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Avm Hill Forest Escape Walkthrough

Avm Hill Forest Escape

AvmGames - Avm Hill Forest Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. You decided for an adventurous trip to the forest. Unexpectedly you get lost in the midst of the forest. In that forest everywhere it looks scary and you are confused where is the way of escape from the forest. If you will be go on wrong way than may be you can’t came back because it’s too dangerous place. So you have to choose correct way of escape. Before choosing the correct way you have to search some clues, objects and then solve some puzzle after solving puzzle correctly then only you can get correct way of escape from that dangerous hill forest. Use your sharp escaping mind to choose correct way of escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Hmm think I played this before..

is this a replay?

....well that's after these super long adverts finish....

Nope.. Welcome everyone :)

right, Leroy, link is leading to the Tweety game, but you can choose the correct one on AVM site

Yeah I'm in the tweety game

Thanks Alpha :)

Glad I get to play a new AVM live. Hi folks! (:

thanks for the correct link

Thanks Alpha.. changed the link :)

OK correct game noww
just stop 6 flowers..

Rats! have to go...
plz leave clear hints - thx & CU ☺

Have two wooden pots (I think), a rose and a ceramic pot. Placed two of the red and yellow things (not sure what they are either!)

I can click both lock in scene one. Both get overlapped how to close this? is this an error :(

color circle gonna kill some of us..

Knife in tree above green triangle in flower scene

@Andrew Leroy, you can close both, one by one.

Anyone know what to do with the number grid?

I can't get past the colors so I am out bummer!

thanks for knife!!

damn flash crash..
should I restart?

I'm stuck with knife, two green eyes/brooches, two wooden pots, ceramic pot and rose

was wondering where to use shovel?

4x4#grid in Scene 6: in increasing order

@Hotzenplotz - I can't even move any of the numbers - Am I missing something?

Leroy, shovel gets used in scene through the door with the 4 letter code (clue in first scene).

Incidental Actor, there is a missing "8" you need to collect... Look for an orange and a knife.

thanks @seraku - I have the knife so now on the just for an orange

Incidental Actor, 1 tile is missing: cut orange (let it grow in S3)

Where is the orange? I'm stuck without the delicious orange!

Orange was in scene 3, need to water plant... can't remember where pot of water is found though.

yahoo! found it - Thanks @seraku - I already had pot of water

I can't get sliders in S9. I think the clue are
the colored bars in S8...

Hotzenplotz, I'm in the same boat.

well Im stuck now
where to put pots and why can I still look cut orange?

@leroy The pots come later after you've cut the orange

leroy, pots(?) could be wooden lvers and are used in S8

Where's the clue for the second set of vertical coloured squares?

Leroy, I think the orange stays around until you solve the 4x4 number puzzle.

Incidental Actor, clue is in the same scene. Have you placed the two switches yet?

Got help with colors now stuck with you guys on sliders in S9 ? Any one use the red and blue stick?

AHA do grid in rows 1 down to 8..

bandy, haven't found where the magnet(?) goes. Nor the roses or the green orbs.

Incidental Actor In S8 look at sliders hint and see colors

As in the sticks/pots/whatever they are? Yep, and it's brought up what I thought were sliders but I can't do anything with them and can't figure out the clue. I need coffee!

I even tryed my one up trick and no go on sliders?

Got it - I was over complicating the whole thing! thanks all

Second six-color clue is simply the slider colors left-to-right.

Incidental Actor welcome to my world LOL

and no clue for 5 colors in S9 (center of scene). and where to use "FBC GDB" clue?

/me buys a round of coffee for everyone. (:

(We've got good stuff up here in the Pacific Northwest.)

I'm in London so we drink italian coffee - we don't make anything ourselves! Thanks @seraku

And @bandytrc LOL

Is everyone stuck on sliders?

I wonder if the is a color clue hint to go with sliders?

