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Avm Cute Squirrel Escape Walkthrough

Avm Cute Squirrel Escape

AvmGames - Avm Cute Squirrel Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. There was a baby squirrel accidentally trapped himself in one cage. This little squirrel was only looking for foods and he entered the open window, and he don’t know how to escape. He was crying and very hungry and there is no people to help him to get free and to have some food to eat. Can you help this little squirrel feed himself and after free from the cage? Find the clues and use the hints and solve the puzzles to do it. Good luck and have fun!

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Another AVM - ty : ) And no hints in the Intro this time ...

Got some light bulbs, some DoBs, used key and now working on coloured circles puzzle

morning zuleika.:)

Hmm the hint paper for the 4 coloured buttons in start scene looks simple enough - but not working

Hey cate - morning : ) It's early evening here though, lol

well then, good early evening! :P enjoyed yesterday's game...let's hope this is another good one.

Haha. Well, I'm stuck already. Can't get 4-colour puzzle to work in S1 even with simple-looking clue paper.

Zuleika, do you mean 4 colored buttons?
go 2x from left to right and right to left...

sneaky bulb in the middle of scene7

Done that Hotz - not working. I've tried:


and also

y-o-r-p-p-o-r-y (twice)

Zuleika, I think it was 2x y-o-g-p-p-g-o-y

Thanks Hotz - that worked! I still don't get it from the clue paper though...

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Place for blue discs in S6 - what a noise they make

where is the green dob number?

when you find the 8 digit "x" puzzle, it is for the 8 colored rectangles, not the brown ones...opens new scenes.

Another light bulb at top of S8

hotz, you'll find it when you get to the new scenes.

found it thanks

I'm looking for that too Hotz

well, i'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse, but i finished the game without even doing the lightbulb "100" count...got the 3 little creatures before.

what to do with 4x4numbers in scene9?

ok, I found the clue. but It solved by itself after seeing the clue...

hey hotz, i'm not sure what you're talking about...will go back in.

it's OK cate. I am out. thank you

Got hint for little green/yellow 'balloons in S9 but they won't move now ...

yeah, i never did that puzzle...i think you were supposed to move the bulbs around to total 100, but it never gave me the chance.

And just like you cate as soon as I placed all 3 little blue critters it was 'Great Escape' and out. Odd end to game!

zuleika, i thought they were light bulbs. :P that was the puzzle that hotz and i didn't have to do...got the three little creatures from other puzzles.

yes, a bit abrupt.

So many ads. One accidental miss click and it's game over. I'm not restarting. x

Share if anyone face any issue


Hope this will help you all. Make sure correct order mention in the clue paper.

doesn't have AVM beta testers?
(ah, I remember, it's weekend, so the programmer is on holiday ;-P)
encountered same bugs in this one as ppl above plus the flashing square hint & moving number after solving DOB puzzle
otherwise a nice game - love the music, plz keep it AVM for the next games - thx ☺

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odd game.

a bit odd but ok took a while to figure out to hit the colours from clue, as colours didn't blink or anything

a bit odd but ok took a while to figure out to hit the colours from clue, as colours didn't blink or anything

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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