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Who Can Escape Locked House 6 Walkthrough

Who Can Escape Locked House 6

5nGames - 5n Who Can Escape Locked House 6 is another point and click escape game developed by 5n Games. Assume that you are stuck in your house and you are unable to go out. Can you escape from your locked house? Let’s see if you can escape. Solve puzzles and interact with objects to escape from the locked house. Good luck and have fun!

Play Who Can Escape Locked House 6

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Hi folks. Going in ...

Hint for green hexagon puzzle on paper boat

Check wall cabinets in bedroom

Flowers give clue for lamp in bedroom

Place bells on bed base

Use symbols from lamp on bath

Check sink pedestal

Check stairs in first scene and walls in bathroom scene for puzzles.

Use (wet) yellow towel on table leg for 5-digit clue

5-sight hint not working on toilet or with clock pendulums (pendula?)

Have a grey hexagonal object ...not sure where it goes.

Make that 3 hexagonal objects ...

Can't do anything with beer bottle yet - and how to use letters/numbers on wall in bathroom?

Place for letters/numbers hint is on edge of stairs - tricky pixel hunt. Just reproduce letters and numbers as shown in bathroom.

4-number puzzle above clock

Ohhhhh I need to take a break. Will try to get back later...

Clock pendulum clue is for number on toilet.

Hexagons are for second bedroom cupboard.

Bells give fish food, and fish food gives colour clue for bathroom.

Bells give clue for levers on stairs.

Knife for sofa.

Clue from sofa for numbers on bedroom wall above clock.

5 digit 64829 goes in bedroom cabinet on right if I remember correctly. get bottle opener

And out. Great game! It was really quite challenging. Thanks 5nGames!

I've only found 2 bells

Found the spot finally for bathroom letter number clue top right of the steps

Would have been nice if someone would have spoiled the clock pendulum numbers or at least one of them as a starting point. I can't seem to get them correctly

OMG I was looking at it from top to bottom. It's from bottom to top. Or rather the bottom of the pendulum. 24153

Bells give directions for arrows on stairs

loads of hidden spots & puzzles, only found with hotspot hunting, hence thx guys for your hints

& thx 5n for a pretty nice game ☺

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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