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Avm Old Zurs House Escape Walkthrough

Avm Old Zurs House Escape

AvmGames - Avm Old Zurs House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. You are having a tour in another country and you are excited in your tour. This is your first time in your life to go to another country. You will be visiting different places like historical places, famous tourists spots and theme parks. You will also visit to old zurs house and that place was abandoned many years ago. You like scary places and you are looking forward to visit the old zurs house. When you arrived at the old zurs house you enter inside and explore the place. You are so unlucky because you got trapped inside. Can you find a way to escape from that place? Good luck and have fun!

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A live AVM... Let's do this! (:

Clue on wall in scene 2 goes to door in scene 6.

gram clue for scene 2 in scene 8

Gem hiding in scene 4 behind a pan on the wall.

stone ball for scene 6 in vase

(If you are not getting background music, try using toggling the in-game mute button.)

Painting in scene 6 also hides a gem. That was my fifth and final one.

Ty AVM - hi everyone : )

Gems are your color clue, gets you two balls

Welcome all :)

hi (again) all ☺

great jazzy tune ♥

Paper clue in scene 5 is for the golf tees in scene 4. Note the case of the letters. This gets you the spinners for the puzzle in scene 5.

grams clue seems over-easy for AVM

And for the red-green spinner puzzle, you just need to get the red all on the left side.

Sneaky green gem in blue golf ball room

Zuleika, over-easy like eggs? (:

Mmm... I could so go for some eggs now.

I mean S4 : )

Nice catch Seraku!

Lol Seraku - I've just eaten : )

My red-green spinner is static - can't get it to move.

I wish there was a skip button. green red ball puzzle gonna take a while lol

Sliding picture puzzle in scene 9 is very easy... Hint: You only need up-down moves.

       Anonymous  7/20/16, 11:51 AM  

Spinners are confusing, had to check where exchange is

Zuleika, I trust you placed the red and green spinner buttons? You might try backing out and clicking on the puzzle again, otherwise.

Ty Seraku : )

animal pics for puzzle in s5

Puzzle over fireplace in scene 7 is easily brute-forced. I thought it had to due with the marks on the cabinet in the same scene, but the order did not match. Perhaps I saw the clue somewhere else and did not register it.

Paper clue with 6 color dots is double-sided. Click on it within your inventory to see a second clue.

And that double-sided paper clue goes to the cabinet in scene 3.

key from slider in s7 for s2

ΑΩ, slider in scene 7? I'm not seeing one.

the cyan & purple dot puzzle I mean

Oh, sorry... I solved that one. Forgot that was where the key came from. And actually, I thought you were talking about a different lock that I still need a key for. Ignore me. (:

better not as you're giving helpful hints ☻

any idea for number paper?
(tried in vain combo with lines in s7...)

I am really wanting a knife or other sharp implement. There are so many hot spots where one could hack and slash for great justice. And all I have is this 6-number clue that, at best, could give me a paper cut.

ΑΩ, I also tried incorporating the hash marks from scene 7 with the paper clue. Doesn't work on either of the two 4-number puzzles. I even tried variations on the sliders in scene 9, but there are only six levels per slider. Then again, I recall an AVM before where the sliders were A thru G omitting E for some completely unknown reason.

...Or was that a G4K that had the odd sliders? Some of these games blur together.

number clue paper related to number slider on Scene3

AVM, so the six numbers somehow map to four numbers? Are we on the right track that the hash marks in scene 7 apply as well, or is the solution solely dependent on the paper clue? I've tried using differences to whittle down to four like this:

5 3 2 7 9 8
2 1 5 2 1
1 4 3 1

Didn't work, though. /:

       Anonymous  7/20/16, 12:29 PM  

Out, challenging game, thanks

POP! Oh, that's just sneaky, AVM!

Omit the second and fifth numbers.

how about some hint for how to apply number paper in s3 Mig?

Oooh... I've finally got my knife! MUAHAHAHA! (:

simple, but Great found.

trial & error Seraku or how did you find out that's the 2nd & 5th number?

ΑΩ, did you see my post at 12:30?

Now, I've got a hammer. This is great to be able to get out frustration after a tricky puzzle. (:

ΑΩ, it was partially trial and error. The six-color puzzle omits the middle two, so I thought that the number puzzle would omit the outer two. The next candidate was omitting 2nd and 5th, and it just worked.

yep, that's why I'm asking LOL

Knife used in scenes 3 and 8.

Hammer used in scenes 5 and 8.

which 6 colour puzzle? (confusion is starting LOL)

@AlphaOmega, still conducing?
On Scene 3, under number slider have only 4 circles. Note the postions

Hex pipe puzzle (pretty simple, I worked it from the upper-left to the end, and there was often only one possible orientation for each piece) gives 4# code for scene 4.

From the 4# puzzle you get a paper clue for the sliders in scene 9.

well, still don't get it, hence let my frustration of not understanding out by demolishing some furniture LOL

ΑΩ, same scene. The cabinet on the right in scene 3 had a 4-color puzzle that used the double-sided paper clue with six colors.

Okay, finally the hash marks in scene 7 apply to a puzzle. Combine them with the paper clue that has four people symbols for the puzzle in scene 2.

thx AVM, but didn't notice any circles...
(are they gone after solving puzzle?)

ΑΩ, don't stress about it. The exact logic on why those numbers in particular should be ignored escapes me too.

ah, ok, thx Seraku
(already forgot about that puzzle LOL)

Yes AlphaOmega, after open the box, it disappear.

And out. Thanks for the game, AVM. (:

red/orange are very similar in s9

red is in centre

thank you AVM Games for this nice game and particularly for your additional comment @12:21 PM. I like this code, everyone is concentrating on this 4# and don't see the clue in background ;-).

Hotz, you made me launch the game again just to see. The map is indeed the other part of the clue. There are four circles positioned where six could fit, with the 2nd and 5th missing.

enjoyable game - thx AVM
& thx esp. Seraku for the hints ☺

(now I'm also going to see that hint in background...)

s2 man bottne dosnt work with clue?

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