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Witch's Building Escape

Miyabure - Witch's Building Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Miyabure. Help kitten escape the room by using the items and solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Got a book and stuck.

I got a chicken LOL

Well I say that the chicken rabbit and man are talking LOL

Bit of a progress:

the upper drawer in window view (with the hearts): click on the heart fragments to get the heart colors

hi (again) all :-)

mortar on top shelf

Is it the way the fragments are pointing?

where is hint for heart colours?

two fragments make one heart. Mix the colors of the fragments for the color of heart (red+yellow=orange)

AO It is the fragments on the puzzle but I can't put it together

Well guess that does it for me I can't tell them apart (colors )

Can't solve the roman numbers riddle.

After you got the yellow and blue card and input the numbers on them you get a roll with stars on them. They seem to refer to the books in the shelf with the stars on them and they give you roman numbers if you combine them. That would make


for me, but it doesn't work. Why?

ah, those tears on drawer you mean

Yep, two tears make one heart

@bandytrc: too bad, can't recall the colors. Maybe someone else can write them down.





Thats Ok escapism I will see if I can get some help here at home.

you can move the upper part of book shelf and move green books... don't know why ;)

Ah! You have to open the upper shelf and rearrange books there!

Hotz (or Plotz, if you prefer that): Those make the numbers for the roman number drawer, but you have to open the middle drawer first.

Thanks AO I need clicks LOL I will get some help here at home.

put 532 card in middle drawer

... make that the 3rd drawer from top in my last comment because there is no middle drawer when there are 4 drawers... m(

thanks escapism, I saw it after opening yellow-blue drawer. but thanks anyway :)

No idea how to work the stars with the card hint with moon, ghost, cat etc.

Hotzenplotz: :)

Got a hint with red and blue and numbers, think it might refer to those hints in the book. And another hint with a X and a Z. Thought it would be the order how to click the stars in the upper shelf right, but nada...

right escapism - my bad :-/

small: seems you are far ahead, dunno what moon, ghost, cat etc

The hint is for the top left part. First click in X shape and then in Z shape.

small-tool, are you talking about white books in shelf?



Not that far ahead, Escapism, you get that card after clicking the stars around the blue bottles.
And I thought bottom right (cat) is 1, top right (moon) is 2 etc. But no go.

small-tool, thanks for XZ-shapes.

Small, thanks. Tried that already.

Should it be

1 4

3 2

and then

1 2

3 4 ???

white books give 4# clue

Ah. Got it. The x was the other way around (or maybe like I described above). If you have problems, just try both ways.

escapism, X is

Got those cats, ghost stuff now too...

Ghost cat etc is


there is a binocular behind left red curtain

Ah thanks, Hotzenplottz, I really thought it was the hint for the stars. Got plant now and new hint card.

Look at position of ghost cat etc. Cat was first star, so number for cat is first. Now look at brown books to see numbers.

"snake goblet" goes on right window

Binocular? Can't get this.

Very good game though!

had robot thingy again, so way far behind - only have mortar, scroll with stars/numbers & book - what to do next & how?

don't know why you can put star statue thing at right window. There is also a spot behind left curtain that gives blue print of room?

Binoculars are behind the window curtains when in other curtains view, Escapism.

How do you get a snake goblet ?

oh.you can hit the sections of the star on statue thing

Thanks, small. I could swear that I tried to hit that spot before, but now it works.

Ah nvm. I only took the hint from the top left bottles, had to take a bottle and the key as well :)

has anyone opened a left/right-bottle? I am so stuck on these bottles.

Ah! That map gives you direction where to look at with the binocular!

no, not opened bottles yet. Still can't figure out where clue for star sections are. Not making any sense with blue print either. Thought it was somethin to do with pink bottles.

With that you can open the right bottle star safe!

escapism, how and where can you use the binocular?

following desperately your comments:
where's hint with red & blue & numbers & the one with a X & a Z?

Hotzenplotz: look at the plants. I think that gives you a paper where the plants have been in. Inside that is a plan of the room. There are points in that room where to look at (the red curtain is in it too. I'm sure you can only see the binoculars after havein seen that plan).

Got all four drawers open now. The bottom drawer gives you a paper that looks like the missing paper in the book with vertical numbers. Dunno what to do with that though...

