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FEG Locked Castle Escape

FirstEscapeGames - FEG Locked Castle Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that you belong to a noble family and you are living in a castle. You have been locked inside your castle. No one can unlock the door from outside as the key is inside the castle and there is no spare key as well. Hence, you must try to find out the key to escape from your castle or else you will be trapped inside forever. Collect objects and hints and solve puzzles in order to find the key to escape from the castle. Good luck and have fun!

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first in please help lol

hi joycy

let's go hotspot hunting with magnifier ;-P

Hi, colour puzzle resets if you come out to look at order of colours

Hi AO & Hi Yvonne :)

& hi yvonne
yep & colours aren't friendly at all...
that's why I use snipping tool

saw for wood in window in second scene

Hi joycy :)

got to get the colours right doesn't save if you go back

& hi (again) Hotz

candle from dot in square puzzle (right room)

hint on shield (?) in middle room

Close up on stairs in first scene, eyeball found

It goes in animal skull for key

crowbar for big crate bottom right in right room

buttons for FEG on crate behind broken ladder

pulling a string got a disc

3 dics with red face for barrel in second scene. I am missing 1 disc..

key for book from shelf right scene

don't miss the draws

got 2 things out of draws in third scene one was feather the other may have been disc

sawed a lump of wood out of the window

I'm about to open that bottle of wine with my teeth!!!

refitted the armour

sorry guys, I make a break. there is a new AVM-game :)

got a book doesn't need a key where's the book AO

look at the dragon symbols middle room, use them to position spiders 1st room

that colour button puzzle is a real PITA LOL
(hopefully not a bad idea to save it for later...)

nice find yvonne

now how to apply (d/w till now...)

POP turned top right spider to up & got pearl or similar

put feg in 3 letter box not working

thankfully hotspots disappear after finding hint & solving corresponding puzzle...

Wood from window in middle scene is used on ladder in right scene but need clue for 4#'s to open hatch.

Second room all the way up center is a an arrow clue, not sure if its for the arrows in room 3 yet

The hint on the beam middle room is for the numbers on door up ladder,

Red balls go in FEG box behind ladder in right room. Need 1 more.

found my last candle (go in middle scene) somewhere above colour button puzzle

Nice find Alpha. Can also zoom in on stone wall in back scene 2 but not sure why yet

now upstairs, too
sword go in «drum» with 4 holes for number code for barrel in middle scene

yvonne - how does the hint on middle beam translate to numbers? Is it the one with 4 dots connected with arrow?

Room 1 right side of red shield I found numbers

puffin, 1st room, right of red shield is a hot spot with no's

zoomed the feg clue in but still doesn't work on box

the 2 green flag thingies go with crown on shield in s1 for matches & 3rd button for FEG puzzle

lit candles give symbol hint for above fireplace in s1

Axe from ALpha clue on chair, build fire with wood and birdsnest add silver ball use tongs on key

In new scene up from ladder sharpen knife, use of hotspot of sofa 1st scene

Pretty sure wine glasses are clue for FEG with red balls on them. Gonna try to put the balls in same height as wine glasses

This comment has been removed by the author.

K, wine glasses are clue to hotspot same room, have you put lantern in hotspot in that room?

another PITA are the FEG buttons!

Can't get the FEG buttons to work.

I was trying to do the FEG buttons and it was so hard I decided to use the mouse pad on my laptop and did something and game screen went to home page! Whaaaaaa! Guess I am out unless I try to do it all over again.

Finally got FEG buttons to work, don't know how. Now have magnifying glass - use on plant in S1.

is it possible the dots on the arrow cue on ceiling is for numbers on grid

Yes it is possible Joycy

Joycy - combine arrow clue on ceiling with numbers to the right of red shield in 1st room.

Oh my goodness, use cutter on scroll, then place on book for FEG, what a pallaver!

no go here with the FEG buttons...! :-(

AO, have you done the red balls?

you get a magnifier to use on flowers 1st scene

that clue is for postion of the arrows

you get hammer to use on wall

no way to move the FEG balls properly for me, yvonne... seems I can't finish the game...! :-(

ha found the matches after putting the flags with crown

AO you can! if I can do it so can you. get the left and middle top, then back to middle, do right last

it's a «mechanic» prob yvonne, I just can't drag them properly, they fall back in place...!

joycy, stay with us :)

AO, yes, you have to hold and drag, and it is a drag lol

feg balls were difficult you need to get them all down to bottom left then they will go up to middle together then right gets you magnifying glass AO lol

I have to click the very left side of the button to start the move, but when moving e.g. to the left, cursor is moving to the right & then button jumps back :-(

Oh my goodness, don't tell me I need 5 feathers for colours, I only have 4 aggh!

Yvonne was lighting lovely fire & forging a key :)

joycy, how're you doing?

strange the dots wrk arrows & arrows work dots

This comment has been removed by the author.

when moving red balls, i had to go to different balls...couldn't do it by just using the f or e or g.

can't see for looking, my last feather came from on top of sofa that I cut earlier

you know I looked on that sofa about 5 times before I saw it

where is this allusive cutter to use on scroll?

stuck again I wonder if the handle upstairs winds open the door thats ajar in the first room can't find anything to use

stuck with 2 blank clues going to try the hammer on the blank brick wall forgot about that

good evening, yvonne.:)

can't believe it - finally got the FEG buttons by dragging very slowly & alternating!
I think I spent same time for this puzzle as for the whole game LOL
but such stuff simply ruins the game IMHO...!

got an Sd did anyone manage to open the wine really need a drink

@joycy, i opened the wine, but can't find a thing to do with it...need cutter.

got a knife thing early on cate somewhere lying about in lower rooms can't remember where

joycy, do you mean the one we sharpened? if so, mine has been used on couch and is gone.

haven't used tha knife thing yet it doesn't work on the 2 blank scrolls

This comment has been removed by the author.

the knife thing turned the handle then what next?

Hi cate good afternoon :) don't know how far you've got, cutter comes from box after inputting word, you get the box from 1st scene by stairs using anchor and rope

for anyone that needs it, the cutter is gotten using anchor and rope in first room.

got it, yvonne. thank you.

AO, well done for sticking with it, you've come this far, and spent so much time on it you might as well finish :)

finally. out. thank you, feg.

That was a marathon, going for a lie down now LOL

a nap sounds good, but i'm going for the cocktail here.

the knife now cuts the sofa for 3rd red face It must only work after it turns the handle

anchors away now I know what the ropes for

cate, have a lovely time :)

AO you still here?

got the blade for the scroll after fishing the box up with the anchor after placing third red face

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

unfriendly colour again on hint & box

phew - finally out & exhausted now...
I don't mind donkey work, but games should be fun overall & not bringing ppl at the edge of madness LOL
thx anyway FEG ☺

finally got the FEG clue for the 3 letter from the cut scroll & book

got a vase broke wine bottle with Sd used feathers for colours from the dartboard style thing upstaire

This comment has been removed by the author.

& out

he he AO I do agree lol :))

sorry, nafanja, but can't get past the "ok". :P

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