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Avm Tails Puzzle House Escape Walkthrough

Avm Tails Puzzle House Escape

AvmGames - Avm Tails Puzzle House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. The concept of the game is to escape from the tails puzzle house. In this story, there is a house. The house looks very beautiful. Assume that, one day you have been trapped in the house by unknown people. Your mind says that you want to escape from the house immediately. But you didn't have any source to open the door. So use your intelligence to find the hidden objects and solve the puzzle to find the source and escape from the house. Good luck and have fun!

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In scene 1, the door on the right is different than the right arrow.

Hi Tiquer - joining you : )

Scene 7 colored numbered grid (can swap any two pieces, don't need to be adjacent), use the colors on the pillar in scene 1.

oh wow - a live one!

Hi! I've decided to leave hints here in order instead of rushing through game.

hi (again) ev1 ☺

Going back from scene 7 oddly moves you to scene 1 instead of 3

ah, new graphics - like them ♥

Well I'm still in S1 with a yellow triangle piece and a blue diamond - trying to figure out puzzles.

The coloured dots don't seem to work on the ABCD slider - neither top to bottom or in reverse.

dots in s1 are order for colour/number grid in s7

In scene 7, the black square on the side of the clock gives OPEN. Not sure where to use, many puzzles seem to have the same colors.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Use OPEN on right door in scene 1. THose are not numbers!

OPEN gives scene 5

Hmmm, that must not be a 15 magic square in scene 5.


not working..

adjusted colour/number grid gives hint for

ABCD sliders

Trying to find clue for square in S 6 ?

Screwdriver somewhere in the middle of scene 5. Didn't see, random click.

You can open the box on the back wall with the screwdriver in scene 6

clown for stairs in s3 lights lamp in s7 for

cross hint

Thanks Isabel Witt! random guessing were to use stuff! I get so tired of guessing !

Thanks Alpha, the pink and red dots don't show on my screen. Though I still can't get it to work.


pink at 4
red at 1

Hint gives clue for red and purple owls. Gives jester. Flip the switch of the jester. Teh light in scene 7 gives clue for left door in first scene

Oh, the colored grid was rotated where left (1) is down.

although r/l puzzle is solved, hint paper's still in inventory... hm
(item/hint usually disappears when used or a puzzle is solved)

Now that's what u call a lead balloon...

I'm really stuck now - Alpha, do you have any clue how to continue? I only have the hint paper left

For the L/R clue, it is reversed. L and R don't line up to the colors of the birdies on the puzzle.

Gotta go, catch up later. Good luck all!

well, Isabel,
I would for sure give hints, if I was any further LOL

LOL :)

Welcome all.
Hint may not disappear because it may use it again :)

CU Tiquer ☺

ah, yellow shape with triangle for door in s6, but need way more...

LR hint is used again in S4 for the 2 digit box. Count number of L and R on hint paper.

hi AVM - thx for the game ☺

that's what I thought ☻

that was it - thx Puffin
(paper still in inventory - aha, haha!)

I've put crosses in correctly but nothing happening - what is supposed to happen?

thx, Puffin!

razor blade is used in s7

Zuleiki, the door will open. Play around with the top one. That's what I had trouble with.

Zuleika, are you sure the first 2 are the right ones? They are a little tricky.

you may check the bottom one again, there are 2 very similar ones - door should open

POP - went back and it suddenly worked -

LOLLOL - ok, then each one is to check :-D

Ugh, my game crashed and I have to start from the beginning again

Ty Alpha and Isabel - must have been something like that. It suddenly worked when I put them in again : )

Aw Isabel that happened to me - but at a fairly early stage. It's a pain - hope u catch up soon : )

Assuming we need a hook to bring down ladder in S4?

now how to understand the special AVM English... ;-)

@Puffin - ty so much for that extra hint (the l/r for S4) : )

you'll catch up quickly with our speed we're going on LOL

'birds' eh? Looking for letter puzzle now...

book for 2 codes (door in S7...)

Someone please explain how to do the 4x4 colored grid in room 7. I've put the green sqaures 1-4 in the top row, pink in the 2nd row etc. Not working for me.

POP - for book

count for s7

Anyone made progress with the number square in S6?

Hi Irene, it's g,p,r,y

you're doing it correctly... hm
(you may redo it if evtly glitchy)

@ Irene. Zoom in again when you have finished. Dots on square indicate positions for ABCD sliders (note the number in the square not the dot position)

hint big to small for squares in s6

Alpha - you clever boy! I would have taken ages to get that clue for door in S7 : )

use hammer on picture in scene 2 on left side

use hammer in s2

Another book - all this reading...

and again in scene 6 on floor
batteries for bear

cone and hammer for S6

LOL snap Isabel ☺

spike & hammer for s6

Missed that 'cubes' puzzle in S6 last time - the one with the coloured rotate arrows. Any clues for this? (Click on middle door)

use coloured numbers from book in scene 4 with help of coloured diamonds from scene 5

I can't flip the switch of second (right) clown in S3

Puzzle on door in S6 is for colored diamond shapes.

Thanks Alpha, it was a glitch. Opened S6, stuck again. Also need help in S5 with the 3x3 grid.

For second clown switch you have to put bulb in ceiling in S4

yeah guys, we are «all» at the same place ☻

Poor teddy - that looks painful. Now, where to put all these little symbols...

thanks Isabel, for buttons clue in S4

You can solve 3x3 grid in S5 only after seeing clue. Solution is in a previous comment.

Ah - they go on the 'cube' sections in S6

I put the bulb in green thing on ceiling of scene 4 and now it just disappeared

Second key for S5 gives second jester

Isabel - turn on switch under right clown

ah, thx, puffin!

thanks Puffin, I would never seen the place for second bulb in S4!

flip switch in s3, it will reappear

not very friendly colours for puzzle in s2...
(hint is so tiny & faint)

candle for s2

My game is moving sooo slowly - hope it doesn't crash again. Still have candle and 4-colour clue in inventory.

I really enjoyed this game. clever codes and very nice graphics!!!!!!

and thank you all for your hnts above!!!

yeah! and out! than you AVM! And thank you, rest of people here! :-)

zoom in on placed candle for hint, otherwise puzzle in s1 won't work

Very nice game AVM! Good puzzles - not too hard and not too easy.

great game, great puzzles!
was big fun to play - thx again AVM ☺

also very nice teamwork here - thx, too ☺

ty to all for help...bye : )

where to use the xywz clue

Found it. Forgot about the 4 squares in S1

OK, now to start up again now that dinner is over.... THanks for the hints fellow gamers, I'm sure I'll need them!

An interesting game)

Found red diamond/cube face (has star on it) on red chair in scene 2. That was my last one.

And out. p.s. I thought the disappearing light bulb up the "ladder chute" room was a bug, didn't realize the "ladder chute" was actually a lamp fixture, LOL.

Thank you AVM for another team-effort escape game.

The ads on AVM games are getting overwhelming and really starting to lag my computer. I never used to mind disabling ad block since the ads were brief and fast, but now it's like uhhh. Videos...no skip button...it's horrible.

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