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Doraemon Story Escape Walkthrough

Doraemon Story Escape

FreeRoomEscape - Doraemon Story Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Free Room Escape. In this game you play as a detective Nobita that try to solve the missing cases of Doraemon, use your detective skills to unlock the puzzles and bring Doraemon back. Good luck and have fun!

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spray not working for mirror?

Nvm, got it

hi mig uri

slide the number 1 in the calendar goes to open the bathroom of a magnet. Yellow round enlarge with the little one of the things that flashlight. I found a key but does not open the doors

I guess sprey combine with white cloth

Hi kevaus

stuck with rod,glove,magnet and flashlight, have 2 balls

found color code but nothing to see what shape

combine hinge with puk and glove

I opened the colour box. 5 sides, 8 sides, 4 sides. by trial and error.

I added bell from colour box to flashlight and it flashlight disappeared.

door tip calendar numbers

I have rod(line attached) magnet, glove 2 bells and cloth? (red with white circles)

key opens front door

combine fishing rod and glove for drain hole mig uri

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Thank you Kevaus, but can't ope the drain

where did you get the key Black?

Magnet opens the drain. click and drag.

nvm, didn't realize I need to drag the lid

Now have 4 bells and magnet left

four bells go on machine then you get key and game is over when you open front door.

escaped with magnet still with me
good game though

i take it that every one is out

It was quite fun to play, but couldn't never make up some things without help, e.g. the dragging of the lid with the magnet. And this announcing guy that would pop out every time you click somewhere was extremely annoying. Mixed feelings with this game, impossible to rate, 4,5 stars or 2 stars... Let's say the mean 3,25 then.

By the way, was there hint for the shapes of the three colours? Just trial and error?

punnivinn, i never seen a hint,just B/F like jenny did !

cloth from left side of desk is for tree

popping up guy is really a bit annoying, so as the fact that you have to un-highlight items before using another, otherwise game tries to combine them & guy will pop up again...

hint for shape box are colours at cleaned mirror (didn't look at shapes), but middle colour wasn't clear which yellow to take, so partial BFing

almost missed left navig. arrow in room with washing machine...

ah, flashlight is actually an enlargement device for the small bell from calendar

nice game, the trickiest thing was to find all open doors LOL (took me some time to find the room with washing machine...)

liked the a bit blurry graphics & the somehow the funny tune, too - thx FRE ☺

& thx for the hints, esp. to drag the drain

btw nice music at the end

Done. I like Doraemon! looking forward to finding him in next game.

Well, I had the "flashlight" all along.. the stupid slider-inventory hid it though. It needs to move inventory into current view when items disappear. (I know; I'm preaching to the choir, and the Japanese author will never see this.) Good game otherwise, though a lot of searching for hidden objects.

This game shall henceforth be known as the "Can't Combine" game.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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