* There

bandy, I've tried reusing the original color clue... as well as mapping the FBC GDB clue to the sliders in various ways. Part of the problem is that the sliders have more positions than the clue in scene 8, so it involves more testing to account for the difference in alignment.

I'm trying to force it too. There is also 5 coloured circles - anyone know the clue for those?

I think the 5-color clue will either come from the roses once we find a place to put them, or will come from the five bean things in the first scene.

I have no ideas left?

...the sliders are the letters...fbcgdb

Anyone used the two green eye things?

The sliders have six positions, though. Siouxzana, what's the mapping then? I've tried it with B-G going top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top. Neither works.

as in 'a' is lowest, G is highest

I still can't figure out the sliders even knowing they're the letters and have to go soon... must finish!

Siouxzana McEwan, how? I tried some combinations but no luck....

start from bottom. But for F bring it down one (makes no sense, I know)

hurrah - thanks @siouxzana

ie 523642 (I think)

start from bottom and just click once for every letter - so without clicking is "a" and first click takes it "b" position, etc

got it thanks

Can anyone else get the bean from the magnet after using it in scene 5?

bean just above - leave page/come back and the stuck one vanishes :/

I hope that is not a bug!

Nevermind... the bean get collected in the next scene... Use the sliders from scene 8 in scene 5 (transposed, so top row maps to left column). This gets the green triangle and eventually the 5-color code.

..need one more bean, one more O/eyeball, need keys. Got several groups of letters and nowhere to use them and two flower pots poss clue

@seraku I'm confused and desperate as I have to leave soon - can you give a spoiler for the horizontal sliders

This one seems to just keep going and going... q: Just need one more rose.

Incidental Actor, no problem. Call the left-most column "1"... The solution is: 1 2 1 3 2 4 (top to bottom)

@seraku - THANK YOU!

..am I missing a room...I need 5 more roses?

the flowers in scene 10 are pink white and blue orange

oooo...missed a bean from corner of solved/zoomed in abc.etc slider puzzle.

I need 5 roses, 1 bean and 1 green disc

Yeah I missed a bean, have all the beans and green discs now

my last rose came from using 4 letters from scene6

thanks you guys for all your hints!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

the last bean, will give you your disc/O...leading to final room & 5 roses

Yes Thank you all for the help!!

Ah, I overlooked a clue with the flowers in the two pots. That is a little bit better.

So many letters though that never got used near as I can tell. Is AVM hiding secret messages now?

Finished the game :) Great

And out! Hurrah!

Thanks for all the hints - good game everyone :)

Thanks for the sliders) Letters all set is not necessary. Cells colored vertical put) Interesting game) the Magnet must have been a clever decoy)

Scene 4 do the colours in columns, pink, white, blue, orange

where to use hammer/axe. I also have twe green eyes, one rose and two brown pots

found where to use axe/hammer

Hi Irene, scene 7, see the squiggles on right side?

Use exit key scene 6

Hi Avm, thank you for a very nice game :)

You are most welcome yvonne .

where is S4, that might have the left color clue for S8 and the clue for the slider

Irene, scene 4 is near the end of the game

where to use the green discs?

I don't have a Scene 4 or a Scene 5

had to restart 'cause I couldn't take bean thingy from magnet (even after leaving scene & coming back & other tricks), it worked the 2nd time, but still flowers didn't work properly for me...

s5 after solving left colour puzzle in s8, then thru grid door in s9 (key from sliders in s9)

start with top colour (green) of hint in s2 (moving flowers) on s9 colour puzzle (about centre of screen), go clockwise

5 green disks go in s10 on grid door

s4 after s10

Welcome (ΑΩ)

exit is in s6

challenging game for me - thx AVM ☺
bummer re glitches

& thx players above for the hints ☺

did I ever used letters in s3 or s10...?

Got stuck on 9 letter code at end but then remembered the BWEA cle. Phew! I am out now, very nice game AVM

where is the left color clue for S8?

already closed game, but IIRR it was the colours of the bar outlines of slider hint in same scene

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