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FEG Abandoned Train Treasure Escape 2 Walkthrough

FEG Abandoned Train Treasure Escape 2

FirstEscapeGames - FEG Abandoned Train Treasure Escape 2 is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, you are in search of a lost treasure in an abandoned train. You have heard about the treasure hidden in the train which is not in use for a long time so you have decided to find the treasure in the abandoned train. Try to get the treasure by utilizing the objects and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Back again and going in ...

Quite a few items to collect on left-side start scene

Need two ore numbers for pyramid in start scene. Can't place eggs in adjacent puzzle yet.

*more numbers

hello zuleika. :)

Ah - wasn't meant to place eggs but to take the one that was there, lol

Hi cate : )

Key from first scene doesn't open either door.

I just spent 5 minutes on that pipe puzzle in second room bottom right and I got it wrong I guess

Oh wow look at connections grid on left of second scene...

Hi K Stevens : )

I was working on that too (not sure if we need hint first) then accidentally clicked wrong tab - closed screen! Will have to start over ...

don't miss the numbers pyramid on the right of cabinet, beside colored dots in first scene.

Ok have all numbers in pyramid now and see how it works

I am stuck, again, in a FEG game, what a shock hahaha

I think all rows in pyramid puzzle must add up to 890

Use shovel from pyramid puzzle in next scene for symbol/coin.

Game keeps asking if I'm a robot...

What's the secret to the pyramid puzzle Zuleika?

Use number code from coin on left cupboard , scene 3

@ K Stevens: Numbers immediately below must add up to number above - so higher numbers at top, decreasing on way down. 890 is right at top. Some numbers don't move - which helps as a kind of hint.

using the hammer that you got from number cabinet will get you a key for the first door.

Hi all just going in

hello joycy! the new room will give you an outlet for the first key you found.

cate - I take it you mean from the left-side cabinet in third room? Does code for this come from symbol coin too? I've been trying various combinations.

aaah...the "knife" is not a knife.

@zuleika...the cabinet you mentioned earlier...i plugged in 9273 and it gave me a hammer.

the left side of room three, the right cabinet.

@cate - brilliant ty. Other cabinet uses 6273 (6 changes to 9)

Game crashed - can i restart for a third time?

happy to oblige. :)

now i'm in a spot...could not get the 6273 to work for me on the other side.

once you get the pick axe, and, use it in scene 2, you will have the logic for the "pipes" puzzle.

I need 1 weight 1 gem clue for pipes and I guess a pick axe.. where is pick axe?

I have a propeller type thing maybe it is part of axe.. but where is handle then

Ok - caught up again. In new rooms.

@cate: I'm wondering if I was mistaken about switching round the 6. I thought it had worked because I could collect a jewel from top of puzzle and there was also a purple egg (suddenly ) on floor. Can't get it to work now so thinking I was wrong - sorry : /

hi charlene...the pick axe comes in two parts...i can't remember exactly, but the handle comes from one of the first three rooms before you find a useful key...the head comes in the later scenes.

as to the pipes, the gems don't apply.

Helpful hint for the pipes: once you have the clue, all you have to do is click three times on every elbow and once on every straight.

no worries, zuleika...at least i'm not crazy or having a run of bad luck...i'm sure it is down the pike.

The 6 was a 9 in that first 4-digit number. I made the same mistake.

The other 4-digit is on the paper with the gems clue.

The axe handle is in a dark spot in the second or third room. The head is in a cabinet with a puzzle. Maybe the pipes?

New room : collect flashlight (hotspot on wall), get crowbar from trunk, place eggs in panel on cupboard

I have two weights and a flashlight, but I don't know where they go.

This is actually a pretty logical one for FEG. The hard part was all the dark spaces. I kept trying to use the flashlight, just to brighten the place up!

I have the head cannot find the handle

Purple, pink, pink, cyan, orange, blue, yellow, is the order for the eggs.

The weights go on the clock (kind of looks like a scale) after you put both hands on it and find the clue. Very last thing.

boom got it

I haven't seen any clue for the clock.

bear, the clock clue you will find with flashlight in far right scene, up high on left.

Hi Lurker - and ty : )

Why does this game think I'm a robot every time? Maybe I am and just don't realise it...?

Hi guys, where exactly do I use the hammer? Hotspots to the right of the toilet and on left wall on the R7 scene don't work. Besides the hammer I've got the axe head, the key, some eggs, and some gems. Or did I miss something else?

I was kind of calling the colors blue (purplish), pink, violet, greenish, orange, cyan, yellow. Some are very similar.

