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FEG Abandoned Factory Escape 7 Walkthrough

FEG Abandoned Factory Escape 7

FirstEscapeGames - FEG Abandoned Factory Escape 7 is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that you are trapped in an abandoned factory where you had gone to collect some scrap materials. You should find the key to unlock the door and escape from the abandoned factory because there is no possibility to seek outside help. Hence, do whatever is required to get you out of the abandoned factory. Use clues and objects to solve puzzles and get the key to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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2 Rod looking things are actually wires they go in right room

Have 3 now right room left wall

Steel rod center room above roll up door

Can't find any place to use clue from clock?

No way to see black on black screws on keys!

Ok clock clue goes in center room just above Gate

So many 4 digit puzzles!!

Got a car part thing ( I think that is what it is? ) above chest in center room?

Everything's too tiny.

YEA It is!!

Green tip looking thing go on board with wires

I &^*% this backwards inventory!!

hi (again) ev1 ☺
just starting...

Clodagh, that's why I'm using the magnifier tool of my computer...

Ok car part thing goes on box ( zoom in on pump left room )

yeah, bandy, I also always have troubles in scrolling inventory in the right direction... :-/

Well I am about to give on this one.

hate to leave a game unfinished, but can't be bothered anymore atm to continue - way too much hotspot hunting again in this one...
GL to those who persevere ☺

Same here AO I am out.

Out by X that is

Thank you for the comments. I won't even start.

Well, that's just great!! I show up to play, heavily relying on all you guys for hints, and everyone wimps out and leaves. No walkthrough available and I am stuck. I had made some headway like getting a number of colored wires, colored sticks, light bulb and found a rat with a key but before I could snag it, he bolted. Got colored wires and sticks to go in far right scene. Also got a four digit code which got me a second four digit code which I can't yet use. Light bulb goes in far right scene.

Well, with NO "hint" access on this game (thanks FEG!) and no walkthrough out yet, I am not wasting my energy on this game. Why can't walkthroughs and/or hints be available as soon as the game is posted? If you get stuck, then you snag a hint just to get you moving forward in the game. I am not coming back to play this game after the walkthrough comes out. Waste of time.

open the rusty gate for another scene

open the rusty gate for another scene

In the 2nd scene where the half garage is with the broken window there are some Roman numerals there that are upside down. This should help anyone to move on.


woohoo, escaped finally! Need better eyes to hunt for the items. :P

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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