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FEG Astronaut Rescue Escape 4 Walkthrough

FEG Astronaut Rescue Escape 4

FirstEscapeGames - FEG Escape Game: Astronaut Rescue 4 is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. This is the fourth and the final part of astronaut rescue series. So far you have tried your best to rescue your fellow astronaut from the space and you are just one step away from rescuing him. Try to unlock the door of the spaceship to let your friend get into it and that both may return to the earth after completing your mission. Hence, solve all the puzzles with the help of clues and hints to succeed in your attempt. Good luck and have fun!

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Here we go FEG are tough

yikees stuck already 24 12 40

Pull the handle for different colour number sequences

lf you combine all three colors and their numbers P-12 24 40, Y 38, 16, 20… into one picture their are only certain places each number can go.

sussed the triangle puzzle but not clue how to explain..Uuum

solve and get a color maths hint for 5 digit number

Hi Alinpc what a puzzzle, good explanation

thanks Two Puffs… It was sneaky. :)

next puzzle just a bit tedious…not hard.

paper puzzle is tough too

which paper puzzle? the colors or are you onto something bigger and better? I am working on computer password

colour paper puzzle

against maths rules (brackets are missing):

first add all yellow & pink numbers, then multiply sum with top blue one for code left of door

I over worked the problem..In final room now

ah, key box also has letters

Thank you to FEG

Are you out Alinpc

green/blue hexagon puzzle is a good workout for your clicking finger ;-P

click green hex on top, then corresponding blue hex for so long till you get same number as on green hex (increasing from left to right)

btw it works better, when you slow down your clicking & don't go from left to right, but skip a place & come back later

bold letters on left screen give a nice sentence

unfortunately I had to restart several times, 'cause clicking once on a letter at right side puzzle typed 2 at a time :-/

& pal saved - this time almost no hotspot hunting & only a few puzzles - nice turn for hint number slider hint - thx FEG ☺

Hi anyone still in just going in just finished eg game so behind

did the colour number puzzle 75 at top 16 38 20 & 24 12 40 right left to right

box has it's own clue what to do next

key card has number code, put code in number pad first, then use card

hex a bit of a pain played randomly to get answers & thank you FEG

Oh thanks AO seen your note yes I looked back & it was there LOL your earlier clues helped a lot :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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