The only part of the dots on the room map I can zoom in are those curtains. Can't zoom in on the other dots. And I don't see how that can be a hint for the top right stars.

Small: look at the corners with the binoculars!

Still don't know what to do with that blu left 1342 and red right 31232 hint...

the only point on this plan I can zoom on is left red curtain.
but I can't use binocular anywhere...

ok, CEILING corners!!!!!!
thank you

Yep, ceiling corners!

I can't use binoculars either

At least I might know now what mamusi and sakana might be... ;-)

Ah ok, thanks, saw the 6 numbers now. But don't see what corner is what star ?

found 16 in upper right curtain

you guys are sooo busy solving as nobody answered... I may wait till you finished & have time for a WT ;-)

LOL AO I am being silent also LOL

ΑΩ, where are you stuck and what's in your inventory?

The XZ card was from books arrange them in order of paper clue

where are you in the game bandy?

Sorry AO, you are right, been too busy. What are you looking for or where are you or what drawers could you open so far?

Just past the XZ card AO

I have plant (Took apart for card ) bottle motar and book

Ah ok, now I see. You have to use the map again to see what number is what star/corner (top right is 1,6).

have 16 53 2 4 but don't know how to use them

small-tool, click on green bottles and you can see a pink shape of this room. but it is rotated, so the corner with 53 is the bottom left corner...

although cleaned cach & cookies have robot thingy again, so that slows me down posting...

thx for asking Hotz
my comments above:
- only have mortar, scroll with stars/numbers & book - what to do next & how?
- where's hint with red & blue & numbers & the one with a X & a Z?

only opened heart & blue/yellow drawer...

AO use the #'s to arrange the books look up on book shelf

That paper is the hint AO

Want to be of more help, but every time I try to think of where the hints were I get totally confused. Hard game. Spend so much time trying to figure out clues I lose track of things

Where is the "blue left 1342 and red right 31232 hint..." ?
Or do you just mean the letters in the book ?

AO, see my comment @ 7:39 AM, you can move the green books in upper shelf and use the scroll with numbers to put them back down....

AO I know it is hard to post but books are 8 2 10 5 7 3 ect.

small-tool, I think this hint was on blue bottle or in right chest. look at your items in deatil view...

Still stuck with the left right arrow jars with fish and snake.

Any help on card that goes to cb with jars and a key, I see the shape but?

thx bandy & Hotz, missed your comment... :-/

Stuck with Mamusi sakana and right left

Just above the snake jar.

Sorry, small tool, can't remember where that hint came from. Maybe have to replay... :-(

Oh, and just for the record: the blue left hint says 1432. Sorry for that

small tool: replayed it. That card comes from second drawer, the roman number one.

Ah ok, thanks. Haven't got that drawer open yet. What was the hint for that drawer ?

small: look at hotzenplotz comment from 7:39 and mine from 7:40

Nvm, just read back. It's the rearranged, Thanks :)

when will binoculars appear - have nothing behind red curtain in purple curtain view...?

YW, small tool. Now that you got that card, would you please solve that riddle for us? :-)

AO: When you had a look at the paper from the plant.

have the plan

Did you try it in the drawer view?

I thought the numbers could relate to lines in letters
eg: E has 4 lines, F 3 lines, T 2 lines, but L has 2 lines too...

finally found that binocs pixel, view purple curtains, place where you see window bar of left window

Wow, hotzenplotz, that is far more far fetched than I would ever think. My deepest respect...

I opened the fish bottle!! I am so surprised, I can't remember how!!
I thing it was lines in letters


Oh! My even deeper respect! Especially because I don't understand how???

snake bottle:
M has 4 lines, so click 4x on blue left arrow...

I can't put the page on the book either.

Great find :)
Got the fish now.

This comment has been removed by the author.

And the Snake as well, Thanks Hotzenplotz.
U and S is 1 line.

escapisme, M has 4 lines, so click 4x on left arrow, A has 3 lines, so 3x on right arrow and so on

great find Hotz (when I will arrive there some time LOL but made progress!)

I used the 4, 2, 1, 3, 5 to put the items in the cauldron (order as they are in your inventory). And now the guy is back.

Awesome..now what to do with them. hmm. still can't find how to use the binocular clue

there was a result for order 12345 too :), but stuck again now :(

bondslave, see the comments small-tool @8:25 AM and me @ 8:26...

caught up & fighting now with the jars mamusi & co...

