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FEG Ancient City Herculaneum Escape Walkthrough

FEG Ancient City Herculaneum Escape

FirstEscapeGames - FEG Ancient City Herculaneum Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume yourself as a tourist visiting the ruins of ancient roman city Herculaneum. While visiting the place, you find that you have been locked inside the ruined city and you are unable to get out. Try to escape from the ruined city by using objects and solving the puzzles. Relate various objects cleverly and find a way to escape from Herculaneum city. Good luck and have fun!

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Ty FEG : )

Check out several sneaky hotspots in walls

Use rope in scene 2

Large blade/scraper used in scene with mask.

Numbered tiles: note direction arrow.

Use primitive hammer on base of pyramid, scene 3

Darn it - refreshed the wrong tab....

Can´t get last symbol (like an 8) works in 3x3 buttons puzzle.

Got it!

Roberto, can you please help me with the third symbol...that sort of seven ...I tried many time

Hi Zu Roberto & Dani just going in

key in 4th scene

use smoother in scene 4 left

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@Dani: Click upper-left, upper-center, upper-right, middle-right, lower-right to make the "7". And for the "8", click upper-left, upper-center, upper-right, middle-center, lower-left, lower-center, lower-right, middle-center, then upper-left again.

The clue for the numbers that look like dice in Scene 5 are for the shape puzzle box in scene 7. 3=triangle, 4=recatangle, etc. Use the numbers top to bottom, so it's 4356.

found rope

scene 2

got book from chest

code for 4 numbers & letters in book

There is a hidden bucket in scene 1 amongst the columns on the right side of the road. Fill the bucket with water from the fountain in scene 1, then pour the water in hole in scene 8. Get a flower medallion (1 of 5).

thank you For.one... got crowbar now :)

Anyone know the trick to using the lifting bar to raise the rock (with the rope loop) in scene 6? I have the bar placed, but I can't do anything with it.

Note: This is not the crowbar. This is a round bar you get for placing all 5 flower stones.

For.one, maybe we'll have to use all that rocks.. still looking for same container...found a bone somewhere and put on that stone chair in the scene with the cart..i think we need more

same here, Forgotten. Stuck with another pipe, tnt, red string (prolly fuse), a red brick and a large flat stone. Totally frustrating.

anyone found the numbers for the box in scene 2 yet?

Red X for me. I give up.

the arrows on the final door (wheels)
the hint on paper, from top to bottom
is counting the peaks and clicking that number

thanx forgotten one missed that was away or a little while needed to turn the tap on lol

@Dani: The rocks go on the back wall in Scene 4. there is a hot spot between the two pillars and above the broken pillar (which also has a hotspot with a hidden rock).

never get there without your help... thanks a lot

@TErry Smyth: Did you place the bone and the gun in scene 5 (bottom right corner). I assume from the skull clue in scene 3 that I needed a sword of some kind, but I also thought that the other rusty pipe made be a blade. I couldn't put it anywhere though, so that puzzle is also incomplete.

An no, I haven't found the 4-digit number for the box in scene 2.

@Dani: No problem. Do you have all the rocs yet? I'm still missing two...

found 2 eyes for mask

Finally found all the stones: They are all in hidden hotspots. When you complete the "bear paw", you get a sledgehammer. Time to start cracking rocks!

Use the sledgehammer in scene 1 on the rock that looks like a tombstone. You get... another piece of rock (no, I'm not kidding).

You also use the sledgehammer on the flat stone to break it in half so that you can use it on you prybar that you set in scene 6 to lift the stone with the rope.

use the white piece of stone from the first scene (sledgehammer gives it) on grey vase theatre scene

The rock from the tombstone is used in scene 7 to puncture the jar and reveal a key. The key is for the chest in scene 3.

got crowbar from doing C to 8

So one of the things you get from the chest is a sword; place the sword, gun, and blade in the bottom-right od scene 5, then move them into the right order per the clue in scene 3. You get another sledgehammer.

Some Assembly Required Warning for the cannon; you use the powder from the TNT, the red fuse, the brick (need to break it first), the metal pipe, then the hammer to pack it in.

So the alphabet slide puzzle in scene 5 wasn't too bad, just time-consuming. You have to arrange the letters in alphabetical order.

you get a top for the pickaxe, which you combine with the piece of wood you got from lifting the stone with the rope on it. Use the resulting pickaxe on the column of the left of scene 6 to reveal 4 strange masks. I haven't figure out what to do with those yet.

it is the number code...consider shapes

Ok, so the completed cannon goes into the bottom center od scene 3 (I presume to scare of those stupid pigeons at the top of the screen). Anyone got a light?

used crowbar & got the slab put it on the wheelbarrow for another stone haven't got the sledgehammer yer

Thanks Dani! I actually tried that, but I was using 1 for the circle and not 0...

Ok, so use the cannon to scare the pigeons and you get an egg. Use the new chisel you got and place it on the rock pile in scene 1. Use the hammer to break open a rock and reveal a snake. Put the egg next to the rock pile, watch a short animation straight out of Wild Kingdom, then you get a scroll.

here is late..my brain not available.. I used sisli help for scroll and out..thanks everybody

for one where to make bear paw got 5 stones

An I'm out! Finally... wow, really long, but really good game!

@joycy: it's in scene 4 on the back wall between the two pillars. I think you need to use a brush on the wall first. You'll need 6 total stones.

Joycy..if I remember on wall next to white mask...you have to use brush first

tried & tried for ages even before hints to place stones in H SP in sc 4 can't do anything

oh where's the brush

thanx Dani where did you find the brush

Maybe big cube in the scene with birds on top of coloumns

This comment has been removed by the author.

paint brush was in the marble box needed o pick the crowbar back up

need 1 stone a sword numbers for box & wheels totaly stuck

found last stone at the bottom ring of theatre below the vase

escalated from there scared the birds gave an egg to the snake after placing the bomb some hotspots were missing in the end part never used the direction clue finally out had a few breaks off the game thanx FEG good game

This comment has been removed by the author.

stuck on the four masks. they must correspond to numbers but i dont see it. good game feg

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