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5n The Jail Escape Walkthrough

5n The Jail Escape

5nGames - 5n Escape Game: The Jail Escape is another point and click escape game developed by 5n Games. Assume that your friend is a convict and has been in jail for a long time. You have decided to help your friend escape from the jail. Hence, get into the jail and open his cell by finding the key that he can escape from the jail. Good luck and have fun!

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have screwdriver and yellow paper with X

use fork on bucket and hammer on boxes

use fork again for door

thought 6 digit number code was the word JAIL in numeric but :(

use dagger on far left cell

awesome thank you!

break vase in cellar. odd clicking!

code for box in scene 3, get another code

flip switches and now lights are colored and on..hmm

Turn light switches on in scene 3... produces colored lights in scenes 1, 3, and 4. The colors indicate the particular notes you've been picking up.

broke vase in S4 but can't pick up paper?

bandy, it may take a few clicks to get the purple note.

i could bandy.. you have to click it just right.

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you were right, word jail after paper hint works!

now Jail works for the box in scene2

Good grief what a tight hotspot LOL

how to do the color code? I assume it goes in s4

Combine the one clue with S1=L(S3)R and S4=R(S3)L... note the positions and colors of lights in each scene. Use the colored papers for the parts. It will work out to two two-digit numbers that you just concatenate.

combine color notes with equation l=left r=right

How does Jail work for a 6 digit # ?

I'm escape!!

so it should be grpb?

bandy, use a=1, b=2... just join together the numbers for "jail"

letters = numbers bandy

a=1 b= 2....

jakevickie217, don't forget the yellow for scene 3. It's between the two pairs of colors.


omg wow... duh! thank you Seraku!

and out!

That was a good game!

thx Stek for dagger use, not obvious at all

after finding hint, had still to put in jail code 3 times till it worked...

somehow that was sth different for me, but fun of course - thx 5n ☺

Good game. I got stuck until I found the key in the sand. After that, things all fell into place nicely.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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