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The Haunted Story Walkthrough

The Haunted Story

Y8 - The Haunted Story: Luka and Lara is another point and click adventure game developed by Sunarsoft for Y8. Play Lara's story, she needs to meet Luka at the park to show her drawing to Luka. Find and solve problems along her way to meet Luka. Then once it was done, it unlocks Luka's story mode. Good luck and have fun!

Play The Haunted Story

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an adventure game - let's see...

you can gain 20 achievements

I hate it, too, when the wind blows my drawings into a haunted house.

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nope,i don't like either option,i'll give it a miss :(

at least she's quick LOL

you have to see green dot at hand, then using an item works

It takes ages till the vases are placed. The sensibility of the game isn't that great.

use items also on girl (pink dot) - she will give more infos (even more ;-P )

Need a dollar. Woner if the ghost buggers off if i give her 3.50.

Dollar was all of a sudden in front of haunted house. After i asked every figure Hmpf.

nice tune btw

LOL she's suddenly looking so adult in cutscene with the paper

hi Nomnivor ☺

you have to do actions in order (e.g. first see dog, then you can take bone)

I know. But i needed ages to use the ruler for the key, and the vases i tried at least 20 times before they worked. Got to find the right pixel, which is not nice.

didn't have probs with the vases after I discovered at ruler/key that you have to see green dot at the hand, then it works easily

talk to all kids first (also go left) before entering house

btw exit of haunted house is down at blocked staircasae

check every room for vase hint

& after all - why are the kids still up at night? ;-)

will play later... (Wow is out)

too dark

came back & quickly out after obtaining talisman

nice little game, somehow sth else for once - thx Y8 ☺

do not like these kind of games sorry will give it a miss

An awful lot of text for translation. Do not understand code.On vazs? On vases, the letters..

already closed game, but IIRC, there was an order hint for vases in a room upstairs - you need to tape one vase in 2 parts together

AlphaOmega (ΑΩ) ,я поставила три вазы на табуретки. Отдала журнал мальчику,кость собаке. Лист с рисунком улетел в дом .В инвентаре у меня пусто. Ничего нет.В комнате с сейфом я не знаю код.

Nafanja (don't know if you're still here...)
was playing the new games - translated you Russian with Google, but don't understand what you need, sorry...

«I delivered three vases on a stool. She gave the boy a magazine, dog bone. Leaf patterned fall in house inventory .In my empty. Nothing net.V room safe, I do not know the code.»

Yes, the translators simply trouble. I also played other games) But back in this game with the hope to help). I don't know where the hint to the safe. I need a three digit code. .

replayed & now I think I know what do you mean
there's a number in first room where you found crowbar - the middle number is to guess, but it should be so hard - get key for grid upstairs



the room is far left of vases

LOL I meant it should'NT be so hard to find out middle number

AlphaOmega (ΑΩ) ,thanks a lot!!!) I can't see and dark in the room.Now, I understand that the code is painted on the wall)

Finally, I passed this game)))

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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