Well done, Hotzenplotz. Even I did understand!

Got the order for how to do things in cauldron. The paper hint says

so put third item first, then second, then fourth, then first, then fifth. Gives you another hint for the things in front of the windows.

Is item number 2 the paper for book? Where do you get missing paper for book?

I didn't get a hint Escapism. Just the guy talking. And with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 A bird talking. But can't get them back with doing it again and don't see a hint.

oh no! have to go
continue plz to give all those good hints as before - cu

thanks escapism, this clue got me out of this room :)

good game and great teamwork. thank you all!!!

First item in inventory has number 1 (sorry, they are gone now, so I can't tell you what that was, but I think it was blue bottle). That item goes in as the 4th item.

Ah nvm. Just readyour post better. The other way to use numbers :)

stuff goes in cauldron, but how - bye for real now...

Yeah! I'm out too.

I agree, Hotzenplotz, excellent teamwork. I am so happy that I did catch this one live, it was a lot of fun to do it together with all of you!

Great game :)
Thanks for all the hints and, yep happy as well I caught this one live too :)

By the way: by far the best game I played in a long long time! Hope there will be more of those!

That was difficult but so good. Thank you everybody for the help specially hotzenplotz.

Wonderful game, and right after that excellent Yonashi game! :)
I got stuck right at the end; finally figured out to hit the pentagrams 6x, not just 5...

If anyone could translate what the witch says at the end, or any of the talking in the game, I'd be much obliged :)

back - oh, was called away 2 steps before the end...

excellent game, difficult & challenging
more of this style plz

thx guys for all your helpful hints - much appreciated :-)

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.



are you out bandy?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi seb, the bottles are in right shelf, just click 1x on each bottle and the arrows will appear...

Thanks Hotz, I get arrows now and thanks a lot for great help here ;)

And great find Hotz for that code :)

       Anonymous  6/2/16, 12:31 PM  

still cannot get roman numeral code for second drawer. have both jars, 42135 paper, plant,mortar, and book

above books there's a shelf to put down, place 1-15 book on it (just 1-15), then put them back on previous shelf as per star paper - afterwards look at books for roman numerals

       Anonymous  6/2/16, 1:01 PM  

Thanks AO, that may be my problem? I had already put the books on the pull-down shelf and placed the books back in the order of the stars paper (8 2 10 5 7 . . .) and that's how I got the X Z paper. Now, when I pull down that shelf, for some reason the first book (8) is highlighted in blue and I can't select anything.

you may put empty shelf back up then... (?)

not very evident for V on books, look at dark green part
(I on books 8 2 10, II on 7 3 9 1 6 and V on 12 13 15 14 11)

you don't need nothing to select I think, just look at books, see numerals in green (last roman numeral was a V)

AO....oh my god. I've been staring at it the entire time. *slaps forehead*

The clue for what you do with the things in the window is way too fast. Can someone give a spoiler for it?

The clue for what you do with the things in the window is way too fast. Can someone give a spoiler for it?

Excellent thinking game. I put the ingredients into the pot in the wrong order 1st time and got an annoyed egg (rather than chicken). Nice touch.

pentagons / pentagram




bottom left, top, bottom right, middle left, middle right, bottom left



bottom right, middle left, middle right, bottom left, top, bottom right

It would really be a good game - if only it didn't make us have to guess in what order to click the stars to make the X-shape... A really good logic game doesn't require guessing...

Also, the left-right puzzle wasn't one I really appreciated...

This one's gonna be long. sorry.
Interesting - although totally natural-, how different people find different qualities in games good and bad... I see a lot of people found this game very good, while others - and me included - just... well... not that good (to put it mildly).
And, in a feeble attempt to make it clear I'm not only trolling here, or write out of frustration because some of the puzzles got the better of me, but because some of them were, in all honesty, so far removed from what I would call a good, or logical puzzle. I don't mind at all if a game is hard - Nautral's Elements was damn hard at times, way harder than any of these puzzles here - still I enjoyed that game in an immense way. What's the main difference in, say, Neutral's games and this one? Well, some of the things that makes or breaks a game in my eyes:

- Logic.
A good escape game is logical all through and doesn't keep you guessing. A good game gives you that "Aaaah!" moment when you realize how to make sense of a hint, not when you guess a solution and you're surprised it works. Here, with the jar-opening puzzles, for example... those of us who actually beat it on thier own and not with help from the comments, hand on heart: weren't you surprised when the jar opened?

