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Brothers Rescue Escape Walkthrough

Brothers Rescue Escape

Games2Jolly - G2J Brothers Rescue Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly. Two kids who are brothers are kidnapped and locked up in a locker. Their parents are searching for everywhere and very upset. For that, you have to find the way to release the kids and make their parents happy. Good luck and have fun!

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don't miss scroll

in right wall in scene with the 2 suitcases

Both walls have spots

pretty challenging to have hints for only 1 puzzle in several rooms

move lever at 3# code at the end

Knife for haystack

Second lever: fill jug then use on fire

jug isn't filled yet

red/green arrow devices give hint, it's not a puzzle

Red, green for colors: ypcb

same with the big colour buttons in same scene

3#: from hay, put the numbers then click on handle for symbol

enjoyable one, pretty straightforward - thx Jolly ☺

bugs in game

My colored balls disappeared.

Can't get the 3digit code to work

Just saw the hint from Dazz nvm, thanks, definite bugs with the coloured balls but still good

Its buggy..My coloured balls kept disappearing Couldn't put them in the holder.They came back and vanished again. Now they are on the leg of the stand (next to the extinguished fire) but nothing appears on the holes on top. I'm looking also for the lamp post colour clue..

Pop..all of a sudden the colour code worked..and out :o)

I thought the 3# wasn't working, but you have to pull the lever (I thought it was a pipe or something).

Thanks for the scroll hint AO - off and out now!

Cannot find knife for haystack. please

I went through each scene and had much success, but when I finally arrived at the final scene with both boys in the jail cell, I could not scroll left back through the previous scenes.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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