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Abandoned Everywhere Escape

GamesBold - Abandoned Everywhere Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. There are various locations that have been abandoned by its inhabitants, ranging from houses, parks, hospitals, warehouses, offices, underground tunnels, schools, and many others. It's very interesting to know how the place had been turned into creepy location, but actually they are interrelated and keep the same mystery, and you're tasked to finding it out. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm really hoping some of you guys turn up soon because I can never do these on my own!

I gave up.
Once I got to the clue of 0001s, they were so faint and unreadable, I knew I wouldn't be able to finish without a spoiler.

DoFaMiLaSo is not working for me

The visuals are so faint against the backgrounds that it really is no fun to do - quitting

I will post as many clues as I can to help. To start:

I got it to work. The piano minimized when I did it correctly. Not sure what it may have done yet though

Use tab keys to find clues, objects.

Hi JenJen! When you do a puzzle correctly you get an object, but it doesn't always appear in the same scene, apparently.

I'm done I can't handle their shit with their games tonight. It's ridiculous. I always say I hate them and will not play them. But I do because in the back of my head I think maybe this will be the time they're better. At least they cursor changes this time for some hot spots. STILL SUCKS BALLS!!

In the scene above where you place the blue birds, the puzzle is


You better be careful with your comments JenJen, as otherwise Maximom will start calling you names like 'uninformed' and worse.

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In the scene with the train car with all the graffiti,
there is a clue under the picture puzzle: o3:45

In the scene with the fairy asking for the year of renovation, there is an old black car with the following directions:

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In the train station scene with the fruit picture, the correct color order for the balls is: R Y G B
I got a golden apple from completing this puzzle.

For the 4 letter puzzle in the golden apple/roller coaster scene, there is a number 8 in the upper right corner. Use this clue with the clue paper in the scene where you place the magic stones. If correct, you will get another magic stone.

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Final Clue: The _0 clue is for the puzzle picture where some of the squares can be changed to black. In previous games the clue was an X. I made an X out of the picture pieces and made the rest black. Got another medallion.

Have placed 67/76 objects plus have 5 tea leaves in inventory. Need 1 red teapot, 1 orb, plus more tea leaves and a spot to place them. Have unused clues (6 # fruit, time clue) and no place to use them yet. Taking a break. Will try to finish up later. Please leave good clues everyone!

Wow... 37 scenes, 76 objects to place and about two-dozen puzzles... I'm leaving this one to morning.

Got a golden key from doing sliders under orbs. (I only have 4 orbs placed so far.)

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Redid the lines puzzle and got my last orb. Here is a description of how the lines should appear (this is the puzzle right after the red teapot scene): The 1st shape should look like a 7 so remove the 1st and last line; the 2nd shape looks like a V pointed left, so remove the third line and leave the 4th line showing. For the last shapes, remove part of the upper left arm of the X - remove the part between the center and the outer leg of the X so that there is a line running NW to SE; then remove the right lower leg of the X so that the final shape resembles 1:40. If you do it correctly, you will get an orb.

The clue is in the same scene as the picture puzzle where you make the X.

GamesBold - Magical Valley Villa Escape is the same game

game crashed after placing 65 objects! it's the last one for me, I'm not bold enogh for these games!!

Maximom, thanks for your very helpful comments.
Just tabbing through each scene found me several more items.

I am at much the same point as you were when you last posted. Did you finish? Do you remember where the leaves went?

I had finished about half the puzzles and placed more than half the items when I accidentally clicked too far to the right and it took me to another game site. Dammit! Can they not make those links open in a NEW TAB so I don't LOSE MY GAME PLAY? So frustrating.

Hi Anita! No, I was hoping someone else would be able to find the way out and find a spot for the tea leaves. Later on I am going to re-do all the puzzles in case I missed something. Sometimes I can't finish these games but others can and hopefully one of those folks will post how to finish.

Note: GB saves games so you can exit and come back later and resume where you left off.

Went back to re-do all puzzles and did not progress any further. I viewed the video w/t for the game Sisli mentioned above to confirm my solutions. It would appear that this game may be missing elements. I was excited to see this game because of its similarity to Magical Valley Villa Escape that I really enjoyed. Very disappointed. I ended with 68/76 items placed and 5 tea leaves and gold key in inventory.

I've placed 71 objects, have a yellow key and a red flower but I non't know were put them. There are 4 white balls that changes colour but I can't find the right secuence.
In the crashed subway scene (where you must to put magic stones) the puzzle is 4 compases and the clue for it is in the old car scene (4 cardinal points)

Maximom, you must to place the five tea leaves in the train scene, four of them where the "GOBO" graffitti is and the other one in the front of the wagon.