- Non-indicated hot spots.
Yep, the ceiling spots. Nothing indicated that the black dots in the room floor plan indicate spots on the ceiling. Nothing. A good game doesn't do that IMHO.

- Clear hints
A good game gives you clear hints. Clear doesn't necessarily mean easy to understand or decipher - but one that, once you understand the logic behind it, will give you a clear and direct hint on the soultion of the puzzle. Here, for example, that "drawing" (?) on the wall behind the cauldron indicates (I guess) that you have to place the snake "statues" in the window - but the windows are rectangle shaped, and the door has that shape with the curve on the top, which the hint indicates... so, even if you realize what that drawing on the wall tries to tell you, you'll probably get it wrong, and will only realize you can put the statue in the window by accident - and will only realize what the hine was trying to tell you - exactly the other way around compared to what a good hint should do. Also, the "XY" hint to open the left glass cabinet wasn't a clear one at all. How on earth were we supposed to know in which order to click the stars to make an X? Yes, there's a finite number of possible ways - but from this point it's not a clear hint, it makes you guess. A good hint doesn't do that IMHO.

(to be continued)


- Easily accessible hints
The thing with the cauldron got me totally baffled. OK, I got the hint from the missing book-page, got all 5 ingredients, put them in the order indicated by the hint, I got a brief glimpse of something that made no sense at all to me (an egg, the guy and something in the middle - can't recall.) Tried to redo it, put in the ingredients in the same order once again - but this time nothing happened? WTF??? Put in the ingredients in a - seemengly - random order, got another "hint" with a chicken in the middle holding something in its beak, a screw and something else - for a brief moment again - and could never replicate that either... now what???

The main problem is, that once you run into a puzzle/hint that proves to require a kind of logic that is way too far removed from what you call logical, so you feel you wouldn't have solved that puzzle in a million years on your own - once you run into such a puzzle, you will never know if the next one you get stuck with is the same hopeless kind, or you would solve it if you gave it some more time - and so you start looking for help in the comments for every puzzle (because the devil in your head tells you you wouldn't get the logic anyway) - and that ruins the whole game, for what fun is it to beat a game using other player's achievments? It's their triumph, not mine.

Sorry I made this comment so long, but I felt this game needed this, and I also wanted to make you see why I think this game wasn't a good one at all - despite having a couple of really good puzzles (like the "color hearts" puzzle of the top drawer or the book-rearrangement one - these were fine puzzles with fine hints IMHO).

I disagree with bio here; the main thing missing in this game is simply an understanding of the Japanese. It is solvable and very logical but still has a language barrier of sorts. I'm posting a walkthrough soon but I need to eat dinner first. Back in an hour or so!


You're facing four coded safes and 2 locked chests. The top safe is solvable already. Click on the teardrop shapes to see colors; 2 of the teardrops fit in with each heart. Combine the colors of the drops for the heart in the middle. For example, in the bottom L, blue + white = cyan. Get a COLORED NUMBER CARD which opens the 3rd safe down. Notice the colors are reversed, so you have to mentally flip the card over, and enter the numbers 'backwards'. To enter them, put the card into the slot. Get a BOOK CODE PAPER.

Turn L and look at the bookshelf. The books with stars, like on the paper, must all be moved up to the auxiliary shelf, and then replaced in the sequence on the paper. Get X-Z PAPER, and see that you have just solved the Roman numeral safe (it took me ages to see this, though small-tool and others posted it); the green parts of the bindings form 3 Roman numerals.

Go ahead and open that safe for L-R card.

Return to the shelf with bottles. They are protected by force fields, but there are stars in the corners. By clicking an X shape (starting upper left), then a Z shape on the stars in front of the blue bottles, you break the field and can take the HALLOWEEN SYMBOLS CARD and a BLUE BOTTLE, which has KEY #1 on it.

Use this KEY to open the RH chest, get GOLD PENTAGRAM STATUETTE.

Now study the HALLOWEEN CARD, and the books with those symbols. The sequence on the card is cat, moon, witch, ghost. The volume numbers of those books opens the safe on the lower right. Get LEAVES wrapped in a FLOOR PLAN; separate them. Also pick up the YELLOW BOOK from the top shelf. Study the BOOK; it's missing a page of instructions for the cauldron. It also tells you how to open the jars on the bottom shelf, right.

