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Avm Amanita Mushroom Forest Escape Walkthrough

Avm Amanita Mushroom Forest Escape

AvmGames - Avm Amanita Mushroom Forest Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. In this escape game you went to visit a amanita mushroom forest with you friends. But you unfortunately missed the way and there is no one to help you. You have to escape from this mushroom forest for by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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King flag love star is for the green dots grid but I think it must be combined with another clue to work, because I lit all the green dots and it didn't open.

hi(again) all ☺

combo barrel with coloured windows for colour code

forget the blue parts

flags go in s5

crowbar is used in s1

pic puzzle


bear, you have to find the four flags and the paper hint for it to work.

well, my dot grid opened passage to s6... hm

it resets, when you take the wrong letter as per paper hint in s4

red ball for s7

Yes, found it thanks, cate.

lever for s4

(had to do it 3 times, till code worked...)
king paper for pots in s5

look what's not there on paper

Hi everyone! Going in and gonna try and catch up!

hello k. pretty straight forward this go round.

colour dots hint for s6

enjoyable game. thank you, avm.

Welcome All :)

any hint for last 4#code? I have a 4x3#grid paper

combo slider heights with arrows for green plant thingies

I hate to ask can anyone spoil the colors for me? My Little eyes is not here. LOL

I have both clues but ?

Hi all. Joining late - will try to catch up...

on grid papers, note different numbers

positions 1-4 in columns



NVM I Got some help LOL

enjoyable game - thx AVM ☺

ΑΩ, I still can't see, how you get this 4 numbers.
when I see the solution, I have an explanation for first and fourth columns, but it doesn't work for 2. and 3.

You have three papers

three sheets of paper, the different number in each column in order 1234

thanks Sisli, I couldn't take the paper from 9 gems and thought, it's a glitch...

take column order 1-4, regardless on which paper
when you number columns 1234-1234-1234
4 is in a column numbered with 1
9 in a column numbered with 2
2 in a column 3
8 in a column 4
hopefully my explanation is clear...

finally out thank you

blaming slow internet here LOL, but good you got it nevertheless ☺

Ok No explanation on on how to work 4 green things in S2, no help with what paper that goes with flags, What Dot grid hint? How bout hint for 3 circle arrows in S4 ? I feel for folks that come later to try to play game.

hey bandy, give me a minute and i'll play again and throw some clues out there.

Thats ok Cate I will X out

4 placed flags in s5 for order of words on paper in s4
words on paper give click order for dots in s3

TY AO I Xed out just not my day LOL

Bad Monday for me I guess.

you have my sympathy bandy
we all have our bad (mon)days for sure ☺
(speaking from experience LOL)

Some times I miss Swissmiss and her wonderful W/T She was great. I digress.


bandy, you need a cookie...but, for now, let me throw some clues out there.

Cate :)

okay, bandy...i'm not swissmiss, nor do i have her talent for walkthroughs, but here is a bit of a "nudge"through...

don't worry about the green things for now.

for the 4x4 ball grid in scene 3 you need to place the 4 flags in holes in scene 5 and note their order. look at the paper on tree in scene 4 and mentally transpose( i made a snapshot of it for me) that on to the
ball grid...then spell each word out with clicks.

king, flag, love, star and don't use the same spot more than once.

flags are found....

color puzzle s8
trees, upper right s2
2 in tree trunk s1

red ball dropped in to the chimney of scene 7.

rod(lever) is used in scene 4 for word clue in scene 7.

key is used in scene 3.

shovel used in scene 8.

combine barrel clue in scene 8 with windows in scene 5, ignoring the blue ones.

it is where the pane is in the window, not where the window is located.

color code spoiler for scene 8...


okay, so with the paper you get from shovel, go to scene 5 and note for each letter which number is lacking a "dot". that is the number for that letter. click pots in that order.



mushrooms are found...spoiler...

s7 out in the open
s3 after placing gems
s3 behind locked door

for the spinning puzzle in scene 6, work from the outside to in, noting the marks on outer circle to help you line it up.

cate :) thank you

paint brush is used on sign in scene 7 and that, bandy, will give you your clue for the arrow signs in scene 4.

heey yvonne...you are so welcome...i'm doing a really ratty walkthrough, but bandy is having a "blue meanies" day, and so i'm trying to give him a "virtual cookie" of sorts.

it blows, i know, but i just don't have the patience and clarity to write a proper one.

cate you are doing fine :) nice to know you are here

from the arrow puzzle, you get the color code for roof in scene 6...it is...spoiler...


the brown thing that you get from colors is the faucet tap for scene 4.

the dot code from water bucket/faucet is used in scene 5 on the roof. spoiler...

3412 (bottom counting as 1), so click 2301 times.

note the direction arrows from slider puzzle(underneath, once you solve)

cate, goodnight, I'm off now.

note that you have directions and still have dot paper, so head over to the green things in scene 2.

you want them to look like the paper, but they must also have their noses pointed in direction of slider hint...LRRL

so click them to resemble paper. you will NOT be using the 3412 from before...spoiler...

click them this many times from left to right...

3604...i may be wrong on the 0, but i know that the first two are correct.

goodnight, yvonne...nice to "see" you for that little bit of time. :)

at this point you should have 3 papers. (if the third one won't budge after placing gems, try clicking on the first two in your inventory and it should come free...i had a bit of a problem with that)

look at them. compare them. for each column of the 3 papers, there is one number off. suss out which one by comparing columns 1 from each paper, column 2, and so on...spoiler....

4928...(maybe 4982, i forgot to write it down before i opened door).

and there you have it. you're out. your cookie, bandy...me hopes tomorrow is a lovely reset for you.

cate are you still here? I can't find crowbar so can't get flags out of tree in s1.

I'm same as bandy for this game. Having to look at clues for most things. Not intuitive nor logical. It's definitely sequential.

Guess I'll need to X out of here since I can't move forward.

hey merridy...some of the puzzles have several things to collect, maybe you missed it...it was early on, i'll have a quick look. hold on.

merridy, you get the crowbar when you solve the color code on the mushroom roof in scene 8. PCRY

and, you get to scene 8 by placing stars in door. two stars behind door in scene 5. one in the open, lower right in scene 4. and, i can't remember the other one, but i think in scene 3.

Going in, usually love these tough ones. Hoping enough hints have been left here.

Excellent. Bravo AVM, this is a very clean game. No ridicules pixel hunts, all puzzles worked, good tough doable puzzles. A great feat! 5 Stars!

p.s. I liked the green heads puzzle. Leaving the used hint paper in the inventory prodded me to think of using it again, but with the arrow clue this time. Again, Bravo, your best game yet! 5 stars!

Just a little addendum to Cate's excellent WT, at 3.08 - I found the first green thingy had to be clicked 5 times rather than 3.

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