POP Found it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

And out. Good game.

Sneaky scroll (with 2 hints) on bottom left of room with boulder

@cate I remember finding one clue on the floor in one of the later rooms on the bottom left along the baseboard. I'm not sure if that is the one or not.

This is crazy - I crawled into my screen to see the axe handle and it appeared when I wanted to zoom out of the dark wall in the R7 scene! :-o

nm. found it, but thank you for the nudge.

pyramid any more hints

enjoyable game. thank you, feg.

@meritneith: use hammer on floor in start scene

No - either that wasn't the axe handle (it looks like a baseball bat) or it's not the head I got (looking like a knife or a clock hand). Now what?

joycy?...do you mean you need hints? if so, start with the highest number at the top...then, pick the two numbers that will add up to that and place them underneath...and so on...some of the numbers will not move, hence you have some clues along the way, as to what numbers to use. hope that helps.

Trying to work out egg order form hit in start scene - not doing too well...

game crashed again said shockwave stopped working think I'm too far behind now

merineith, the axe handle is in one of the first three rooms...the head you will get with crowbar used on rock. assemble them together and then bang on the black wooden wall on right(i can't remember which room), but i think it was the second opening scene to the right.

Thanks Zuleika, that was the only pixel in the whole game I missed.

Joycy, for the pyramid: Collect all numbers and put them into the pyramid. Then like in all kind of those puzzles, two numbers add to the number above them. Start with the 890 and slide it to the top (you can change two adjacent numbers except for the dark ones which are fixed). It may be a little bit fiddly but it finally works. Bigger numbers are at the top, smaller at the bottom.

zuleika...i think it was darker blue, pink, purple for starters. and i think cyan was next to last...maybe from that you can juggle the others around.

Hmm I don't think I've found an axe handle yet ...

Thanks cate, I missed the key first. Working my way now, will need your hint later. I'll keep it in mind.

I think the axe handle was in the far right room, in a really dark area on the right side of the screen. I'm not completely positive though.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Zuleika, go to the right to the room with R7 and L5. Then click the hotspot at the dark wall part at the left. The handle must be somewhere near the arrow to zoom out again, I found it by chance. Looks like a baseball bat.

Lol - sequence I used for eggs was correct ...but I hadn't zoomed in on hint so it didn't work (facepalm)!

Far right room, bottom right of the screen.

I thought it was supposed to be a baseball bat at first.

sorry, was thinking of axe head...yes, the handle is in the far right room, low down on right.

Hey meritneith: didn't find 'baseball bat' but my flashlight on hotspot (same room and wall) got hint for clock in boulder room.

thanks Cate get it now duh

yay, joycy!

Got it. Ty Bear and cate : )

Zuleika, that's strange. I'm sure I found the flashlight in the new rooms (after using key in start scene) and the bat was in that right scene. I wrote the comment above after finding it.

Now I'm into the pipe puzzle. That should take me some time.

you're welcome, zuleika and thank you back...catch you in the next one.

did the pyramid thanks Cate

meritneith, i think maybe you found the axe head in that scene to the right...under rock.

you're on a roll, joycy...if you've made it through the pipes, the rest is easy.

Axe head came indeed from rock using the crowbar. And I could swear I found the flashlight in the same scene but I'm so confused meanwhile that you could be right.

is the pipe a clue cos I did it & nothing happened

joycy, have you gotten the hint for it yet...the one telling you which numbers to connect?

And out . Made final number code more complicated by multiplying - but got there.

Ty to ev1 for help ... couldn't have 'escaped' without you xx

i wish i could remember, meritneith. the only thing i can recall is that it was in the new rooms and it was on the left, i think...and i had to open something to get it.

Haha Zuleika, same for me, I tried 4902 a hundred times!

Cate, after playing this game you don't know where up and down, left and right are. No problem!

Thank you all for helping guys!

haven't got the hint yet Cate it only fits one way won't bf lol

okay, joycy...the hint comes from using the pick axe on the wall of the second scene to the right.

thanx Cate just soo behind will be ages figuring it out too many interruptions :) a hints look good

well, joycy, this game's not going anywhere, so take your time. ;)

flying now got the crowbar used it used the hammer & axe got the clue for pipes

woo & hoo!

just realised the clock chimes clue & out lovely game thanks all for your hints

lol Cate

lol Zuleka I was putting hash instead of star until I realised

yay...now mosey over to the new g2r.

ok cate hope to see you there :)

That was fun FEG, axe handle was diffcult to see

Great game

Very interesting game. 4 stars

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