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Abandoned Flower Garden Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Flower Garden Escape

GamesBold - Abandoned Flower Garden Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. When a botanical expert find ways to be able to find a potent concoction of rare flowers, he was forced to find a way out of all the mysteries were made, and now now he must escape from the garden immediately, before it is too late. Good luck and have fun!

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Abandon hope! While invisible hot spots are hardly a new thing, this entry lacks a changing cursor eliminating any potentially useful feedback the game might have offered.

Are we to assume the designer does not want his or her games to be played? /:

Scene 1 - 6 # puzzle under inventory bar near center.
Scene 2 - nothing located yet.
Scene 3 - 6 # clue in between 2 white chairs, 3 letter puzzle
Scene 4 - 6 symbol puzzle under inventory bar left side, 2 visible keyholes
Scene 5 - panel with 4 screws
Scene 6 - 4 color clue on left statue
Scene 7 - 3 # clue on junkpile in back, center

That is what I have found so far. Unable as yet to come up with correct # combination for Scene 1 puzzle

6# clue should be read left to right but input into the puzzle bottom to top.

Use black key from solving 6# in scene 1 on scene 4 keyholes. One hidden location is the fountain to the left of the statue. Reveals a 3 color puzzle, although purple is missing as an option, so it could be related to the 4 color code.

Thanks Seraku! That # combination was not obvious.

The 6 symbol puzzle Maximom mentioned in scene 4 was slightly right of the center for me, near where the two brick walls meet.

Maximom, The 6# combination makes sense provided you rotate the clue 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

BYR for keyholes, ignore the purple, get knife in next scene.

Ah yes, the old rotate 90 degree counter clockwise clue! :)

Now I need to find something to stab with the knife...

Thanks, Maximom! I had input the correct color many times but there was no feedback that it was correct, as you can keep changing the colors.

They used that color clue in another game where the purple was ignored which is how I figured it out......

Use knife in scene 2 on the right side of door frame to get screwdriver.

Screwdriver opened panel in room 5 revealing a magnifying glass (which the game calls "remote control").

This comment has been removed by the author.

Use "remote control" on window of door in scene 2 to see a clue that maps letters with numbers. Convert the 3# clue from scene 7 and input into the 3 letter puzzle in scene 3. This gets you some sandpaper.

I have sanded this place bare, still can't find the right pixel!

I'm in the same boat, Maximom... Perhaps we just need more "grit" and determination? (:

Groan....good one, Seraku! Actually we need another player or 2 to help!

I'm jumping in! I'll try to catch up quickly...

Hi Fogotten One! I'm counting on you to help sand this place down!

There seem to be some very faint block letters in scene 2. It looks like "Colour bg". Anyone have an idea what that is for?

Hey Maximom! When I get some sandpaper, I'll let you know... I had a hard time finding the key from scene 1... black key on a black background was hard to see.

Forgotten One, it's actually "colourbox" which is a stock image website.

Forgotten One, in scene 2 that might be the watermark for the photo that GB used? I tried sanding all over it just to be sure and nothing happened. And yes that key was hard to find. If I didn't know there was supposed to be one I never would have known it was there.

That must be it. I got stuck with the magnifying glass (aka remote control lol)... it would have taken me forever to find where to use it in scene 2. I have some sandpaper now. Sanding away!

Anyone notice a 6-digit puzzle with '!!!!!!' in scene 4? Just under the 8th column of the inventory bar. In previous games, the symbols correspond to the numbers 0-9 (digits correspond to numbers per your keyboard). There should be a clue somewhere that gives us a number...

This game is identical to Bold Hotel Escape in most respects. The sandpaper is supposed to reveal the 6 symbol clue. I will try the solution from the other game to see if it works here. I will post if successful.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Forgotten One, I am expecting that once we sand the right thing, we'll get the clue for the 6 symbol puzzle.

AHA! Beat you GamesBold!! They used the same solution for this puzzle - SPOILER ALERT: ^#*(!+

You get a portal key that you use to throw yourself in the well.

Posted the wrong image link... here's the stock image photo used in scene 2:


Wow... great thinking, Maximom! I will count this as a victory. Although, I find it odd that the "portal key" appears to be a book or pamphlet with "Centara" written on it. It appears Centara is a resort company, so is this supposed to be some sort of subliminal advertising? /:

Good job Maximom! I never found a spot to use the sandpaper either. It's sad when the publisher of a game is known for buggy games and reusing puzzle clues to the point where going back to old games is a necessary strategy... lame!!!

I guess we're entitled to a resort vacation after this game! I wonder where the sandpaper was supposed to go though? Thank goodness GB recycles their clues!

I am pretty sure that using old walkthoughs is part of their game strategy for the players of these games, same for CoolGames8! Not exactly good for attracting new players, though.

       Anonymous  7/2/16, 5:57 AM  

huh - 4 stars for this one?

well, couldn't be bothered & just followed your hints, guys, hence thx ☺
(never used sandpaper either, maybe it's for the next game - thx in advance GB ☻)


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