below 3x3 grid.
Heart/diamond etc. show the order in which to click the corners to open the painting.
Behind painting: an instrument piece for the box at the window.

The glass box will open by clicking the 5 buttons in the order as the music notes show.
Click glass, take hippo, place it between the other two.
click button once, write down the order in which the mouths open.
take hc, click it again, take knife.

Use knife to cut the string, take the key (below the notes).
The key opens the instrument-box below the violin = guitar.
click left on it for a number. Click bottom lid to get a hc and guitar pick.
click top lid for 2nd part of sd.

Complete sd by clicking the handle and attaching the other piece.
- Take off the cover of the trumpet, take hc. Click trumpet, note the + sign.
click buttons on trumpet in hippo order = guitar pick.
- Open the metronome box on piano for hc.
click down left behind the box and note a - sign.

this leads to the calculation piano + guitar – trombone = …
use it on the box at the window to get the A-fork.

Place fork, instrument piece and 3 guitar picks on the object next to the violin for a key.
Use it on blue doors,take coin that can be seen in the left glass panel.
Click handles to take Mr. Birdy clue.

Place it on the 3x3 grid in the safe, read the number for mr. Birdy.
First take another hc here.
Then open mr. Birdy for a hc.

Throw all happy coins in the violin box = hc + doorkey.

Replaying the game still gives me a lot of pleasure, really good.


hippo behind glass: buttons 1 to 5 top to bottom :
2 3 5 1 4 5 1 3
number Mr. Birdy : 532
piano (502) trumpet (+) guitar (454) metronome (–) trombone (215) =.

That'll shut canderella up!
Nice job arrie, thanks:)

Great game, thanks for the WT arrie! :)

I also have a completely unrelated question. I've been trying to find an old escape game. It starts in a dark or nearly dark room and as you solve the puzzles, more and more lights turn on. I think the style was similar to Neutral or Robamimi.

Does this ring a bell? Anybody know what game that could be? I remember enjoying the game, but my google skillz fail me.

In the name of all people playing later:
tvm for the WT, arrie!

I remember that game, but unfortunately not its name - sorry... :-/
hope someone else will help you...

AlphaOmega, I'm glad you remember the game at least! For a while I thought I've been imagining things. :)

here's just a useless comment...
only wanted to make the 100th one!

@trnka, I'm pretty sure you mean Lo Nyan's Room Escape 6 - I remembered it vaguely, then found it with the help of 'Japanese Escape Games' on the left here, then searching for 'Lo Nyan' - it was about 2 1/2 years ago!

wow just1
what a memory! :-o

in case it's the one:


this one?


lol again.
we're all so helpful aren't we ...

LOL arrie, indeed
that's what EG24 makes my favourite site!
(& forget about the trolls!)

YES! That's it. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much! I'm gonna replay it, I hope it is as good as I remember. :)

Well, the graphics are great as usual. Either they're getting easier or I'm just entirely used to the puzzles b/c I've flown through the last few without trouble.

Which is to say, keep making them b/c they still rank among the best!

Yes Arrie and that's what makes EGDAW so important for the complicated games. Years later someone will be playing this game and there will be no one to ask for help. But your walkthrough will be here. Thanks!

I'm enjoying myself with that Lo Nyan game, thanks trnka.
Waiting for my wash to be finished, this is a great treat.

What's EGDAW? escape games doing arrie's wt?

Every Game Deserves A Walkthrough :-)

if EG24 didn't close the chatroom, we could have (re)played it together...

Yeah, no fun without playing it together

Excellent game as always, and of course, arrie, I needed your WT even now (and will again especially later on when I replay it!)

This comment has been removed by the author.

ΑΩ, could you contact me?

yay! There goes my Saturday. Happy escaping. Thanks, Tesshie. woohooo! Oh, and all the Lo Nyans are my faves! so beautiful.

Hi Tesshie, always a pleasure!

Wonderful, beautiful, challenging game! I enjoyed it thoroughly. Beautiful walkthrough @arrie NL! Thanks. I have played for years and I still believe that EGDAWT. Easy or challenging because we all play at different levels of skill and experience.

EGDAWT indeed! Hints are great and I enjoy using them whenever possible, but when you get really stuck, you're grateful to the player who took the time to do a WT. That's why over the years i've remained a fan of EG24 and why I've written my share of WTs. :-)

jay-jay - well said! (And thank you for the WT's - they do take time and effort to make!)

you won't shut me up dazz ley don't kid yourself.

if you play this game with a wt you have NOT solved this game someone else has for you, so you have not accomplished anything.

Don't read it then

It's not about shutting you up Canderella.

WT's are always placed after (most) players are out.
They guide you through (difficult) games and help you move on one step when you're stuck.
My WT's always follow the logical process of solving a game.

Perhaps you don't know the history of EG24, but when you dive deep into the archives you see that every game had one.
We don't do that anymore, too many games, and well, the sort of games ....

Games like TomaTea, Neutral, Infoweb, Robamimi are always on the list to write WT's for. Those are games you easily get stuck in.
When you come in wayayayay later and get stuck, there's no one anymore to help you through.

WT's usually don't spoil, the spoilers come after it.

I hope this clearifies the why and how, and yes, you will just have to live with the fact that WT's will be written for the very best games.

Of course you have the right on your own opinion. I mean that. :)

@ trnka:

There is also Loom Dawn that goes from dark to light. EG24 just posted a replay of Room Fake, same makers. I wish there were making more!


Thanks Trig! I'm currently replaying it too and it is awesome. I'm so glad I asked the question here. :)

Ok, finished playing Loom Dawn and I remember playing the game and enjoying a lot. I had forgotten about that developer completely. So thanks again Trig, it was amazing. :)

i was one of the original gamers on EG24, we welcomed WT's after most of the gamers have played, and always prefaced with the "Spoiler Alert" notice. I wrote many, and have used many of others...its a wonderful tradition..and there is always the choice of not reading it

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