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FEG Locked Luxury Home Escape Walkthrough

FEG Locked Luxury Home Escape

FirstEscapeGames - FEG Locked Luxury Home Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that you have been locked in your luxury home by your partner by mistake. You need to get out of your home by unlocking the door and for that you will have to find relevant objects to solve puzzles. Can you escape from home on your own without anyone’s help? Let’s find it out. Relate objects cleverly and unlock the door. Good luck and have fun!

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I'm stuck already , placed a globe found a few items but that's about it anyone?

the pictures next to the flashing red light are the clue for the 3 digit code next to the globe

yep, smallest one =1

remove knob below computer with pick for couch table

Hi all just going in

I'm stuck already , placed a globe found a few items but that's about it anyone?

moved furniture found soap & wine petted dog

game crashed

couldn't zoom the pictures for numbers up so used sizes it worked

also stuck turned computer on need password got a card from the bathroom not sure what it's for

got grapes candle pink oblong a thing like screwdriver & card thing oh & pink soap

mmm bottle of wine from using the knob

candle broke the fire glass can't pick the key up

are you still there AO :)

Looks like we're all stuck with wine bottle, soap, pink paper,grapes, a ticket and a key we cant get.

well I'm going round in circles tried dog soap feg, beauty doesn't fit for computer password I think that's probably for the next step

If you're lucky like me, your game will crash so you can move on to the next one. Good luck to those who stay here.

break the wine bottle in bathroom

got a magnet for key I think need string

joycy - where in bathroom to break wine bottle? Tried everywhere...

keyboard came up haven't figured out clue

Hi ZU put it on the bathroom dressing table & wobble it off need to go slashing lol

Wine glass hint not working on 4-digits on china cabinet (s1)

was away for a bit - thx joycy for where to break bottle

Zuleika, try left of mirror

Thanks joycy : ) I was trying to zoom in before placing bottle - fine now...

Zu you can switch the lamp on switch behind on wall think the clues got to do with the keyboard

no champagne bath LOL

Hi Alph O need string have you been slashing yet

where is magnet?

Hi all :) use broken bottle, side of chair right room

when you use the broken glass you get the magnet

on armchair

thx yvonne - there was no hotspot btw...

was hinting with slashing

Hi Yvonne didn' see your post lol

Well the pw screen doesn't seem to accept plus signs from me so ....

Also tried adding 5 to each of 4 numbers from wine glass hint - didn't work either for pw or for china cabinet digits.

clue on lamp must have something to do with keyboard which came up after magnet

lamp in the living room gives hint to #3 in bathroom

Did u find string for magnet joycy?

how is keyboard related to the lamp hint for 3# code?


count (sum of both green as the first 2 digits)

actually i used bf, but the colors are related to the first two digits

now can take key after breaking fireplace glass with candle next to it

key is for below computer, after taking knob

use magnifier on paper you got from soap box from bathroom

for CB above PC, get knife

thx AO & Ivo now moving

dog is hungry, but

take out key first

dog likes bread

wine glass hint in 2nd floor, pay attention to a switch on the wall

grapes for lamps in kitchen

still stuck on 3 digit bathroom code :(

count the olive & green keys on keyboard, that gives the first 2 numbers of the code, then the blue ones (5 at hint)



got 5 colours on lights only 4 circles

thx AO forgot about the grapes duh

Good grief that dog disappeared in a hurry. ....

wine glass hint for bottom code right side in kitchen

4 number puzzles upstairs no clues yet look in the draws

combo ceiling colours with numbers in book for couch table

I was just thinking that joycy - was there another colour puzzle somewhere?

finally I can take my bath LOL

and out!
tks all

4 x 4 digit puzzles in kitchen yet not one of them uses the wine glass hint, lol. Maybe have to combine it with something else.

What book Alpha?

mirror hint for bottom kitchen CB

(to save you loads of clicks ;-P )

i could not open the last #4 code, after unlocked the computer, the password was the code to the exit door

number wine glasses as per the wine height from 1-4, gives 4 digit code for bottom puzzle right side in kitchen, get book

Fruit in a bathroom cabinet - what kind of freaky household is this?

how do you get mirror hint got 3 pink strips

wine code



Darn it - I swear I tried that. Ty Alph

get tap from 5 digit code on couch table (combo ceiling colours with book numbers), take a bath ☻

I put the soap in bath for bubble bath

there's a hot spot on stairs, don't know what for yet

Me too joycy. And then did u do the litmus test?

ah, thx yvonne, forgot about that hotspot, it's for cutters from safe

AO thanks :)

got a symbol clue no symbols & need 1 pink strip

dip pink stripes in bubble bath, but need one more...

I bf'd the last color of the 4 color code in kitchen. Never opened last 4# cb in kitchen, never got 4th pink strip. Put chip in drive and inserted in computer and used code on screen to exit.

have a good look in mirror, these are not symbols...

yes Zu lol but missing 1 strip don't understand clue on mirror

Oh and color/number clue book was still in inventory so maybe that had the clue for the last 4# cb in kitchen.

@ Puffin. did your USB go straight in PC? Mine needs something.

Joycy - just put first 3 colours in and click through the others for the fourth

stair hint is PW for PC for top kitchen CB right side

Clue on bathroom mirror is reflected numbers. E.g. first set is two 8s mashed together, last is two 7s

thx AO got it

Hmm - thought hint on PC after inserting USB would be last set of numbers for kitchen ... not working for me.

If the book is the clue for no's needed, I have no idea, I'll wait for someone to post answer, too taxing for a Friday night for me :)

count in book

sum left side, sum right side for code left of lamps

bfd the colours it works

sim card for usb stick

What is pattern on right-side of PC screen supposed to tell us...?

pretty challenging one
the hardest thing was to find the right spot for placing bottle & using the shard - never found the right spot without the hints here...
thx for the nice teamwork & FEG for a fine game ☺

clue from stairs PW now out wasn't easy but enjoyed the game

Zu count them down for exit key

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sure that was on the left side lol

This comment has been removed by the author.

did you use the numbers on the screen for the other 4# upstairs

I mean Zulika

just couldn't resist to have written the 100th comment ☻

The ads make this game lag so badly that it's not even worth playing. Not to mention that I couldn't even zoom in on important clues.

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