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Who Lives Here 39 Walkthrough

Who Lives Here 39

Abroy - Who Lives Here 39 is another point and click type puzzle game developed by Brain Busters for Abroy. 6 people have lost their memory due to amnesia. Your job to help them find their homes! Good luck and have fun!

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Always like these! Let's find arrie's house

This comment has been removed by the author.

"Done!" button doesn't work. Again.

It doesn't go either, bummer! Arrie myst bethe ice cream lover

I prefer BMW, beer and icecream, but I can't find my home! Where do I live?

Hey don't sweat it byassen, you livein house one!! You're always number 1 dude)))

Hi there, Dazz. Thx for that :-) How are YOU? Hope you live in house 2 then! Perfect neighbour!


Done button undone again !

Done button undone again !

It won't let me submit!! :(

People have pointed out the done button doesn't work on this one and #38. I've also noticed that both never have the 'summary/instructions' dialogues to click through before we start our deductions. Could be related.

Has anyone complained to Abroy?

You lucky guys coming to press the done button... I tried the game twice earlier and ended up both times with the same mistake. Going on for a third round.

Oh dear, IIRC I mixed the fir/German hint with left and right. Let's see if I'm lucky.

This comment has been removed by the author.

No. But at least another mistake, not the same again. Will replay later, it's still too hot here.

As done button doesn't function & there's no vid WT either (yet), here my solution


As with others, game complete (and not too difficult) but won't submit.

for people who can't read the bottom clues:
The oaks grow DIRECTLY to the right of the person eating potatoes...and...
The Italian lives in house five.

That is the solution I came up with Alpha, so I'm thinking we're correct.

Spooky. I tried again (a fourth time, it was a question of honour), and everything went quite smooth. Alpha, thanks for your solution (I used it to check) but the person in house one drives a VW (Mercedes is used twice there). Funny fact: I had all that food in the last two days.

LOLOL meritneith.... this so makes me laugh !
You did ?!
I too agreed with myself that I filled it in correctly after checking all the clues one more time. Said : "done" and left.

I live in the house with the VW, Dazz, just to let you know.

"Done" button doesn't work for me either. Also, the "Walkthrough" button brings up video for game #38 instead of #39.

@TooCule if you go to their YouTube channel it's in the Whodunit riddles playlist but not in videos yet.

Thanks for the pic AO. Confirms my choices. :)

I wonder if theyve run out of ideas and just dont want to make this game anymore so theyre pissing us off till we get frustrated and dont play anymore.

It works now. 5:09.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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