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Ancient Dungeon Escape Walkthrough

Ancient Dungeon Escape

GamesBold - Ancient Dungeon Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. You are charged with a crime, when in fact you are innocent, but there are bad people who trap you until you had to inhabit ancient dungeon, you never give up for the sake of truth, planned to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Off to a good start. Use a bucket of "wall remover" to extricate the key next to the bed. (:

Billiard cue (from room 1) to get the key stuck in the bars.

Hmm... fire in room 3, probably needs "sands" to put out, but I cannot find them yet. Flashlight (from room 3) did not work under bed in room 1, as I would have thought. Maybe I am just not finding the right pixel.

Oh, it's like that, eh. Key is hiding under the stone that you reveal using the screwdriver on the round shield thing.

Flashlight used on black rectangle left side of room 4. (Water bottle found in room 4 can be used on fire, but is destroyed it would appear.)

Shovel works on key in floor of room 5.

Chisel sharpens the dull key.

Room 7... Wrench on socket, screwdriver on shield, hammer on rock. Water bucket (not sands, as I thought) for the fire.

Now have 44/45 items placed, need one more lamp. Have not managed to open wooden crate in room 6 yet, which most likely holds the last lamp.

Never mind. Last lamp was hiding near bottom right side in room 6 all along. Out without needing crate.

wowsers! all done.

where is the wrench ? I don't see it

Ok i find

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