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Toon Escape - School Walkthrough

Toon Escape - School

MouseCity - Toon Escape: School Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. You are stuck in the toon world school! Look around, collect items, solve puzzles and see what you can find to help you escape! Good luck and have fun!

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Is scraper for dirty food tray? If it is, it's not working.

just entered sam..lets see

Color sequence for vending machine is tricky. had to try a couple different things

sam, backside of food tray ;)

Thank you Hotz!

so, where is color clue for vending machine?

check out cafeteria. The sequence is longer than you think. and look around carefully when there.

wow so many rooms. just collecting things at this point

ah got it, 9 colors :)

not sure where clue is for the vending machine outside

Nice game, but the navigation is a bit confusing.

Like Sam and Hotzenplotz posted and you use the colours from right to left.

I have not found any scraper so am rather confused by these comments
Any help?

The scraper you get from sawing the broom and then using the little wood piece of the broom in the drawer in the same room.

Thanks small-tool - discovered by accident after posting!!!

I'm a little color-blind here on blue/purple. Which of the blue/purple foods is which button?

Nevermind, I tried every combination. What was screwing me up was I thought the food was orange, not yellow.

Don't have the game open anymore. But in my notes I have Purple only used once and as second colour. I think the purple button was the lower one on the vending machine.

Only one small bug. The lock on the ball rack says it is silver and yet it is the black key that opens it. Minor.

I'd like a map for such games

Fun game - thanks for the great hints!

I think my saw is broken, it wont do anything with the "short broom"

POP! Worked finally :)

what is the color order?

already closed game, but go as per arrow on wall from right to left (starting with red, purple) & also take not only food (5 colours), but also the device left side (4 colours)

@AO: thank you, do you also know the math answer?

tell me the maths plz to help your, don't remember...

I am stuck with 4 marbles and a sponge but no water and need to clean mirror in bathroom. looking for 4# hint for light blue locker too.

there's a sink right side in one of the corridors

Thanks Alpha.
I can't find red key or gold key, where to use magnet or marbles??

Math spoiler


POP got it, use magnet in grate in hallway floor for red key.

Out now.

Thanks for all the help left here.

Very good SD game.

@willis pate: The math answer is 8973

Flash crash

I need the backpack combo...

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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