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Butterfly Escape 68 Walkthrough

Butterfly Escape 68

SniffMouse - Butterfly Escape 68 is another point and click room escape game created by Angelika for Sniff Mouse. After a long day you realized that there are 10 butterflies trapped in your house. You will need to catch them all and release to freedom. Start looking for hints and objects that will help you a lot. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  7/29/16, 2:37 AM  

4 butterflies now

Love the music, hate smurfs!

Saw in background of little green house.

Yay, a live Angelika game!

Smurf loves little green house and invites us in - and then we wreck it with the saw!

Loads and loads of puzzles - yippee!

THere's a Hammer behind the boat in shelf with TV.

So far I got 1 butterfly from the jar, sawed the bars in the house and got 1 smurf in front of green house, only puzzle available is the 4 number one and the number I got bellow the TV down't work

Hm, I'm stuck. Have used the hammer for a butterfly. Got some hints including that from using the saw but I'm only allowed to solve the 4# drawer and for that I've got no clue. Strange: the numbers go until 17.

3612 did not work of course.

Thought the 4 digit (or is it?) puzzle would be to do with the sawn off bars in the little green house, but not finding a way to make that work. Nor do the numbers under the TV. Hmm.

Okay, I think we're all this far, LOL.

The numbers below the tv are for later. The bars is the hint for the 4 digit code.

Yay Aridza and Meritneith - we're all in the same place!

I think 4 digit code is for the trunk next to the sofa. No luck with brute force, though.

Thx Small!

The MISSING bars.

Need two keys for sofa trunk?

Water is for plant below TV.

It seems the tv clue is for the 13 bars puzzle, but I don't see how!?

       Anonymous  7/29/16, 3:03 AM  

To small- tool:

See the lights.


Dang! small, you're a genius. Had a phone call while playing this game, can you imagine that? Tsss.

Just found out, but thanks anyway Mig Uri :)

       Anonymous  7/29/16, 3:05 AM  

Last butterfly from flowers, very nice game, thanks

Second smurf not as hospitable as the first one - he heard what we did!

- It's dangerous out there. Here, take this.

- A Smurf?!

- Just spell dangerous, smeghead.

- Oh. OH.

Great game again Angelika :)
Thanks for making.

What to do with the lever puzzle? it's available now that I've done the shape one

aridza, look threw the telescope.

I couldn't until I placed the star on the moon and not on the sun

Out now, thx

Out now too. Great game again, Angelika, but sneeeaaaky! Thank you guys for helping.

Brilliant game - and a bit more thinking this time - thank you!

Mig Uri,small-tool,meritneith,Clodagh thank you very much for the nice comments!

Can someone please provide a clue regarding the four digits? I get 3-12-3-4 but that's not it.

Rington. first # is 4 there are 3 bars and then the 4th is missing and so on.

I am stuck. got one key. placed red smurf but now can't do anything else. have a sun hint from book and colours from shelf and dangerous hint but can't find spots to use them.

Jenny, thanks but I'm really dense this morning, I guess. Following your logic, it's 4-2-3-4 and then 4 bars are left but that's not it. I'm clueless, sorry

Rington 4 6 9 13 those are the missing spots counting bars from 1 on left side going across.

The only puzzle that is working right now is the 4x4 grid and I have no hint for that one. I can't use the telescope and placing the red Smurf did nothing. I really need help if anyone is still here.

POP spell dangerous using hint from book on 4x4 grid. now stuck with TV hint.

What a dipstick...I should have kept counting across...need coffee (BADLY). Thanks Jenny!

No walkthrough yet and I am stuck. Can anyone help??

Jenny according Tv hint (order view) note in each room the lights on and use hint on 13 switches

Thanks web

Thanks Angelika for excellent game :)

need help this time thanks all !

beautiful game as always !

That was absolutely cool!!!

Sorry Seb, thank you.

can someone please tell me where the hint for the sliders is and what to do with the colour hint and how to make telescope work????

giving up. It looks like a nice game but telescope does not work and I am sick of asking for help.

Jenny telescope works after finding a star (for star, hint on roofs houses after placing 3 smurfs)

seb, PeteBarbu,lobster thank you very much for the nice comments!

Angelika This was one of your best games ever! Five stars isn't nearly enough. Thank you!

Jenny - also when you get the star, you have a choice to place it on the moon or the sun. Choose the correct one.

Janet Thank you very much for your kind words!

Thanks for the Smurfs, Angelika!

bummer missed it live...

needed 1 or 2 nudges, hence thx ppl for the hints above

very nice puzzles & like the moving curtain ☻

Спасибо за замечательную игру Ангелика ☺

btw what's written after solving flower puzzle?

Finally realized the "telescope" clue has nothing to do with the scope. Follow the wall sconces starting at the arrow.

So this one is a little bit harder then usual so here's my attempt to write a walkthrough, for Jenny and others who (almost) give up!

Turn right, look at bowl with flowers to find a lovely smurf with green hat. Take it!

Zoom in on boat and take hammer.

