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Mirchi Denali National Park Walkthrough

Mirchi Denali National Park

MirchiGames - Denali National Park is another point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. In this game, you have to find a lost car key to escape from the park. Search for the hidden clues and solve logical puzzles to get the mask soon. Click on the objects to interact. Good luck and have fun!

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Good morning Mirchi : )

Scary thunder and lightning in UK today.

Taking ages to load...

Stuck on the colour wheel.....

POP gottit and out :D

Bears don't just eat honey ...

Hi chris - me too. Colour clue from fish doesn't seem to fit anywhere.

Don't believe you chris, lol. That's what little kids say ; )

easy and quick

Ty for that helpful information Mig : D

Can someone spoil the colour wheel please.

colors for the wheel are birds of the

Need one more bee but can't find directions hint.

@Jacky and Kerstin: for colour wheel check out the positions of the birds 2 scenes to the right. Not distance of bird from base of tree stump. Then move colours out along the spokes of the wheel to equal distances.

* Note distance

Thanks Zuleika, I got a bee.

Finally found directions hint. Check far rocks in waterfall scene.

Honey to bear, get key, drive away.

The colour wheel and search for directions hint held me back. That and the incredibly slow loading...

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Sorry but that bird clue is for the birds. Almost impossible to judge distance, no center to base it on on the tree. other than that, great game. I'm counting myself out even though i can't get the birds.

I took the tree hole as centre for birds hint

wheel colour puzzle in clicks


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my last bee was in elk scene

solved fish (targets) by trial & error

enjoyable game, nice scenery - thx Mirchi ☺

@Tiny Apple Slices, it is the height of the birds that matters. Ignore their horizontal placement or the direction they face. Next, consider the ordering then from bottom to top. This gives the number of clicks to move the balls of corresponding color. Specifically, the ball matching the color of the lowest bird will not need to move from its initial position on the wheel, while the ball with the highest bird's color will move the most number of steps away from the center of the wheel.

Good Game Mirchi! Really enjoyed the nature scenes! Tiny you only needed to count the birds going up in order from the bottom. lowest bird was zero (don't move)then one number or click going up for the rest of the. Thanks Mirchi!!

Thanks for the wheel spoiler AO!!

Thanks for the wheel spoiler AO!!

Thanx for the wheel spoiler AO
Great game Mirchi

Cool, I live an hour and a half away from Denali!

Thank you for the picture of birds, ΑΩ

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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