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Who Can Escape Chinese House Walkthrough

Who Can Escape Chinese House

5nGames - 5n Who Can Escape Chinese House is another point and click escape game developed by 5n Games. In this escape game, your main objective would be to get into the Chinese house and find the precious diamond which is inside. Look for clues and objects to solve puzzles and get the diamond. Good luck and have fun!

Play Who Can Escape Chinese House

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look closely at trees., numbers on right tree are clue for arrows

numbers on trellis order for left wall (height)

symbol between rightmost windows, goes on left tree

key from all symbols

paper hint for door

inside take a close look at pictures

tricky hotspot above window

grey dot used below on light bar of tv

number for wardrobe, gives last item for middle panel of wardrobe.

now you can open jammed sideboard door.

crowbar used second time in first room

teapot for symbols on flowers, for lamp in second room

don't forget to take hanger from wardrobe

stick form plant with hook and string used to get last paper piece

I am glad you all like soccer, I got this game all to myself :-))

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When you sit on the sofa to watch soccer, don't forget to check armrest... and out.

I can't get the arrows. I see the numbers, but can't seem to find the right answer....

Has anyone figured out the arrows. I have tried several combos.

I brute-forced it, but it cleared right away before I could take note! I believe that the top arrow was pointed to the right and the second I had just clicked once or twice.

Right, Up, Left are the first 3 arrows

Ignore the comment about number height on trellis. That totally confused me and made it much harder than it was.

for once, this time beeve has made a home(alone)run - good job, thx ☺

pattern puzzle


nice game - thx 5n ☺

Ignore the comment about number height on trellis. That totally confused me and made it much harder than it was.

don't know why this has such a low score, it was a really good game. Thanks 5N!

I am stuck. I have a scroll with ovals on it, a yellow button and no idea how clue on lattice works with fence buttons on left. Please leave better hints.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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