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Ancient Deep Garden Escape Walkthrough

Ancient Deep Garden Escape

GamesBold - Ancient Deep Garden Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. Visit the deep garden, you will find a legacy passed down since time immemorial, but because of your fault, you trapped in it and had to get out of there as soon as possible. Good luck and have fun!

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Here is what you can expect:

TOOLS (by room)
Room 1: Hammer, Laser Machine (need hammer), Ancient Key (need laser machine), Matches (need screwdriver)
Room 2: Cube Key, Super Glue, Sands, Ancient Key
Room 3: Screwdriver, Circle Key, Ancient Key (need Matches)
Room 4: Ancient Key (need circle key)
Room 5: X Key, Ancient Key (need cube key)
Room 6: Broken Key (need sands), Ancient Key (need broken key)
Room 7: n/a

ITEMS (by room)
Room 1: Disc, Umbrella, Clock, Jar, Picture
Room 2: Statue x3, Stone, Lamp, Picture
Room 3: Umbrella x2, Statue x2, Jar, Stone, Picture
Room 4: Disc, Lamp, Umbrella, Clock x2, Picture
Room 5: Picture x2, Jar, Disc x2, Umbrella x2, Clock
Room 6: Lamp, Clock, Stone, Umbrella, Jar
Room 7: Picture x2, Lamp x2, Statue, Clock, Disc

PLACEMENT (by room)
Room 1: Statue x2
Room 2: Disc x5, Picture x4, Lamp x2
Room 3: Clock x6, Umbrella x3
Room 4: Jar x4, Statue x2, Umbrella x4
Room 5: Lamp x2, Picture x4
Room 6: Stone x4
Room 7: Statue x2, Lamp

NOTE: This list is short by one Stone. There is a glass bottle in room 2 that can be broken with the hammer, but there is no apparent result. There is a box in room 6 that cannot be opened using any of the tools, and it presumably holds the final Stone.

Just found the missing Stone in room 5.

...and I am out. Toolbox in room 6 and glass bottle might be red herrings.

use SD on shield

use matches on key room 3

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- The glass in the lake in scene 2 doesn't get you anything when you break it.
- There is a box in scene 6 that you can't open. It doesn't matter.
- If you get to the end and you are short one 'Stone', go to scene 5 and look carefully in the moss under the pagoda.

cant find the key for lock in scene 3

@g: The key is right above the slots for the Spear Heads (which the game inexplicably calls 'Umbrellas'). It is obscured by a dark rectangle that you need to get rid of by using the matches on it.

The matches can be found once you use the screwdriver on the shield in scene 1.

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