Sir Uja, thank you for your very helpful hint about placing the tea leaves. I now have 73/76 items placed. I am hoping the 4 white balls can be solved by trial and error, but the way this game is designed it is hard to tell if you are correct or not.

Also, I got another red flower from placing the tea leaves. I placed it behind the red lines puzzle! After placement it is barely visible. Now have 74/76 itmes placed.....so close, so close.....

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Got another tea leaf in final scene (brown car) from guessing correctly at color balls. Unfortunately I am not sure which combination worked but if you guess correctly you will get a leaf. Now have 75/76.

Thanks Maximom, I've placed the red flower, now I have 73/76 and a yellow key. Can't find two red tea pots.
I'll try the balls puzzle.

Do you have any idea about the old beds room? What kind of clue is in it?

1:45 am, I'm becoming crazy, go to bed. tomorrow will be another day...

Sir Uja, I am also going to give it one more try tomorrow. I think the hotspot in the old beds room might be a false clue. I am missing one red teapot. I think there are many false clues in this one so I am not sure what is left to do. There is nowhere to use the fruit clue or the 3:45 clue. Also I think the gold key might not be used. All I can think is that I didn't do one of the puzzles correctly, either the colored balls or the 6 figures in the lab room, as there are no puzzles left.

Maximom, the clue for the 6 figures in the lab room is in the classroom, where you must to place the 4 pots.
I think taht the fruit clue is about the 7 white squares in the 12th scene (sorry, my english isn't very good)

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Sir Uja, I used the 4521763 clue in that scene; there are 6 fruits but 7 squares. If you make it work though, please post and tell me how you did it. Your English is fine!

I started again, I will see...

I think I will start over as well....Let's hope we have better luck!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Unfortunately, one of the puzzles gives the unusable gold key so this game might not be winnable since you need to place 76 objects

I'm here again, 73/76 placed, a yellow key and without two tea pots. I did all puzzles except the 4 white balls and the 7 white squares. I still thinking that the numbers in the white balls scene are the clue but I don't know which secuence is the right one. May be the yellow key is usable in the final scene.

Hi again Sir Uja! For the 7 white squares use the 4521763 clue. You should get another red pot.

I think the problem is that we have not been provided a clue for the 4 white balls. I have tried guessing and using old w/t since GB never changes their solutions to puzzles but cannot get the elusive last item.

Ups... I have another tea leaf placed (six in total in the train scene), 74/76 and can't find the two red pots. So, the yellow key is for another scene that still is locked. I suppose...

Well, with GameBold it could be anything. I am going to call it a night. If I ever get the elusive white balls solved, I will post for you.

I've tried 12 colours combinations in that puzzle, tomorrow (actually it's today here!!) I'll try the other 12. I've had a long day of work, and I'm here almost crying because of this game... hahahaha
Go to bed.

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Sir Uja, here is my recap. There are 56 objects to be found just by tabbing through. There are 21 puzzles that give more objects, including the useless gold key, so if all puzzles are done correctly you should be able to exit. The 4 white balls puzzle has been used in other GB games. In the other games the clue is a clock as follows: 12:00 = Blue; 3:00 = Yellow; 6:00 = Red; 9:00 = Green.

I strongly suspect the game is bugged and cannot be finished.

Thanks Maximom, I've tried 24 combinations in the white balls and still not have the tea pots. There's no pleasure in a game that can't solve, I'll try again one or two more times, after that...

Hi Sir Uja! You should only be missing one teapot. You get a teapot from doing the red lines puzzle and from doing the white squares (click in order 4521736).
If you haven't played Magical Valley Villa Escape before, I would go back and do that one instead. It is the original game of this design and winnable!

Hi Maximom, think I did some puzzle wrong but not the red lines and the 7 squares. Now I'm going to work, later I'll restart the game and take it with a lot of patience.

Ok, after tried several times I give up...
You win Games Bold, I can't solve it.
Thank you.

I found the last pot after solving the puzzle with the demonic faces, i can remember how i did that, but i had to start the game like three times and check

White balls is Blue; Yellow; Red; Green, and this give you a tea leaf in the last scene.
And the the squares in the column give 1 red pot in that same scene that the puzzle.
The last red pot is with demoniac faces puzzle and in the clue is two columns of three faces each one and you have to put the faces of the clue doing a "U". like this:
1 6
2 5
3 4
The solution is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

The last red pot is in the scene with the car in a tunnel.
Then there is a last key in the first scene and you go to the last one and the game is finish

Leonardo, thank you for posting your puzzle solutions for us die-hards! I was doing the faces puzzle incorrectly. Glad the puzzle wasn't bugged!

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