Back out once, zoom in on jar with butterfly, destroy it wiht hammer.

Back again, turn right. Zoom in on little house with green roof, put smurf there and take saw from grass behind. Look inside to find a fireplace. Use saw on it and count the empty spots: 4, 6, 9 and 13. Back out.

Turn right and put those numbers in 1st puzzle on the left cabinet. Yep: numbers go all the way up to 17 this time, instead of 9...

Take key and water. Read clue in book, notice them for use later on.

Turn right, use key on trunk. You'll need another one. Back to tv scene, give water to plant. Notice numbers: 36 45 12. This is the order for the 3 button puzzle on cupboard nr.4. Don't forget to push "ok" (like I did ;-)) Take red smurf and notice 'dangerous'.

Now go back to book on floor and find the places to spell that word. Use this on cupboard nr.6. Take silver key to open trunk.

This part gets a bit tricky (imho). Take remote to activate tv. Look at the pictures of the room. Now start counting the burning lights in each room, starting at the telescope. You'll get: 1 4 6 8 10 11 12 13. This is the code to open cupboard nr. 3. Take blue smurf.

Put both smurfs in right position to find clue for puzzle nr.2: red star, blue heart and green circle. Take yellow star. Put it on the wall in the MOON.

Now you can look through the telescope to find the clue for puzzle nr. 5 (from bottom to top: 1 3 2 4). Take lighter.

Go back to tv and light candles. You get a clue for colours of flowers: Go around to the left instead of clockwise. Take note of the colours: blue pink orange green yellow yellow pink green.

Go to flowers and click them in right order. Press 'OK'button for last butterfly.But wait, you can't leave yet! First you need to change the time by putting the yellow star in the sun! Those pretty baby's won't fly at night...

Now you can set the butterflies free!

I hope I didn't make any mistakes, please tell me if I did.

Thanks Angelika, this was a hard one but superduper great!

Coffee slowly taking effect. You need to use the star to turn it into "night" to use the telescope and back to "day" to release the butterflies. Very creative!

thx Winnie for taking your time to write a WT ☺

of course, it has to be day first before butterflies will leave - doh!

clever last little turn

Thank you for the pre-coffee walkthrough, Winnie! And for all you cranky people that she spoiled the answers, they don't work until you've seen them for yourself anyway. If you don't want a detailed w/t, don't read one, just like it says at the top of this page.

You're welcome and thank you AO and LS, maybe I spoiled too much but I felt sorry for Jenny :-)

Does anybody here know the song's name? love it

Oh, I struggled with the flower colors, understood the arrow so that you have to take five colors of the left side, starting at the top. But it was just the direction for ALL colors.

Thanks, Angelika, for another 5 stars game!

ΑΩ -- the writing is "happy birthday Chamomile", I think the last word can refer to a person, not the plant.

not at all Winnie
here on EG24 EGDAWT* is still valid (hopefully) - alas you rarely see one meanwhile - earlier there were way more WTs...

*Every Game Deserves A WalkThrough

thx for the info punnivinn ☺

it's «claro que no» from the group Tiquiplas (look on YouTube)

You are so right AO, I love EG24 for its great, clever and social gamers and I always need help! Especially when you come in late and there is nobody left to ask for help, a WT is indispensable! For people like me it is... ;-)

ΑΩ, thanks for the Tiquiplas info, I was curious too, the SoundHound app didn't recognize the song, so I started to search in the YouTube bands which sound like Les Négresses Vertes or something, despite the fact that the language is different. I'm not familiar with such new bands.

angelika, what the name of the song?
link to youtube?

Lurker Smurf,AlphaOmega (ΑΩ), Winnie, punnivinn thank you very much for the nice comments and Walkthrough!
There was written happy birthday Daisy, this is my friend.

AlphaOmega (ΑΩ) Thank you so much!!

Justino Paradinha thank you very much!

       Anonymous  7/29/16, 8:52 AM  

I especially liked "с днем рождения, Ромашка" :)

tanks angelika

Thank you so much Winnie. Star in moon in combination with the right position to click the telescope were unfindable for me.

I'm glad you wrote a WT.
This game deserves it and you wrote a real good one. :)

Angelika! Very clever game - thank you!!

Ok, I'm really feeling stupid. How can I use 364512 on three buttons??? Where are buttons 4, 5 and 6?

And now I feel even stupider because I figured it out...duh.

Great game!
Winnie - thank you SO much for taking the time to make the WT. I appreciate it, and I'm sure lots of people will later on who can't play this game "live".

showing 0 butterflies but can't leave through window

had to move the star from the moon to the sun.

arrie NL, AmyElvis,Zoe thank you very much!

Thanks Angelika great game, liked the sun/moon twist. Winnie thanks for the WT, straightforward and to the point, sometimes WT's can be boring when the author is more interested in telling a story...refreshing.

hectorpector67 thank you very much!

I did not enjoy this game as much as previous games. It was not straight-forward/intuitive, at least for me.

Tania if you have a problem you might want to read the watlkthrough

Awesome Thanx

Joe M thank you very much!

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