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Avm Japan Circus Camp Escape Walkthrough

Avm Japan Circus Camp Escape

AvmGames - Avm Japan Circus Camp Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. You and your pet bird are very close friends. Because he can do whatever you ask and unique in his behavior where no other bird has, so it is attracts many people...One day your enemy kidnapped your favorite bird and kept it inside the circus and tries to use it for circus. You cannot live without him. Now you have to rescue your favorite pet from the circus by solve the puzzle. Good luck and have fun!

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We shall see.

Hi! That puzzle at the right scene was a pain in the behind. I recommend zooming the screen size and starting with eyes and nose.

I am stuck with a bears head ( Bear did you lose your head LOL ) did spinny puzzle and pic slider and placed a bunch of marbles ?

golden pic puzzle


Welcome everyone

Still have my head but I am a little stuck at the moment. I haven't even found a bear's head yet. Nor have I seen a pic slider, only the golden pic.

Sorry, red X for me. That whole game is nothing for me. See you all next time. Good luck!

I see a picture that looks like mushrooms but I can't click on it.

Hey guys found a plant or something, goes in the hole beside the mushroom pic thing

hi AVM - thx for the game ☺

Bear I called it a pic slider, I meant golden pic sorry

I got bears head from spinny puzzle in S7

Ah, yes. I was missing scene 7, thank you, bandy.

Tried to replicate the number/letter grid in the one on the next scene can't get it to work

To clarify, scene 5 and 6

Coffee do you remember what scene you got plant?

No Bandy, sorry! So much random clicking going on

The box in scene 7 with a red line needs a word not numbers, love/jail don't seem to wwork

got key from letter puzzle in s7

hint in s5

Word is on trash can

Had to start again, plant from the green/red puzzle

When you zoom in on 4 colored numbers you can see a clue in purple numbers? Is it?

OHH Is was a round symbol with a plant Thanks Coffee

Anytime, thank to you and AO for the trash can

did you realize that everytime i enter and go back to scene 3, colored pots color order is changed. i tried clicking to pots according to plant colors. but didnt work.

Anyone else going around in circles?

cant use the key anywhere and bear had.

Not finding the potted plant.

you're not the only one CJ... ☻

I suppose it's all about to figure out AVM logic LOL

The red/green puzzle you get hint paper for, when you solve it, you get the plant

Quickdraw it was a round symbol with a plant

if you mean the plant pots in s3, click tree in s4 for new scenes

Got it... thanks.

Stuck with key and bears head.

Trying to turn the number/letter grid into a 4digit code since I can't get it to work on the other grid, but alas no dice

Must have studied navigation with EightGames. Red X

Close to that point myself, might come back to it later if I get too frustrated

I am about to give also.

hope you guys used HSUP clue

Must have covered every square inch by now

AVM we did that already

That gave a key that goes no were ?

Right guys, I gotta go, heads melted, hopefully someone has a POP moment I can work with later, chat later!

where you stuck? scene 6 door opens?
If it open all straight forward

Scene 6 door does not open.

Doors still closed, can't replicate the grid clue

nope, not open yet...
well, playing for about 45 minutes now & after several attempts for the next step I'm out of ideas... :-/
it may be the letter/number grid as next, but can't figure it out, tried loads of stuff...

I like challenging games, but miss the fun in this one

Need to solve puzzle in scene 6 but can't seem to figure it out from hint.


Hint is on S6

Little challenging, happy playing.

Still nothing! Even with spoiler. Need to see clue first? Clue in S6? Same scene of puzzle?Where?

Anyone know what that means? My brain can't seem to get it, thanks for the hint though AVM

This comment has been removed by the author.

Still does not work?

It needs to be fixed.

I can't spend anymore time on this, good luck guys hope you get a little further and enjoy, hopefully I'll be able to come back later

okay got it add an extra X to the last row of x's to the left

There's an X missing in the spoiler.
One of the single X's has to be XX.

What´s the logic??? Don´t understand.

FO TO in S13 are clue for 4#s

Did someone say logic? That's a laugh.

Yup. Correct small tool.
3rd row. -,x,x,-,x

after using a key in S5, you will get a letter clue. I think, this clue is for colored numbers in S1, but I can't get it...

thx guys - but even with the corrected spoiler still can't see how to apply the hint & I hate not to understand the how at all...

This comment has been removed by the author.

don't miss bear head in scene 9

AVM Games, in zoomed view on colored numbers in Scene 1 I can see pink numbers. is it a "arrow 2 and 4" or is it "-72 and 4"??

btw, wooden sword goes in scene 4

wooden sword? where seal puzzle is

same here AO

where's hint for L puzzle in s13?
(don't see any TOFO FOTO hint in s13 yet...)

ΑΩ, clue for L puzzle is in S11 (from scene S8) and you will get TO FO FO TO clue...

stuck with empty inventory and no key for push bin.

This comment has been removed by the author.

someone solved colored numbers in S1 (last code) and can give a hint please?

How did you find the key for S5?

stuck there too holtz

Missing 1 colored ball for box in S7.

Roberto, I think the key comes from pushing 3 colors in S9...

Nop! I did it already.

Have you opened the box in S7? I guess the key is inside?

Dawn Bates, what do you think, are the pink numbers "arrow 2 and 4" or "-72 and 4"??
I tried to transform letters in 4 numbers and doing some maths with -72 and -724... but no luck

roberto, have you used the wooden sword?

no! Didn´t find it!

sword is at top of S11

Many thanks! Got my key now!

clue for colored numbers I think are
r/e, y/s, B/f, g/se first letter is color/?

Dawn Bates, yes, but this doesn't work. so I tried to use pink numbers as an additional clue...

in zoomed red green puzzle there´s also a pink stroke left side.

thinking red/eight, yellow/six, blue/four or five, green/seven but the pink numbers do what?

sorry make little miss. 8647 is answer. now its 9758 (sorry again). corrected and updated the file also

So pink numbers means nothing!

I would appreciate an explanation for numbers/letters grid. it makes no sense to me.

A1-A2-A3-B4-C2-C4-E1-E2-E3-E4 (L)

guys where is clue for star,circle,square,..etc shapes..

AVM, it still makes no sense. That sequence doesn't relate to the clue.

no logic. no "happy playing". disappointing game.

the clue paper for shapes comes from locked place in scene 12 Jaheer Jak

got it but not open

where to use sword

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