If you click on the face peeking out from behind the cauldron, you meet the 3 characters that seem to show up in all the Miyabure games. They say a lot but I can't understand any of it.

Part 2 coming soon...


Hats off to Hotzenplotz for figuring out this clue. On the L-R CARD, the numbers above represent the words Left and Right; I think the 1st number is wrong, it should be 2, but with enough study, you should get the idea that you need to count the number of strokes in each letter. Look at the snake jar first, MAMUSI in the book; M is 4 strokes, A is 3, etc. Going by blue for left and red for right, MAMUSI translates to 4L, 3R, 4L, 2R (1 ea. for U and S), 1L. Get SNAKE. Do the same with SAKANA to get the FISH.

Now comes the only thing I don't much like in the game, so have to agree with bio here (unless there was a clue somewhere in Japanese); there is only one hidden object in the room; how would you know to look for it? Anyway, someone found it, it's in the left curtain, it's a pair of BINOCULARS, and with a little experimenting you easily find that since the FLOOR PLAN tells you to look in the corners of the room for something, you get numbers when you look up (so I disagree with bio on that point).

This gives you the sequence of corners (stars) to press to get to the green bottles. Touching that force field shows the floor plan, and thus which corner goes with which number (1 is in UR). Get GREEN BOTTLE and with it KEY #2, for the L chest. While you're here, get the MORTAR & PESTLE from the top shelf.

In the L chest is the SILVER PENTAGRAM STATUETTE, and combining the shapes on the lids of both chests gives you the numbers for the 3-# safe. This gives you the MISSING PAGE.

Now you have 4-2-1-3-5, and the ingredients for the cauldron are in your inventory 1-5 L-R.
Now this is funny; there are always 2 ways to interpret a number sequence; if you start with the 4th item 1st, then 2nd etc., when the mixing is done, the 3 characters come out, but the chicken is an egg, and the rabbit is a little bunny. I wish I could read the dialogue!
The correct way is the other way; start with the 3rd item 1st. The characters come out in their 'normal' guises.

A BLACK PAPER floats down in front of the door. It gives you (quite clearly!) the sequence for the PENTAGRAM devices. They are to be placed each above the chest they came out of, in the windows. It is the typical lug-nut pattern, but for the gold you must start at the bottom L corner, for silver bottom R. Turn the paper over to see that the segments of pentagons correspond exactly to the points of the stars. Click 6 times on each. When you get it right (for some reason, just now I had to do the gold one twice, then it worked) they turn to white stars that shine on the pentagrams in front of the door, opening it.

You are out!

as this is a WT site ;-P
this game truly deserves a WT - hence
thx just1 for all your work

       Anonymous  6/4/16, 5:37 AM  

I'm a bit late for the party but I will try to give some explanations.
This game is actually very logical, but you have to consider that in japanese writing system strokes order and number of strokes are quite relevant and taught with rigor.
They usually apply the same rigor to our alphabet, even if we actually don't.
So the X drawing order or counting strokes for M, A, etc isn't weird or ambiguous from their point of view.
You can find the binoculars only after you see the map, and there is a red dot to tell you the area where to look.
The binoculars themselves suggest you have to look for something too far for the naked eye, the ceiling it's an obvious possibility.
The scenes with the usual characters are just for comic relief, you don't really need to know what they are saying.
If you're curious the chicken has been transformed by a witch into a chick, you have to make it recover and escape from the magic place.
If you put the magical ingredients in the wrong order funny things can happen, but you can see two different scenes only once each.
When you get the right order everything is back to normal.
In the end the witch sighs because they were able to escape.

thx Tapio for your interesting explanations :-)

This comment has been removed by the author.

btw, the red dot on map was added later
(i.e. there was a black dot before)

The bottles don't open. Can someone explain better? Besides is the I 3 lines or 1?

AHelp , snake and fish bottles don't open.

After you rearrange the books using that long number clue, also look at the bindings of the books. They give the 3 digit roman numeral clue for the second drawer.

That bottle clue was horrible. First of all the strokes on the letters are wrong. The capital I shown would need 3 strokes, not 1. Not to mention the capital M only takes one stroke to draw. Japanese translation problem. Use the spoilers above. Goooood luckkkk!

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